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May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's December 31st, 1979. Eric is flying back from Africa. Donna has decided to leave for college. Fez and Jackie are officially a couple, Kelso shows up and Hyde has a special surprise for Red!

Til the Next Goodbye [HD]

May 18, 2005 Season 7 Episode 25

Kelso drops a reluctant Jackie off in Chicago. Eric makes preparations to leave for Africa. A homesick Jackie calls Eric from Chicago to tell him goodbye. Fez is distraught about Eric's departure. Red discovers the gang smoking in the basement! Hyde confides in Leo that he truly has feelings for Jackie and will travel to Chicago to surprise her. Eric says goodbye....
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Short & Curlies [HD]

May 18, 2005 Season 7 Episode 24

As a going away gift Donna surprises and delights Eric by dressing as Princess Leah. Kelso ends up driving Jackie to Chicago for her new job.
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Take It or Leave It

May 11, 2005 Season 7 Episode 23

Charlie, the son of one of Red's army buddies is in town for a few days hanging with the gang. Turns out his Dad owns a beer warehouse so that's pretty much where they end up hanging out! Jackie got a job offer from a Chicago TV station but would stay in Point Place if Hyde asks her to marry him. Stay tuned!
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200 Light Years From Home [HD]

May 04, 2005 Season 7 Episode 22

Eric learns Red spent his college money on the muffler shop so now has to figure out a way to pay for college! He comes up with a surprising solution.
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2120 South Michigan Avenue

Apr 27, 2005 Season 7 Episode 21

Eric's high school transcript reveals he got an "imcomplete" in gym class and did not officially graduate. In order to receive his diploma, he must attend a summer session P.E. Much to his dismay the gym teacher/Eric Forman tormentor is Casey Kelso. Casey agrees to pass Eric... if he can do one pull up. That's a tall order! Fez and Kelso move into their new apartmen tand argue over who deserves to get the bigger room.
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Gimme Shelter

Mar 30, 2005 Season 7 Episode 20

With everyone working and Kelso and Fez looking for an apartment, Eric starts worrying about his future. He decides to look into becoming a chiropractor like Kitty suggested. He goes to a seminar with Donna, then using his new knowledge and his booklet, tries to crack Donna's neck and hurts her pretty badly.
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Who's Been Sleeping Here

Mar 23, 2005 Season 7 Episode 19

Kelso chooses godparents for daughter Betsy; someone keeps breaking in to the record store.
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Oh Baby We Got a Good Thing [HD]

Mar 09, 2005 Season 7 Episode 18

Red, Kitty, Hyde and Jackie head to the auto show where Hyde and Red go off together. But Hyde returns to Jackie while Red poses for a picture with two hot models. Brooke finally entrusts Kelso to watch their baby, Betsy. Everything's fine till Betsy starts crying and Kelso can't get her to stop.
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Down the Road Apiece [HD]

Mar 02, 2005 Season 7 Episode 17

Eric hits the road with a video camera in the hopes of becoming a documentary filmmaker. Just outside of town he gets a flat and tells his videocamera he doesn't want to be a documentary filmmaker but does want to get out of Point Place. Just then his parents show up and he's thrilled to go home. Jackie and Hyde hang out together alone for the first time since they broke up.
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On With the Show [HD]

Feb 23, 2005 Season 7 Episode 16

Angie wants to learn how to "burn" one of the gang, in an effort to fit in, but has a hard time doing so. Jackie announces she's going to have her own access TV show and Red gives Eric a hard time for not having any direction or goals in life.
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It's All Over Now [HD]

Feb 16, 2005 Season 7 Episode 15

Donna is upset when the station manager wants her to help promote a live remote broadcast from Grooves Records (where Tom Jones is making an appearance) by appearing on a billboard wearing a bikini. She approaches the station manager and voices her opinion and ends up getting fired and replaced by"Sizzling Sarah". Angie and Hyde work to coordinate Jones' appearance. He's late and Hyde is left having to fend off a throng of angry woman.
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Street Fighting Man [HD]

Feb 09, 2005 Season 7 Episode 14

Donna has six tickets to the Packers game, exactly enough for the gang. However, Eric wants to take Red. Hyde says not to worry because he has a ticket switch plan.
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Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Jan 12, 2005 Season 7 Episode 13

Donna takes Jackie to her karate class, Kitty joins Red when he goes ice-fishing and the boys think the FBI is after them after Kelso accidentally threatened the president over the phone.
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Don't Lie To Me [HD]

Jan 05, 2005 Season 7 Episode 12

Donna has to return her wedding shoes to Wanamaker Bridal but is embarrassed to acknowledge her failed marriage to Stacy Wanamaker. Jackie quickly volunteers, posing as Donna. Donna shows up, ruining Jackie's cover. Kelso's dating Angie - Hydes's sister.
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Winter [HD]

Dec 15, 2004 Season 7 Episode 11

Kelso brings a huge bag of toys over to the basement. He thinks someone just left it at the police station for the cops to enjoy, but the guys point out that they're from the toy drive, for needy kids. They justify keeping some and decide to only open one each. Twenty-seven minutes later they're all ripped open and the guys are searching for batteries.
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Surprise, Surprise

Dec 01, 2004 Season 7 Episode 10

Hyde finds out that his sister has started dating Kelso and is upset. He goes to Angie and cautions her about Kelso's past dating life. Donna agrees to plug Red's muffler shop and their free calendar give away on her radio show. When she finds out the calendar is pictures of scantily clad women, she's mortified. She rants against the calendar and calls for a boycott of Red's muffler shop on the air.
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You Can't Always Get What You Want

Nov 24, 2004 Season 7 Episode 9

W.B. officially gives Hyde and Angie the keys to the record store, and it's up to them to furnish it, decorate it, and get it open for business. Expecting a huge crowd, Eric camps out all night to get tickets to a Styx concert on Thanksgiving.
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Angie [HD]

Nov 17, 2004 Season 7 Episode 8

Hyde meets his half-sister, Angie, with whom he does not see eye to eye. Eric conceals his love of roller disco from the gang.
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Mother's Little Helper

Nov 10, 2004 Season 7 Episode 7

Kitty leaves the book "The Joy of Sex" in the garage for Red to find in an attempt to spice up their love life. Fez's client at he salon, Danielle, is so taken with his understanding of women that she blows off a date with Kelso for Fez. Kelso fears he's lost his mojo. Donna and Jackie attempt to play fight, but, as Eric predicted, it always turns into a real fight.
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Rip This Joint

Nov 03, 2004 Season 7 Episode 6

When the gang reminices about childhood troublemaking, including trenching Old Man Shinsky's yard, Eric realizes he wasn't there and feels like he missed an important life moment. To make up for the missed opportunity, he's not only gonna trench Shinsky's yard, but he's gonna moon him.
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It's Only Rock and Roll [HD]

Oct 06, 2004 Season 7 Episode 5

With an empty nest, Kitty decides on a course of self-improvement. Eric decides he wants to be an artist. Hyde learns the joy of business attire.
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Beast of Burden

Sep 29, 2004 Season 7 Episode 4

Hyde's new dad, W.B., offers Hyde a job at his record store company. Hyde wants to take it but is torn since has just accepted a job with Red at Red's new muffler shop.
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(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [HD]

Sep 22, 2004 Season 7 Episode 3

Red, in the midst of a job hunt, discovers a local muffler shop is out of business and decides to purchase it. Meanwhile, the "new Eric," as part of his year off plan, decides he wants to have some fun at the expense of others and decides to vandalize a local business.
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Let's Spend the Night Together [HD]

Sep 15, 2004 Season 7 Episode 2

Hyde's real father arrives, and everyone is surprised to find out that he is black. Eric runs home naked after having his clothes stole from him at a feminist rally gone wrong. Kelso and Brooke are expecting the baby.
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Time Is On My Side

Sep 08, 2004 Season 7 Episode 1

Eric and Donna decide to be friends after Eric left her at the alter. The gang goes on a hunt for the missing engagement ring at the water tower, and Eric ends up falling off the water tower.
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