Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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"Heavy Metal"

If youre gonna be a hero you gotta learn how to drive stickSarah ConnorWhile John laments over the death of Jordan Cowon Cameron discovers that Cromartie was able to make the trip ahead with them into the future via news footage from a cell phone camera she doesnt sleep after all With a newspaper reports of an arson at a dock and the re-routing of coltan a key element in the construction of cyborgs Cameron deduces that Cromartie is attempting to reconstruct or repair himself The group decides to be pro-active instead of running like John thinks his mother always wants to do and intercept Cromartie as he picks up the coltan At the docks they discover that it is not Cromartie who is busy getting some plastic surgery done but rather another model Terminator that is programmed to stockpile the element for Skynets future plans John forces Sarah and Camerons hand into helping secure the element and effectively dealing with the new Terminator Crom read more

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Why Richard T. Jones Is in the Doghouse

Richard T. Jones, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau are the three leads that propel the action in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles  (Mondays, 8 pm/ET, Fox). But there's one more regular cast member who's left trying to put the pieces together after the aforementioned trio battle it out with robot assassins from the future. That actor would be Richard T. Jones, who plays FBI agent James Ellison. TVGuide.com caught up with Jones, whom you may already know from his recent role as Mike in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. TVGuide.com: Agent Ellison is the one character in the show, so far, who believes Sarah Connor is simply a dangerous psychotic on the run. Is it a challenge to keep your detective role intriguing when everyone knows the truth, except you?Richard T. Jones: Yeah, it's alway read more

I have noticed that some ...

Question: I have noticed that some shows, like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, have certain things in their plots that put a limit on the timeline (like Bionic Woman with the life expectancy of its lead character, and similarly with the cancer of Sarah Connor). Do producers and writers do this so they have an escape if they think the show is dragging on? When J.J. Abrams was interviewed about both Lost and Alias, he staid that the shows only have a five-season life span. Anything more would kill them. So have other producers and writers learned something here, to prevent studios from having them overproduce a show? Like ABC wanting more out of Lost when there really wasn't more that J.J. Abrams imagined? Answer: I'm not sure these fatalistic aspects of a show's mythology are part of a preemptive endgame as much as they're intended to intensify the life-and-death stakes of the overall story arc. That said, I hope the lessons of Lost and Alias are being studied by all genr ... read more

Brian Austin Green on Sarah ...

Question: Brian Austin Green on Sarah Connor: Could he be John's father?

Answer: I wish I knew. That show is like Fort Knox — with Shonda Rhimes as the security guard!

read more

The Turk

No one dies in vainSarah ConnorJohn and Cameron attend their new high-school for the first time and get a small taste of its social inner workings Sarah meets up with Tarissa Dyson who identifies a man that could possibly be one of the creators of Skynet Cromartie tracks down a researcher to help him look like he did 10 years agoCommentaryThis is what I like to call a plotcharacter development exposition episode Not much happened action-wise but we are introduced to the Connors plus Ones new world and a few hints are dropped as to where the various storylines might be heading Sarahs search for possible Skynet creators John and Cameron attempting to fit-in in their new school John making sure Cameron blends in Cameron making sure that John doesnt stand out Cromarties rebuild and eventual hunt for the time travelers and Agent Ellison piecing everything together The three unknowns at this time are Charlie Dixon the missing resistance read more

I sometimes wonder why I ...

Question: I sometimes wonder why I watched certain shows in the past that make little sense today. They may have seemed funny or suspenseful at the time, but I now know they were a total waste of time. (Or is that just the definition of prime-time TV?) Now so many shows seem important, or at least "must-see." That's what I was thinking when I watched the first new Bionic Woman, which thus far has been my last. I know my tastes have changed greatly in my five decades of TV viewing, but I'm sure I watched the previous Bionic Woman at times. Which brings me to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I enjoyed it and will watch again. Didn't love it, but I'll give it time. My question: Is this just The Fugitive with cell phones and a great back story? I love quirky time-travel stories and "mankind felled by its own making" plots, and I loved the Terminator movies. There is so much to watch these days, and time is limited. Will we look back in 10 years and again wonder why we watched such ... read more

When I first heard they were ...

Question: When I first heard they were making a TV show based on the Terminator films, I was reluctant to get excited. It seems my reluctance was well-founded. The show is totally uneven. I know they can't do as much on TV as they can in a film, but I know for sure that TV can do much better than this. First of all, the acting is sub par at best. Summer Glau, whom I loved in Firefly, hasn't exactly won me over as the new Terminatrix. In fact, and I can't believe I'm saying this, she's actually giving me newfound respect for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lena Headey is definitely not on par with Linda Hamilton. I would even go so far as to say that the character of Sarah Connor seems like a totally different person (though the writing may be equally to blame for this). Thomas Dekker is the only bright spot so far, and that isn't saying much. It almost seems like they just threw a cast (and the show) together all willy-nilly and simply assumed it would be successful just because it was based on ... read more

Wow! Terminator: The Sarah ...

Lena Headey, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Question: Wow! Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is everything that I expected — and didn't get — when I tuned in to see Bionic Woman. Both Lena Headey and Summer Glau are fantastic. Congrats to Fox for finally coming up with a third show worth watching (along with Bones and House). Answer: My feelings exactly, as expressed in my recent review, especially in regards to how this show works where the dreary, dull Bionic Woman didn't. In my ongoing attempt to lead my columns for as long as possible in the new year with positive opinions, let me just admit that I started with Glenn's rave mainly because the following pan is so lengthy I feared no one would make it to the second question. Indulge me, or rather, indulge Joe ... read more

Ratings: Sarah Connor Can't Escape Howie Mandel

Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles by Richard Foreman/Fox

Monday's ratings highlights:8 pm/ETDance War won the hour with 10.33 million total viewers, edging out Gladiators (10.15 mil, but an easy No. 1 in demos). Prison Break returned to 7.9 mil, a 700K increase from its last airing. 9 pmDeal or No Deal dominated with 15 million viewers, and was tops in demos. Sarah Connor Chronicles (10.07 mil) shed 45 percent of its Sunday premiere audience, and in its first half-hour placed fourth (behind Deal and Dance War). But come 9:30, TSCC was No. 2, beating Rules and a new Underbelly.10 pmCSI: Miami (14.7 mil) surged 770K from its last fresh eppy, while Medium (9.5 mil) and October Road (4.9 mil) showed little movement. read more

"Gnothi Seauton"

Know thy self because what else is there to knowSarah ConnorApparently the Connors and Cameron were not the only ones teleported seven years into the future Cromarties head and body we later find out made the trip as well He spends the entire episode getting his head straight gruesomely literally In the meantime the Connors are attempting to acclimate to the year 2007 First on the agenda is getting new identities Cameron informs them that there is a group of resistance fighters from the future that can help them with what they need As Sarah and Cameron pay these soldiers a visit they discover two surprises the soldiers have been massacred and their killer another Terminator is playing dead After a fight and chase resulting in the enemy cyborg escaping Sarah questions why they even had to jump into the future Cameron reveals that Sarah died from cancer in 2005 in the original timeline Sarah agrees with John that they should enlist the aid of read more

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Premise: A sci-fi drama based on the 'Terminator' movies, following a fugitive mother and son on the run from cyborgs sent from the future.



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