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May 18, 2006 Season 8 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

It's December 31st, 1979. Eric is flying back from Africa. Donna has decided to leave for college. Fez and Jackie are officially a couple, Kelso shows up and Hyde has a special surprise for Red!

The Promise Ring [HD]

May 22, 2001 Season 3 Episode 25

Eric gives Donna a promise ring. Donna doesn't respond the way Eric thought.
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Backstage Pass

May 15, 2001 Season 3 Episode 24

Donna ditches Eric to hang with Ted Nugent.
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Canadian Road Trip [HD]

May 08, 2001 Season 3 Episode 23

Eric, Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Leo are going to Canada to buy beer.
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Eric's Drunken Tattoo [HD]

May 01, 2001 Season 3 Episode 22

After sneakily reading Donna's diary, Eric thinks he's not cool enough for her and, after drinking sake, decides to get a tattoo.
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Fez Dates Donna [HD]

May 01, 2001 Season 3 Episode 21

Fez and Donna feign to date so Caroline will leave Fez alone.
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Holy Craps!

Apr 17, 2001 Season 3 Episode 20

Kitty volunteers at the church fund raiser and obliges Red, Eric, Kelso and Hyde to help her. Jackie and Donna find out how loony Caroline is.
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Eric's Naughty No-No [HD]

Mar 27, 2001 Season 3 Episode 19

Kitty's no-good sister comes over and the guys have seen an X-rated film.
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The Trials of Michael Kelso [HD]

Mar 13, 2001 Season 3 Episode 18

Revenge against a rival school isn't so sweet.
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Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!) [HD]

Feb 27, 2001 Season 3 Episode 17

Eric and Red forgot Kitty's birthday. Kelso has a plan to win Jackie back.
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Romantic Weekend [HD]

Feb 20, 2001 Season 3 Episode 16

Eric and Donna want to go to a hotel for a romantic weekend. Kelso has problems 'performing' when he's with Pam Macy.
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Donna's Panties [HD]

Feb 13, 2001 Season 3 Episode 15

Fatal attraction! Is Fez's dream girl a nightmare?
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Radio Daze

Feb 06, 2001 Season 3 Episode 14

Alice Cooper & Donna! It's Eric's nightmare.
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Dine & Dash [HD]

Jan 30, 2001 Season 3 Episode 13

Fine dining turns into dine and dash!
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Fez Gets a Girl

Jan 16, 2001 Season 3 Episode 12

Donna has two tickets for a Led Zeppelin concert but Eric, who has just been made Employee of the Month, has to work the evening of the concert.
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Who Wants It More [HD]

Jan 10, 2001 Season 3 Episode 11

How long can Eric & Donna stay good?
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Ice Shack

Jan 09, 2001 Season 3 Episode 10

Kelso has a master plan to win back Jackie while Hyde drives Leo and his bag with illegal drugs.
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Hyde's Christmas Rager

Dec 19, 2000 Season 3 Episode 9

Hyde has moved in with Bud who tries his best to be a good father. He figures being his friend is the way to go about doing it. Kitty suspects something isn't right just as Eric gets utterly drunk and Red catches him mocking him. Eric gets sick which causes Kitty to go off the edge, making Red speak to Bud till he realizes being a friend is going to do more damage than good.
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Jackie Bags Hyde

Dec 12, 2000 Season 3 Episode 8

Things heat up at the battle of the BBQs!
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Baby Fever [HD]

Nov 28, 2000 Season 3 Episode 7

Jackie smashed Kelso's van and Kitty gets to babysit a friend's baby.
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Eric's Panties

Nov 21, 2000 Season 3 Episode 6

Eric ends up lab partners with a girl who seems to be attracted to him more than enough. He wonders why Donna's so apathetic towards the situation while she actually starts to worry. Further in the episode, she finds a girls panties in Eric's car. She's determined to figure out whose they are, but the answer to the question is far from what she suspected and very unpleasant.
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Roller Disco

Nov 14, 2000 Season 3 Episode 5

Jackie wants to participate in the Roller Disco with Hyde, but that's just not his style. It's more of a Fez thing. Jackie doubts Fez has any talent but he shows her differently. She takes his offer as Kelso becomes envious that Jackie has shown interest in Fez and not him. When Jackie's had too much to drink, Fez is forced to make a serious decision.
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Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young To Die

Oct 31, 2000 Season 3 Episode 4

Scream... with laughter. It's a Hitchcock happening on THAT '70s SHOW
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Hyde's Father

Oct 17, 2000 Season 3 Episode 3

After eight years, Hyde meets his father again.
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Red Sees Red [HD]

Oct 10, 2000 Season 3 Episode 2

Red sets a new curfew for the kids, but none pays attention to it, which pushes him off the edge to becomes extremely over-protective. Kitty disagrees; when the kids are caught breaking Red's rules, Kitty tells all.
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Reefer Madness

Oct 03, 2000 Season 3 Episode 1

Hyde comes home from jail after he took the blame for Jackies possession of marijuana. Red is furious and kicks Hyde out of the house. Eric becomes upset at this decision and decides to tell Red that he does it as well. Unknowing that Donna has already found out it was actually Jackies. Further complicating the situation.
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