TV's longest-running live-action comedy was the brainchild of lawyer-turned-bandleader Ozzie Nelson and began on the radio in 1944. There wasn't, in fact, much `adventure' anyone could discern in the lives of the suburban Nelson clan (nor was it ever exactly clear what the TV Ozzie did for a living), but this wholesome sitcom ran for 14 years (and a remarkable 435 episodes), and made a bona fide rock-and-roll star out of younger son Rick.

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Guest Stars

434 Episodes (2002-2005)
Alice, Miss Edwards, Mother, Waitress
Ben, Clerk, Counterman, Florist, Grocery Clerk, Harvey, Jeweler, Ted
Chairwoman, Detective, Mrs. Rogers, Sally
Janet Waldo
Ann, Customer, Janet, Mary Jo, Mrs. Martin, Nurse
Mrs. Cosgrove, Mrs. Peabody, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Willoughby, Registrar
Joyce, Mae, Roberta
Barbara, Dean of Nurses, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Harvey, Waitress
Bob, Bruce, Norman
Governor, Mr. Dobson, Mr. Turner, Ralph
Baker, Charlie, Driver, Gates, Mr. Wilson
Mrs. Brewster, Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Wilson
Clerk, Dick, Fred
Captain, Cyclist, Delivery Man, Waiter
Diane, Nancy, Susan
Clerk, Counselor, Mr. Kingsley, Salesman
Dorothy, Maria, Norma
Linda, Melinda, Sue
Dean, Harry, Lewis
Dorothy, Helen, Linda, Sorority Girl
Higgins, Instructor, Mr. Baxter, Professor
Dean, Harris, Judge
Dink, Rocky, Tony
Betty, Jane, Katie, Terry
Linda, Mary, Sally, Shirley
Cooper, Fire Captain, Golf Official, Store Owner
Counterman, Repairman, Ringmaster, Russ
Barry, Mac, Perry, Superintendent
Betty, Cathy, Peggy
Cathy, Connie
Mr. Hendrix, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Stewart
Mrs Murry, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Mac
Betty, Carolyn, Terry
Joan, Sue, Susie
Mrs. Stewart, Old Lady
Blonde, Bonnie, Mabel
Art Teacher, Clerk, Mr. Harris
Mr. Jenkins, Officer, Sergeant
Clerk, Florist, Store Manager
Benson, Mr. Masters
Game Warden, Mr. Jones
Hammerhead, Laramie Kid
Charlie, Cosgrove
Diane, Stephanie
Instructor, Mr. Adams
Carol, Mary Jane
Mrs. Dipple, Mrs. Hastings
Farmer, Van Schuyler
Station Attendant, Watchman
Miss Quigley, Woman
Bowling Clerk, Ed
Mrs. Clark, Waitress
Dorothy, Edith
Proprietor, Sheik
George, Norman
Cab Driver, Mr. Ferguson
Receptionist, Salesgirl
Mrs. Bradford
Mrs. Albright
Sheik's Wife
Mr. Sanders
Mrs. Van Schuyler
Theater Manager
Trucking Man
Karate Instructor
Ballet Teacher
Miss Winters
Pet-Shop Owner