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May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's December 31st, 1979. Eric is flying back from Africa. Donna has decided to leave for college. Fez and Jackie are officially a couple, Kelso shows up and Hyde has a special surprise for Red!

The Seeker [HD]

May 19, 2004 Season 6 Episode 25

Midge comes back to Point Place. When Hyde is taken to the hospital, Kitty finds surprising information in his medical records. Eric returns. Can Donna forgive him?
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Going Mobile

May 19, 2004 Season 6 Episode 24

Brooke's mom arrives with news for Kelso. Eric is afraid Donna will regret marrying him and giving up all the plans she had for her life. There's a big surprise on the eve of the wedding.
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My Wife [HD]

May 16, 2004 Season 6 Episode 23

When Donna rents a trailer for herself and Eric, Eric thinks that staying in Point Place after they're married may be a big mistake.
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May 12, 2004 Season 6 Episode 22

All hell breaks loose when Eric accidentally tears Donna's wedding dress and when Red takes the money meant for Eric's present and buys a canoe.
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5:15 [HD]

May 05, 2004 Season 6 Episode 21

Mitch convinces Donna to be his date at his brother's wedding where he introduces her as his fiancée. Kelso and Brooke attend Kitty's baby care class.
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Squeeze Box

Apr 28, 2004 Season 6 Episode 20

Red and Hyde accidentally see Pamela topless. Donna's upset to learn that Eric secretly dated someone else while they were broken up.
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Apr 21, 2004 Season 6 Episode 19

After accidentally hitting him in the hospital, Eric tells Mitch he's welcome to hang out in the basement, even though nobody likes him.
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Do You Think It's Alright? [HD]

Mar 31, 2004 Season 6 Episode 18

Donna insists that Eric help her register for their wedding gifts. Eric's miserable, until he follows Red's advice.
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Happy Jack [HD]

Mar 24, 2004 Season 6 Episode 17

Donna catches Eric in a private moment. She's more upset when she discovers what got him so turned on. The Police Academy has made a new man out of Kelso... and the guys don't like it.
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Man With Money

Mar 17, 2004 Season 6 Episode 16

Donna and Jackie are desperate to break up their parents' romance, and enlist Fez to help them. Kitty goes crazy when Red's heart monitor beeps whenever Pamela's around.
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Who Are You [HD]

Mar 10, 2004 Season 6 Episode 15

Jackie fumes when her mom returns from Mexico. But she really goes crazy when she finds out who she's dating now. Will Kelso leave town for the police academy?
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Baby Don't You Do It

Mar 03, 2004 Season 6 Episode 14

Kelso burns down the Police Academy. Eric and Donna start marriage counseling.
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Won't Get Fooled Again

Feb 25, 2004 Season 6 Episode 13

Eric and Donna freak out when she might be pregnant. Donna is outraged when Eric insists that raising kids will be her career. And Kelso and Fez "break up."
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Sally Simpson [HD]

Feb 18, 2004 Season 6 Episode 12

Kelso makes an inept attempt to fix Fez up with Suzy, a friend from the police academy. Kitty gets defensive when Red is visited by a stress management expert.
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I Can See for Miles [HD]

Feb 11, 2004 Season 6 Episode 11

Donna and Eric check out a wedding spot and total Kelso's van. Jackie gives Hyde's room a woman's touch. And Red gets a strange gift from Bob.
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A Legal Matter

Feb 04, 2004 Season 6 Episode 10

Kelso thinks he's the stooge of the police academy and, with Eric and Hyde, breaks into the police academy to check his file.
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Young Man Blues

Jan 14, 2004 Season 6 Episode 9

Jackie joins a Big Sister program at school. Eric tries to become the new handy man around the house.
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I'm a Boy

Jan 07, 2004 Season 6 Episode 8

Eric tells Donna and Kitty he worked late while he was actually playing poker with the guys.
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Dec 17, 2003 Season 6 Episode 7

Eric meets some girl at a dance. When they call Donna at the radio stations to dedicate a song to him, she flips. Red dispenses his own brand of Christmas cheer as a mall Santa.
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We're Not Gonna Take It [HD]

Dec 03, 2003 Season 6 Episode 6

Eric is fired because Joanne broke up with Bob. Eric tries to get the job Kelso is also applying for.
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I'm Free [HD]

Nov 26, 2003 Season 6 Episode 5

The INS investigates Fez and Laurie's marriage. Will Red set the record straight? Brooke tells Kelso that he's off the hook about the baby; but his friends think he's being irresponsible.
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The Acid Queen

Nov 19, 2003 Season 6 Episode 4

Kelso's baffled when a hot girl, Brooke, refuses to acknowledge that they had sex. Jackie's upset when Hyde says Brooke is attractive. In the end, Brooke has a big surprise for Kelso.
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Magic Bus

Nov 12, 2003 Season 6 Episode 3

It's Donna's last night in Point Place, and it's also Eric's eighteenth birthday. He may not be getting the party he expected, and he has to tell Donna goodbye.
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Join Together

Nov 05, 2003 Season 6 Episode 2

Eric's staying home, but enjoys lots of "going away" sex with Donna. Fez wonders if he'll ever have sex again with his new wife. And Kelso plays Cupid for Jackie and Hyde.
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The Kids Are Alright [HD]

Oct 29, 2003 Season 6 Episode 1

Eric is torn apart because he desperately wants to leave home, but can't because he's needed at home after Red's mild heart attack.
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