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May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's December 31st, 1979. Eric is flying back from Africa. Donna has decided to leave for college. Fez and Jackie are officially a couple, Kelso shows up and Hyde has a special surprise for Red!

Love of My Life

May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 21

For the first time, Hyde wigs out during a circle and decides to quit the stuff. When he starts acting healthy and responsible his friends stage an intervention and get him back on board. Kitty makes a surprise announcement.
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Leaving Home Ain't Easy

May 11, 2006 Season 8 Episode 20

After events at an anti-disco gathering, Donna begins reconsidering whether she wants to stay in a relationship with Randy. Fez and Jackie begin to hit some rough spots in their relationship.
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Sheer Heart Attack [HD]

May 04, 2006 Season 8 Episode 19

Fez announces his love for Caroline and Jackie announces her love for Fez! Hyde helps Red unload his heart medicine.
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We Will Rock You [HD]

May 04, 2006 Season 8 Episode 18

With the eighties approaching, Hyde organizes a bonfire to destroy disco records. Kitty has invited the new neighbors over and is surprised to discover the new couple are a couple of men. Red seems to be okay with it, until he realizes they're also Vikings fans! He kicks them out.
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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Apr 27, 2006 Season 8 Episode 17

Jackie reveals to Donna that she likes Fez. She just can't find the perfect time to tell Fez. Red, retired and bored, starts helping out at the record store, driving Hyde and Randy crazy.
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My Fairy King

Apr 27, 2006 Season 8 Episode 16

Jackie is upset that everyone, even Fez, is in a relationship and she's not. She decides to make a list of what she wants in a man. Her answer seems to be Fez. Hyde divorces Samantha and Red sells the Muffler shop for a large sum of money.
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Keep Yourself Alive [HD]

Apr 13, 2006 Season 8 Episode 15

The gang is stranded overnight in the woods looking for Kitty's engagement ring from Red only to realize it was never really lost.
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Son & Daughter [HD]

Mar 23, 2006 Season 8 Episode 14

Hyde house sits over the weekend for his dad and the gang decides to throw a party. Donna tells Kitty she still loves Eric but it's over. Kitty finally accepts that Donna is now with Randy.
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Spread Your Wings [HD]

Mar 16, 2006 Season 8 Episode 13

Donna still misses Eric and strugles with her relationship with Randy. Fez gets Jackie a job sweeping up at the hair salon.
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Killer Queen

Feb 09, 2006 Season 8 Episode 12

Hyde needs a Valentine's Day gift for Samantha and seeks Red's advice .Randy plans a special Valentine's Day for Donna and Jackie has a tough time adjusting to the caustic personality of her new boss,Christine St. George.
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Good Old Fashion Lover Boy [HD]

Feb 02, 2006 Season 8 Episode 11

Mary Tyler Moore guest stars as local TV show host Christine St. George. Jackie ends up working as her new assistant.
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Sweet Lady [HD]

Jan 26, 2006 Season 8 Episode 10

Donna doubts Randy's motives when he invites her to spend the weekend in her parents' cabin. Jackie discovers there's no business like show business.
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Who Needs You

Jan 19, 2006 Season 8 Episode 9

Jackie finally helps out and cleans the apartment she shares with Fez. Afterwards she falls asleep with the bath runnin. Fez returns to find the place flooded destroying their landlord Fenton's apartment below. Mary Tyler Moore guest stars as local TV personality Christine St. George. Jackie ends up working as her assistant.
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Good Company [HD]

Jan 12, 2006 Season 8 Episode 8

Fez meets Marsha Sullivan, Kitty's old nemesis (who is, of course, Kitty's age). The two quickly start dating . The gang thinks it's disgusting and Kitty is mortified. For Donna's birthday, Randy suggests they all go in a present. Hyde says he'll take care of it, and gets a t-shirt that reads: "My parents went to Lake Michigan and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
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Fun It [HD]

Dec 14, 2005 Season 8 Episode 7

The gang sits around the basement bored and comes up with the brilliant idea to steal Fatso the Clown from Fatso Burger. Once the deed is done they can't figure out what to do with Fatso. A 360 is in order for clarity! Meanwhile, the entire town, including Kitty, is upset about one of their "landmark"s being stolen.
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Long Away

Dec 07, 2005 Season 8 Episode 6

The gang becomes suspicious that Donna is cheating on Eric with Randy. Jackie and Fez write a letter to Eric telling him about it and hope it will inspire him to return home to Donna only to find from Donna that Eric has already broken up with her. Meanwhile, Red attends a gathering of the Point Place Veteran's Association and learns Leo is a decorated veteran.
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Stone Cold Crazy

Nov 30, 2005 Season 8 Episode 5

With Kelso in Chicago, Jackie moves into his old room in Fez's apartment. Fez has a date with crazy Caroline and she goes crazy! Meanwhile, Samantha teaches Kitty a few stripper moves. Kitty's "show" for Red goes awry when her hair is sat aflame by a mood-setting candle. Donna also recruited Samantha's help to take sexy pictures of her to send to Eric in Africa. Things don't go as planned and everybody ends up getting a peek at the naked photos.
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Nov 16, 2005 Season 8 Episode 4

After a cliffhanger opening at Red and Kitty's 25th Anniversary party with Kelso asking Jackie to marry him, we flash back two days earlier. Kitty hides her plans for the party from Red - he hates parties. Kelso, seeing how happy Red and Kitty are, as well as Hyde and his wife Samantha, realizes his best times were when he was with Jackie and tells Fez and Hyde he wants to marry Jackie. Fez spills Kelso's secret to Jackie and Donna; Jackie is excited, even though Donna thinks it's a terrible idea.
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You're My Best Friend [HD]

Nov 09, 2005 Season 8 Episode 3

Kelso, Fez, Randy and Leo decide to throw Hyde a bachelor party at the Formans. They guys end up in jail while Kitty and Red come home to strippers in their living room! Donna decides to have a girls' night to counteract the bachelor party.
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Somebody to Love [HD]

Nov 02, 2005 Season 8 Episode 2

Hyde marries a stripper and Kelso makes a play for Jackie! Meanwhile Kitty is recording all the happenings to send to Eric.
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Bohemian Rhapsody

Nov 02, 2005 Season 8 Episode 1

Kitty makes an audiotape to send to Eric with news of what's happened since he's left. A stripper, Samantha, arrives and informs Hyde that they're married in Las Vegas.... Hyde has no memory of this!
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