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The Adventures of Chuck & Friends Season 1 episodes

Did You Hear?; Bridging the Gap Season 1, Episode 26

Chuck's friends accidentally start rumors when they have trouble locating him; the gang build a bridge to help Handy retrieve his model plane. read more

Join the Club; Fender Bender Season 1, Episode 25

Chuck forms an astronomy club with his friends; Boomer accidentally injures Chuck and offers to do Chuck's chores as penance. read more

Attack of the 50-Foot Chuck; Soku-Kun Season 1, Episode 24

Chuck loses control of a giant vehicle that he and his friends created; a visitor from Japan exposes Chuck to another culture and language. read more

Beach Blanket Uh-Oh; Hide and Seek Season 1, Episode 23

Chuck and his friends build their own beach so they can have fun in the sun; a famous truck gets help avoiding reporters. read more

The Art of Being Chuck; Senses of Direction Season 1, Episode 22

Art inspires Chuck and his friends to develop their own talents; a blind motorcycle teaches Chuck to use his other senses. read more

Brother Borrowing; When Haulie Met Porter Season 1, Episode 21

Chuck grows jealous of the attention Rally pays to Biggs; Chuck tries to resolve his parents' argument. read more

Anchors A-Wheel; Mind Your Own Business Season 1, Episode 20

Intrigued by the sea, Chuck and his friends build a boat; Chuck starts a business with his friends, but can't decide what product to make. read more

Being Biggs; As the Engine Coughs Season 1, Episode 19

An underappreciated Biggs imitates Chuck; Chuck pretends to not be sick so he can play with his buddies. read more

Contest Countdown; Revving Up Rally Season 1, Episode 18

The boys compete against each other in a radio contest; Chuck helps Rally regain his confidence after he falls into a racing slump. read more

Game On; Kid Stuff Season 1, Episode 17

The boys play with each other after their video game breaks; Rally is approached by Chuck and his friends, who express an interest in racing over playing with toys. read more

Chuck-Atomic; Chuck's Big Break Season 1, Episode 16

Chuck's heroic side helps those in need of aid at the truck stop; Chuck demonstrates his abilities to Rally's coach. read more

Where There's a Wheel; Flower Power Season 1, Episode 15

Chuck gets in over his head when he borrows Rally's new racing wheels; Haulie gets a surprise when Chuck plants flowers around the shop. read more

Chuck and the Lost Hubcap of Gold; Shine On Season 1, Episode 14

A treasure map leads Chuck and his friends to the Lost Hubcap of Gold; Chuck gets a new hood ornament and works hard to keep it clean. read more

Sleep-Driving Chuck; Daredevil Chuck Season 1, Episode 13

Digger watches out for Chuck, who has started sleep-driving after breaking a gasket; Chuck does stunts with his friends in the parts yard. read more

Unidentified Rolling Object; On a Role Season 1, Episode 12

Chuck checks for aliens after a meteor shower; Chuck tries to avoid trouble at a truck stop after meeting a TV villain. read more

Chuck in Charge; Trucks vs. Wild Season 1, Episode 11

Chuck watches over his visiting younger cousin; Chuck plans a dry run before going on a camping trip with his friends. read more

The Pothole; Chuck's Perfect Plans Season 1, Episode 10

Chuck makes the wrong choice when he finds a pothole on the track. Later, Chuck plans a party to honor his brother's return. read more

Choosy Chuck; The Best Season 1, Episode 9

Chuck must choose a friend to accompany him to a show; Chuck and his friends compete for a giant trophy. read more

Up All Night; Boomer the Snowplow Season 1, Episode 8

Chuck tries to greet the New Year with his friends; Boomer shares his dream of being a snowplow when he's big. read more

Truck and Roll; Mystery, He Rode Season 1, Episode 7

Chuck decides to start a band with his friends; Chuck investigates the case of Rowdy's missing horn. read more

Digging Deep; Lights, Camera, Trucks! Season 1, Episode 6

Chuck and his friends get stuck in a hole while searching for treasure; Chuck decides to work alone on a movie instead of with his friends. read more

The Checkup; The Short Cut Season 1, Episode 5

Chuck's friends help him avoid an appointment with the mechanic; anticipation about his new half-pipe causes Chuck to rush through his chores, which suffer for it. read more

Fort Chuck; A Hop, Slip and a Jump Season 1, Episode 4

Chuck's hand-built fort is ruined by the rain; Chuck and his friends make a circus, but Boomer falls while performing. read more

Race to the Race; When Trucks Fly Season 1, Episode 3

Rowdy's friends help him out of the mud just before a big race; the trucks attempt to fly. read more

Tough Break; Little Big Chuck Season 1, Episode 2

Chuck tries to repair his mother's equipment after accidentally breaking it; Chuck tries to make himself bigger. read more

Special Delivery; Buffing Up Season 1, Episode 1

A toy truck and his friends have fantastic adventures. First up: Chuck plans to work at the truck stop, but he needs his friends' help; Chuck exercises to prevent breaking down. read more

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Premiered: October 15, 2010, on The Hub
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Premise: A toy truck and his friends have song-filled adventures.


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