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The A-Team Season 3 episodes

Incident at Crystal Lake Season 3, Episode 25

A fishing expedition turns into a manhunt when Colonel Decker shows up at the Team's lakeside retreat. Candy: Robert Gray. Face: Dirk Benedict. Jenny: Kristen Meadows. Roy: Ken Swofford. read more

Trouble Brewing Season 3, Episode 24

Two sisters' dream of marketing all-natural sodas may fizzle under pressure to convert their plant to a brewery. Suzanne Barnes. Cathy: Claudia Christian. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. Webb: Louis Giambalvo. B.A.: Mr. T. Hannibal: George Peppard. read more

Beverly Hills Assault Season 3, Episode 23

A Beverly Hills art dealer is stealing originals and replacing them with fakes. Brooks: Dennis Franz. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. Peggy: Maylo McCaslin. B.A.: Mr. T. Shawn: Lloyd Bochner. Face: Dirk Benedict. read more

Bounty Season 3, Episode 22

Bounty hunters kidnap Murdock as bait to capture the rest of the Team. Kelly: Wendy Fulton. Darrow: Gene Evans. Face: Dirk Benedict. Decker: Lance LeGault. Hannibal: George Peppard. read more

Waste 'Em Season 3, Episode 21

Out to stop thugs threatening a man and his blind sister, the Team unearths a plot to dump toxic wastes on a site where the siblings work. A.J.: Joseph Hacker. Lisa: Stacey Nelkin. Hannibal: George Peppard. Hagen: Mitch Ryan. Face: Dirk Benedict. read more

Knights of the Road Season 3, Episode 20

The Team aids an auto mechanic who's being driven out of business by competitors. Tyler: Don Stroud. Hannibal: George Peppard. Zuniga: Carlos Romero. Face: Dirk Benedict. B.A.: Mr. T. Corson: Jim McMullan. read more

Moving Targets Season 3, Episode 19

A Mideast prince thinks assassins have targeted his soon-to-be-wed daughter, so he hires the Team to escort her down the aisle. Sue Kiel. Korem: John Saxon. Hannibal: George Peppard. Face: Dirk Benedict. Senbet: Frank Annese. read more

Road Games Season 3, Episode 18

The stakes are high for Face when he infiltrates a gambling ring to clear a man's debt and save his foster home. Johnny Royce: Ed Winter. Patty: Daphne Ashbrook. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. read more

Skins Season 3, Episode 17

The Team travels to Kenya to trap poachers who killed a game warden. John Quade. Hannibal: George Peppard. Madrid: John Calvin. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. Kamarra: Daphne Maxwell. read more

Champ Season 3, Episode 16

B.A. steps into the ring to kayo drug traffickers. Monroe: Alex Rocco. Billy Marquette: Greg Collins. Hannibal: George Peppard. Face: Dirk Benedict. Tina: Holly Gagnier. Rourke: Herman Poppe. read more

The Big Squeeze Season 3, Episode 15

The Team opens its own restaurant, financed by the loan shark who scared another restaurateur out of taking the Team's help against him. Jack Lane: Wings Hauser. Hannibal: George Peppard. Nathan Vincent: Joseph Sirola. Gino: Al Ruscio. read more

A Cup a Joe Season 3, Episode 14

A restaurateur wants a mom-and-pop diner, knowing its value will skyrocket with the new freeway off-ramp he's arranged. Hannibal: George Peppard. Cactus Jack Slater: John Ashton. Patty: Lisa Denton. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. read more

Breakout Season 3, Episode 13

Decker is back on the Team's trail when B.A. and Murdock (Mr. T, Dwight Schultz) are arrested and fingerprinted after robbers name them as their partners. Deke Logan: Steve Sandor. read more

Hot Styles Season 3, Episode 12

Face's latest flame is abducted by mobsters, but protests when the Team rescues her. Markie Post. Face: Dirk Benedict. Turian: Richard Lynch. B.A.: Mr. T. Dubrio: Andy Romano. Hannibal: George Peppard. read more

The Bells of St. Mary's Season 3, Episode 11

A singing group from Face's alma mater faces threats from a record company after refusing to re-sign with the label. Face: Dirk Benedict. Charlotte: Deborah Lacey. Luna: Robert Desiderio. Hannibal: George Peppard. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. read more

The Sheriffs of Rivertown Season 3, Episode 10

The Team assumes sheriff's duties in a South American town where a series of “accidents” threatens to close down a power-plant project. Boyle: Robert Davi. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. Nikki: Wendy Kilbourne. read more

Showdown Season 3, Episode 9

Old nemesis Colonel Lynch is confident the Team will appear at a Wild West show, where an A-Team of impostors has been terrorizing the owner. Capt. Winnetka: Morgan Woodward. read more

The Island Season 3, Episode 8

A medic who once saved B.A.'s life sends for the Team to fight a group of thugs who've taken over the tropical island where he doctors the natives. B.A.: Mr. T. Johnny Vescari: Paul Drake. read more

Trouble on Wheels Season 3, Episode 7

Hannibal punches in to work at an auto plant where parts are being pilfered for profit. Rudy Garcia: Joe Santos. Face: Dirk Benedict. Hoyt Plummer: Mills Watson. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. read more

Double Heat Season 3, Episode 6

The search for an accountant's kidnapped daughter pits the Team against feuding mobsters. George Olsen: Dana Elcar. Jenny: Leah Ayres. Hannibal: George Peppard. read more

Timber Season 3, Episode 5

Brother-and-sister loggers ask the Team to battle a self-appointed union organizer trying to put them out of business. B.A.: Mr. T. John Lawrence: Joe Lambie. Samantha: Tracy Brooks Swope. read more

Fire Season 3, Episode 4

A military nemesis (Charles Napier) takes on the Team when they help a small-town fire chief battle a rival engine company trying to force her out of business. Hannibal: George Peppard. read more

The Bend in the River Season 3, Episode 3

Part 1 of two. Tawnia asks the Team to find her fiancé, who was last seen with an archaeological expedition that was ambushed in Amazon territory. Brian: Barry Van Dyke. El Cajon: Sergio Calderon. Doyle: Mike Preston. read more

The Bend in the River Season 3, Episode 2

Conclusion. The Team finds that treasure is not all that's “underground” as they continue their manhunt in Amazon territory. George Peppard, Dwight Schultz, Mr. T. Tawnia: Marla Heasley. El Cajon: Sergio Calderon. Bobbi: Marta Dubois. Doyle: Mike Preston. read more

Bullets and Bikinis Season 3, Episode 1

The Team deals with mobsters trying to take over a small beach-front hotel. Joey: Vincent Baggetta. Hannibal: George Peppard. Sandy: Kimberly Ross. Murdock: Dwight Schultz. Tina: Betsy Russell. read more

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Premiered: January 23, 1983, on NBC
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: An adventure series about soldiers of fortune with bad attitudes and firepower to burn. Its breakout hero was Mr. T ('You better watch out, sucker!'), who, like his comrades, seldom took anything too seriously. In fact, despite some criticism of the show's seemingly nonstop explosions and gunplay, it was rare to see anyone really hurt. The series premiered Jan. 23, 1983 (right after the Super Bowl), and despite its late entry was NBC's top-rated show for the 1982-83 season.



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