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The 7D Season 1 episodes

Jollybells Season 1, Episode 36

Happy tries to bring the holiday spirit back to the villagers, after the Glooms drain the joy out of the town with a magical joybuster device. read more

Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps Season 1, Episode 35

Grumpy saves an elf from drowning who, in return, vows to be Grumpy's servant for life. read more

Cat on a Hot Grim Roof Season 1, Episode 34

Grim gives Hildy a white cat, but she tries to get rid of it. read more

Big Bad Sneezy Season 1, Episode 33

Sneezy meets the Big Bad Wolf who tricks him into blowing down the houses of the three little pigs. read more

Hildyrella Season 1, Episode 32

Hildy faces her nemesis in a sorceress pageant. read more

The Enchanted Shoes Season 1, Episode 31

Grim and Hildy disguise themselves as cobblers and cast a shoe spell on the Jollywood villagers to make them all run out of town. read more

Grim the Genius Season 1, Episode 30

Grim is magically turned into a genius and uses his newfound intelligence to overthrow the queen. read more

Uncle Humidor Season 1, Episode 29

Queen Delightful's zany Uncle Humidor visits and takes the 7D on his quest to find the rarest bird in Jollywood. read more

Frankengloom Season 1, Episode 28

Hildy and Grim create a monster hoping it will scare Queen Delightful out of the castle. read more

Buckets Season 1, Episode 27

The 7D search a haunted mansion by the sea to find Queen Delightful's missing childhood keepsakes. read more

Hildy the Good Season 1, Episode 26

Hildy turns herself into a good witch and becomes best friends with Queen Delightful. read more

The Jollywood Jam Season 1, Episode 25

Jollywood enjoys magical music at a concert after Happy's conductor baton and Grim's magic wand are accidentally switched during a road accident. read more

Free Teensy Season 1, Episode 24

The 7D transport Queen Delightful's jumbo fish to a body of water that can accommodate its increasing size. read more

Grim the Dragon Season 1, Episode 23

Hildy uses a magic spell to turn Grim into a dragon to scare the villagers out of Jollywood. read more

Knick Knack Paddy Whack Season 1, Episode 22

The Glooms steal Queen Delightful's prized knick knack. The 7D's mission is to retrieve it or the queen. read more

Bathtub Bashful Season 1, Episode 21

Bashful gets stage fright when Queen Delightful organizes a concert to showcase his singing talent. read more

New Shoe Season 1, Episode 20

The 7D build a new home for the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe. read more

The 8th D Season 1, Episode 19

Dopey tries to disguise his new pet elephant as a dwarf. read more

The Fairest in the Land Season 1, Episode 18

The Glooms cast a spell on Queen Delightful to turn her into a troll to insure Hildy's victory as "fairest in the land" at the annual Jolly Awards. read more

Grandpa Grumpy and the Ogre Season 1, Episode 17

Grumpy and Happy join their eccentric grandfathers on a journey to recover a priceless gem. read more

Let's Get Organ-ized Season 1, Episode 16

The 7D repair Queen Delightful's pipe organ. read more

For the Love of Cheese Season 1, Episode 15

A magical spell causes Hildy to fall in love with Grumpy and the turn of events threatens to ruin his Cheese Day holiday. read more

Goldilocks and the 7D Season 1, Episode 14

Goldilocks is chased by three bears and seeks refuge in the 7D's cottage. read more

Sleepytime Season 1, Episode 13

Hildy casts a sleeping spell that puts everyone in Jollywood into a deep sleep. read more

Gnome Alone Season 1, Episode 12

Sleepy tries to stop the Glooms from breaking into the jewel mine and stealing the Royal Ruby, after he is accidentally left behind when the 7D go on vacation. read more

The Littlest Giants Season 1, Episode 11

Queen Delightful calls upon the 7D to save the kingdom when a giant terrorizes Jollywood. read more

Starchy Takes a Break Season 1, Episode 10

When Lord Starchbottom suffers an injury, and Grumpy is named his replacement. read more

Sir Yipsalot and the Goose Season 1, Episode 9

The Glooms kidnap Queen Delightful's royal dog. read more

Welcome to the Neighborhood Season 1, Episode 8

The Glooms disguise themselves as the 7D's new neighbours to gain access to the jewel mine in a hope to find Rock of Sages. read more

Surprise Season 1, Episode 7

A surprise party is planned for Queen Delightful. read more

The Big Bash Season 1, Episode 6

Bashful tries to stop Gloom's plan to steal Queen Delightful's new golden sky bucket. read more

Mirror, Mirror Season 1, Episode 5

Queen Delightful's Magic Mirror goes missing and gets replaced with a not-so-magic one. read more

The Delightful Diamond Mystery Season 1, Episode 4

Queen Delightful's diamond goes missing. The 7D search for it with some help from Magic Mirror. read more

Sneezin' Season Season 1, Episode 3

Sneezy's sneezes intensify and the 7D worry he may be allergic to Grumpy. read more

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters Season 1, Episode 2

The 7Ds help the queen rid the castle of a pesky spider. read more

The Long, Long Winter Season 1, Episode 1

An eternal winter spell is cast over Jollywood when Jollywood Joe, the spring chicken goes missing. The 7D help Queen Delightful get Joe back from the Glooms. read more

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Premiered: July 07, 2014, on DisneyXD
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Premise: The 7D are the dwarfs from "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs". They help Queen Delightful save her kingdom of Jollywood from the Gloom couple's dark magic.


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