The classic series switched to an expanded format in 1962 as `The Alfred Hitchcock Hour,' with the twist endings and Hitch's witty introductions intact, and memorable episodes such as the Emmy-winning `The Jar' (written by James Bridges).

Guest Stars

Myron Healey
Blake, Dave, Foyle, Rogan
Gena Rowlands
Diana, Helen Martin, Louise
Gene Lyons
Max, McBain, Raydon
Kent Smith
Adamson, Benner, O'Hara
Juanita Moore
Mrs. Jones, Mrs. McFarland, Suzy
Dabney Coleman
Esterow, Snyder
Diana Hyland
Grace Renford, Janet Nelson
Donnelly Rhodes
Bellington, Cochran
Gary Merrill
Jarvis, John Pemberton
Peggy McCay
Hilda, Sally Mitchell
Steven Hill
Charlie Osgood, Robert Manners
Teresa Wright
Marion Brown, Stella
John Larkin
Porter, Simon Aldrich
Gig Young
Duke Marsden
Joan Fontaine
Alice Pemberton
Kim Hunter
Adelaide Winters
Peter Falk
Robert Evans
Peter Fonda
Verge Likens
Tony Randall
Hadley Purvis