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Latest Episode: Where There Is Smoke

Nov 10, 2007 Season 4 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

Raven thinks Cory is smoking cigarettes and takes action to stop him.

The Four Aces

Jan 16, 2006 Season 3 Episode 34

Raven helps a senior citizen recreate her days as a jazz singer.
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Vision Impossible

Jan 06, 2006 Season 3 Episode 33

Raven has a problem with her visions, and considers having them removed…permanently!
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Cake Fear

Dec 16, 2005 Season 3 Episode 32

Raven and Cory think a babysitter is out to get them until they learn they're on a TV reality show.
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Save the Last Dance

Nov 25, 2005 Season 3 Episode 31

Raven gets a vision she'll have a date for the prom, but doesn't see who it is.
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Goin' Hollywood

Nov 04, 2005 Season 3 Episode 30

Cory wins a part on a TV show where he meets a young actress about to start public school.
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Mr. Perfect

Oct 07, 2005 Season 3 Episode 29

Raven is afraid her new boyfriend is too perfect.
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Food for Thought

Sep 18, 2005 Season 3 Episode 28

The girls fight back when the cafeteria is taken over by an exploitative corporation.
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Country Cousins, Pt. 1

Jul 29, 2005 Season 3 Episode 26

Raven and Chelsea travel the country in an attempt to settle a long-time family feud.
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Point of No Return

Jan 23, 2005 Season 3 Episode 25

Raven buys an expensive top to wear one night and return the next day!
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The Grill Next Door

Jul 08, 2005 Season 3 Episode 24

Victor's rival, Leonard Stevenson, opens a restaurant across from the Chill Grill.
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Too Much Pressure

Jun 10, 2005 Season 3 Episode 22

Raven and Chelsea desperately want to be in Pressure's new music video, "Gotta Get You Back".
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When in Dome

Jun 09, 2005 Season 3 Episode 21

A friend of Chelsea's visits, and Raven gets worried they have more in common that her and Chelsea.
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Chef-Man & Raven

Jun 08, 2005 Season 3 Episode 20

Victor is challenged to a TV cook-off by his cooking school rival.
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Mismatch Maker

Jun 07, 2005 Season 3 Episode 19

Raven goes in disguise so Eddie will have a date for the Basketball Team Awards dinner.
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Hizzouse Party

Jun 06, 2005 Season 3 Episode 18

Raven and Cory throw a party
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Mind Your Business

May 13, 2005 Season 3 Episode 17

Raven, Eddie, & Chelsea set up competing businesses at school.
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On Top of Old Oaky

Apr 22, 2005 Season 3 Episode 15

Raven & Eddie think Chelsea's new environmental boyfriend is a phony.
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Gettin' Out of Dodge

Apr 08, 2005 Season 3 Episode 14

When Raven knocks out Bianca in dodgeball, Muffy and Loca start hanging out with her.
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Boyz in Commotion

Mar 11, 2005 Season 3 Episode 13

Raven promises to get Boyz 'N Motion to perform at school.
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Art Breaker

Feb 25, 2005 Season 3 Episode 12

Raven encourages Chelsea to be artistic then accidentally breaks her sculpture.
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The Royal Treatment

Feb 18, 2005 Season 3 Episode 11

Raven befriends an African exchange student who turns out to be a prince.
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Dog Day Aftergroom

Feb 11, 2005 Season 3 Episode 10

Raven & Eddie get jobs as dog groomers and mess up a champion dog show.
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True Colors

Feb 04, 2005 Season 3 Episode 9

Raven faces discrimination when she and Chelsea apply for a job.
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The Big Buzz

Jan 28, 2005 Season 3 Episode 8

Raven seeks help from the Guidance Counselor to deal with coming in second-place for "Best Dressed."
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Bend It Like Baxter

Jan 07, 2005 Season 3 Episode 7

Raven falls for a jock who mistakes her for the star of the gymnastics team.
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Double Vision

Dec 17, 2004 Season 3 Episode 6

Raven is shocked to find that the boy Chelsea likes is also psychic.
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Dec 11, 2004 Season 3 Episode 5

Raven gets a vision that the Community Theatre play she's producing will bomb.
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Five Finger Discount

Dec 03, 2004 Season 3 Episode 4

Cory gets pressured into shoplifting by some kids from school.
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Taken to the Cleaners

Nov 19, 2004 Season 3 Episode 3

Raven and Tanya try to retrieve a letter that was never meant to be sent out.
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Opportunity Shocks

Nov 05, 2004 Season 3 Episode 2

When a billionaire comes to the Chill Grill, Raven, and Cory try to sell him their ideas.
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Stark Raven Mad

Oct 22, 2004 Season 3 Episode 1

An annoying little girl makes Raven lose it in front of Tyler.
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