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Latest Episode: The Final Problem [HD]

Sep 29, 1985 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Holmes is asked to investigate when the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre in Paris. The investigation takes a new twist when Holmes does battle with the fiendish Professor Moriarty.

The Red Headed League [HD]

Sep 22, 1985 Season 1 Episode 12

A strange "league" places a mysterious advertisement in the paper, promising good wages to all red-headed men.
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Resident Patient [HD]

Sep 15, 1985 Season 1 Episode 11

A rich hypochondriac sets up a doctor in a fashionable practice, moves in, and then acts frightened when a father and son disappear after a consultation.
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The Norwood Builder [HD]

Sep 08, 1985 Season 1 Episode 10

A man is found dead shortly after changing his will to leave everything to a virtual stranger.
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The Greek Interpreter [HD]

Sep 01, 1985 Season 1 Episode 9

Holmes´ brother Mycroft (Charles Gray) encourages an investigation when a Greek interpreter receives a mysterious demand.
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The Copper Beaches [HD]

Aug 25, 1985 Season 1 Episode 8

Holmes is faced with one of the most sinister puzzles of his career when a young girl is ordered to cut off her hair before she´ll be hired as a governess.
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The Blue Carbuncle [HD]

Jun 05, 1984 Season 1 Episode 7

A precious stone with a sinister history is stolen from a hotel room.
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The Speckled Band [HD]

May 29, 1984 Season 1 Episode 6

Helen Stoner becomes concerned when she hears a mysterious whistle--a sound her sister complained about right before her death.
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The Crooked Man [HD]

May 22, 1984 Season 1 Episode 5

Servants for Colonel James Barclay hear arguing and then blood-curdling screams before finding their employer dead.
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The Solitary Cyclist [HD]

May 15, 1984 Season 1 Episode 4

A young music teacher asks Holmes to find out why she´s being followed by a man on a bicycle.
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The Naval Treaty [HD]

May 08, 1984 Season 1 Episode 3

Dr. Watson´s old school chum asks Holmes for help when he loses a copy of a secret treaty between England and Italy.
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The Dancing Men [HD]

May 01, 1984 Season 1 Episode 2

Holmes tries to crack the code of what appears to be harmless-looking chalk drawings of matchstick men.
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A Scandal in Bohemia [HD]

Apr 24, 1984 Season 1 Episode 1

A mysterious masked gentleman, who reveals himself as the King of Bohemia, asks Holmes and Watson to recover an incriminating photograph.
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