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May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's December 31st, 1979. Eric is flying back from Africa. Donna has decided to leave for college. Fez and Jackie are officially a couple, Kelso shows up and Hyde has a special surprise for Red!

Celebration Day

May 14, 2003 Season 5 Episode 25

The kids and Laurie go camping for one final blowout, oversleep, and miss graduation. Hyde and Kelso insist that Jackie choose between them once and for all. And Fez is heartbroken that he has to leave America.
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Immigrant Song [HD]

May 07, 2003 Season 5 Episode 24

Red has taken a final decision regarding Eric and Donna's wish to move and marry.
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Nobody's Fault But Mine [HD]

Apr 23, 2003 Season 5 Episode 23

Kelso finds out Hyde cheated on Jackie and confronts him. Hyde tells Jackie about what he did. Meanwhile, Laurie has come back from Chicago.
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You Shook Me

Apr 16, 2003 Season 5 Episode 22

Hyde tells Jackie he doesn't trust her being alone with Kelso, Eric gets a new job and Fez has a very disturbing dream involving Kelso.
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Trampled Under Foot

Apr 09, 2003 Season 5 Episode 21

Nina blindsides Fez when she tells him she needs some space. And when the gang says they're bored with just hanging out together every day, Kitty suggests a new friend.
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No Quarter [HD]

Apr 02, 2003 Season 5 Episode 20

Jackie moves in with Donna and immediately starts driving her insane. Eric has to return Donna's engagement ring. And when Kelso takes a job at the hotel kitchen, Hyde decides to torture him.
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Bring It On Home

Mar 26, 2003 Season 5 Episode 19

While Fez wants to meet the parents of his girlfriend Nina, Donna has talked herself into asking Jackie to stay with her because her parents are gone.
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Hey, Hey What Can I Do [HD]

Mar 12, 2003 Season 5 Episode 18

Everybody goes to the job fair. The shocking discovery of a gray hair on his head forces Kelso to re-think his self-image and his plans for the future. Eric's job offer from a bank gets sabotaged by a bad reference from Kitty.
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The Battle of Evermore

Feb 26, 2003 Season 5 Episode 17

Hopeful that it will help them stop fighting and start bonding, Kitty enters Red and Eric in a father/son competition at a local festival. And Leo leaves town, but not without providing Hyde with something to remember him by.
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Whole Lotta Love [HD]

Feb 19, 2003 Season 5 Episode 16

Disapproving of his son's engagement, Red gives Eric a hard time. Kelso tries to undermine Hyde by giving Jackie a beautiful sweater for her birthday. And Fez loses his virginity at last!
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When the Levee Breaks

Feb 12, 2003 Season 5 Episode 15

While her dad's away, Donna and Eric spend the weekend playing house, but Eric resorts to deceit to pull it off. And Kitty finds out that Eric's been keeping something else a secret, too.
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Baby I'm Gonna Leave You [HD]

Feb 05, 2003 Season 5 Episode 14

Hyde thinks Jackie still has feelings for Kelso while Eric's grandma drives Kitty and Donna mad with her icky remarks.
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Your Time Is Gonna Come

Jan 29, 2003 Season 5 Episode 13

When Annette, Kelso's California Girl, shows up in Wisconsin for a visit, Jackie has to deal with her feelings about her old boyfriend's new girlfriend. When Kitty's dad passes away, she confronts her issues with her mother.
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Misty Mountain Hop [HD]

Jan 22, 2003 Season 5 Episode 12

The Formans and Donna volunteer to help Jackie move out of her family's ski cabin the same weekend that Hyde, Fez and Kelso have planned a big beer bash there.
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The Girl I Love [HD]

Jan 07, 2003 Season 5 Episode 11

Kitty throws a dinner party so Fez can introduce Nina to the gang, but the evening turns into a battle of the sexes.
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The Crunge [HD]

Dec 17, 2002 Season 5 Episode 10

Eric takes drastic measures when he learns that everyone in the gang, including Kelso, has higher SAT scores.
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Black Dog

Dec 10, 2002 Season 5 Episode 9

When Jackie's dad is sent to prison, she's heartbroken -- because Hyde doesn't know how to comfort her. Kelso can't get over the fact that Hyde and Jackie are together. And Fez finds love at the DMV.
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Thank You

Dec 03, 2002 Season 5 Episode 8

At Thanksgiving dinner, Eric plans to announce his engagement to Donna, but another announcement gets made instead, one that's not so hot for Eric.
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Hot Dog

Nov 26, 2002 Season 5 Episode 7

Eric shops for a special present for Donna. And Red gives Kitty a present,too -- a puppy to distract her from her wild menopausal mood swings.
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Over the Hills and Far Away

Nov 19, 2002 Season 5 Episode 6

When Donna's dad, Bob, insists that she make her senior visit to Marquette while Eric visits the University of Wisconsin, Eric worries that going to separate colleges will sink their relationship. Jackie frets that she can't get Hyde to be faithful, even for a single weekend.
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Ramble On

Nov 12, 2002 Season 5 Episode 5

Donna gives Eric a 'man ring'. Eric doesn't say how much he loathes the ring and even loses it.
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Oct 29, 2002 Season 5 Episode 4

Kitty gets startling news from the doctor, her parents visit from Phoenix, and Kelso and Hyde sort out their differences.
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What Is and What Should Never Be

Oct 29, 2002 Season 5 Episode 3

Kitty drops a bomb by announcing she's pregnant, while Kelso feels as if a bomb has been dropped on him when he sees Hyde and Jackie kissing.
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I Can't Quit You Baby [HD]

Sep 24, 2002 Season 5 Episode 2

Eric and Donna are severely punished for their trip to California: Eric loses his car and Donna has to go to a catholic school.
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Going to California

Sep 17, 2002 Season 5 Episode 1

Eric goes to California to express his love for Donna, meanwhile Kelso tries to talk Annette into bed.
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