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May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's December 31st, 1979. Eric is flying back from Africa. Donna has decided to leave for college. Fez and Jackie are officially a couple, Kelso shows up and Hyde has a special surprise for Red!

Love, Wisconsin Style [HD]

May 21, 2002 Season 4 Episode 27

Kelso & Jackie engaged! See it while it lasts.
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Everybody Loves Casey [HD]

May 14, 2002 Season 4 Episode 26

Everyone loves Donna's new guy... except Eric!
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Eric's False Alarm [HD]

May 07, 2002 Season 4 Episode 25

Eric stalks Donna. It must be love!
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That '70s Musical

Apr 30, 2002 Season 4 Episode 24

Fez rocks the house in a blockbuster episode!
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Hyde's Birthday [HD]

Apr 23, 2002 Season 4 Episode 23

Hyde's birthday becomes the party of the year!
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Eric's Corvette Caper

Apr 09, 2002 Season 4 Episode 22

Cruising for a bruising? Eric swipes Red's Vette!
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Prank Day

Mar 26, 2002 Season 4 Episode 21

Who'll get the last laugh on Prank Day?
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Class Picture

Mar 19, 2002 Season 4 Episode 20

Blast from the past. The gang recalls how they met.
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Jackie's Cheese Squeeze

Feb 26, 2002 Season 4 Episode 19

Jackie kisses Todd, a colleague of her, and Eric accidentally sees it.
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Leo Loves Kitty

Feb 19, 2002 Season 4 Episode 18

Brief encounter! Kelso's an underwear model.
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Kelso's Career

Feb 12, 2002 Season 4 Episode 17

Eric's speechless when Red says "I love you."
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Donna Dates a Kelso

Feb 05, 2002 Season 4 Episode 16

Donna dates a Kelso. Luke Wilson guest-stars.
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Tornado Prom [HD]

Feb 05, 2002 Season 4 Episode 15

A tornado shakes things up at the big dance.
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Eric's Hot Cousin [HD]

Jan 22, 2002 Season 4 Episode 14

Eric's cousin Penny, who he used to tease a lot when they were kids, comes over for a visit. All the guys think she's very hot.
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Jackie Says Cheese

Jan 08, 2002 Season 4 Episode 13

Someone's been rifling through Eric's stuff!
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An Eric Forman Christmas

Dec 18, 2001 Season 4 Episode 12

It's the wildest holiday show ever!
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The Third Wheel

Dec 11, 2001 Season 4 Episode 11

Will a new girl come between Hyde & Eric?
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Red and Stacy [HD]

Nov 27, 2001 Season 4 Episode 10

Eric's new girl is hot for his Dad!
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The Forgotten Son [HD]

Nov 21, 2001 Season 4 Episode 9

Move over, Travolta, Kelso's a movie star!
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Donna's Story

Nov 20, 2001 Season 4 Episode 8

Donna's tell-all story dishes the dirt on Eric!
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Uncomfortable Ball Stuff

Nov 13, 2001 Season 4 Episode 7

Eric and Donna go to the annual Pricemart Ball together while Fez gets a job at Leo's Photohut.
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The Relapse [HD]

Nov 06, 2001 Season 4 Episode 6

Why is Fez hitting on Eric's Mom?
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Bye-Bye Basement [HD]

Oct 16, 2001 Season 4 Episode 5

Hyde moves back with the Formans. Without telling why, Kitty decides to redo the basement, and hires Leo and his cousin Theo as contractors. Meanwhile, Eric and Donna break into an argument about redoing the basement, and the promise ring.
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Hyde Gets a Girl [HD]

Oct 09, 2001 Season 4 Episode 4

Fez and Eric organize a party with lots of girls, so eternal bachelor Hyde can finally find the woman of his dreams.
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Pinciotti vs. Forman

Oct 02, 2001 Season 4 Episode 3

Gang war! Eric & Donna fight over their friends.
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Eric's Depression [HD]

Sep 26, 2001 Season 4 Episode 2

Eric is depressed about Donna and Kitty orders Red to talk to him. Hyde, Fez, Kelso and Jackie go to Funland.
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It's A Wonderful Life

Sep 25, 2001 Season 4 Episode 1

Eric is absolutely devastated over his and Donna's break-up, and spends all day in bed wishing they never had kissed. But asleep an angel comes to show Eric, how his and the gang's lives had turned if he and Donna had never been together.
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