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Tell Me You Love Me Season 1 episodes

Episode 10 Recap: "Happy Endings?" Season 1, Episode 10

Having spent 10 weeks with characters searching for answers and trying to make the best decisions they can, I find it hard to stop watching. So tonight's first-season finale (there will be a second season) had me gasping nonstop. The biggest surprise was watching Jamie avoid Hugo at the minimart, then eventually slap that wedding invitation on his windshield and end up at the notary public's office waiting to marry him. Jamie is so energized by Hugo that in her session with Dr. May, who was very distracted by the death of John, she explains that it was fate that brought them together. Though seemingly inattentive (asking Jamie questions about the gas station), May is still perceptive and unintentionally antagonizing Jamie by telling her she's working hard to convince her of her never-ending love for Hugo. But nothing is holding Jamie back when she snaps, "You're wrong. I'm sure sometimes that happens." (Oh, no she didn't!)Carolyn, disturbed by Palek's decision to leave, was spewing ... read more

Episode 9 Recap: "Separation Anxiety" Season 1, Episode 9

The couples we've been following so closely went through some changes this week, mostly by their own choosing.Rita is separating from Dan, and it upsets Katie's world. Katie is freaked out that this could be the answer to her marital problems. Even though she is surprised that Katie is surprised at her actions, Rita has proven that having a baby is not a good solution to save a marriage.Unsatisfied with redoing the patio every year, Katie makes changes by seeking a job interview, going clothes shopping and getting a makeup makeover (with "Love Crush" blush). It not only shows Katie asserting herself and elevating her self-esteem but using avoidance tactics and being somewhat irresponsible by dropping her family responsibilities and ditching therapy.Dave, now stranded, goes mano a mano with Dr. May, which was probably the most open and in touch we've seen him yet. He loves Katie but resents her and wants to know if their feelings can come back. We later learn that Dr. May was stumped... read more

Episode 8 Recap: "Baby Love" Season 1, Episode 8

Becoming a sexual person is a memorable part of growing up, but how many can say that it started when watching the movie Swimfan? Isabella can. She is becoming a young woman, exploring the changes in her body and poses questions about them to her mother. As someone who now wants to avoid talking about sex in therapy, Katie seemed to respond sensitively and was comfortable telling Isabella it's OK to touch herself.Dr. May is two minutes late for their session and Katie is ready to bolt. But therapy must be working because the tables have turned. Dave is now the one who wants to stay and talk. I'm not clear on Katie's about-face regarding therapy. She is probably getting closer to the heart of her problem and is afraid to go there. With Dr. May firing direct questions about orgasms and sexual positions (he likes Katie on top, she prefers the opposite), Katie is out of her comfort zone. I don't think her revelation of wanting to raise another baby will ease the pain — it will only... read more

Episode 7 Recap: "Faking It" Season 1, Episode 7

There were a lot of lies uncovered this week by way of honesty. And in some cases, it was the best policy. Let's break it down.With the kids away for the weekend, you'd think that glances at each other's naked bodies would be the perfect catalyst for Dave and Katie to get it on. But they don’t. It becomes apparent at the restaurant when Rita and Dan leave them alone at the table that Katie and Dave are unaccustomed to touching. When looking around the dining room wondering if other couples are "doing it," it seems that public displays of affection confuse them. They identify intimate gestures as signs that people aren't having sex and can't tell if a caress is honest and meaningful.Back home, Katie confesses she was faking her orgasms and Dave seems to be slowly opening up, admitting that things changed after they had kids. These baby steps are honest moves that could help to bring them closer together.Hugo got my sympathy vote after losing control and crying after Jamie told h... read more

Episode 6 Recap: " Heal" Season 1, Episode 6

The tale of Katie and Dave kicks off the episode with them visiting Dr. May, and immediately I'm hooked. Ally Walker and Tim DeKay deliver their lines so naturally and with such spontaneity it's hard to imagine it's scripted. Dave is still resistant to therapy, first wanting to leave the session early, then defensively turning Katie's words around to put the blame on her. Dr. May recommends forgetting about sex to remove any burden and expectations. Later, we learn that May and Arthur were in therapy, but whatever advice they got isn't appropriate, at least yet, for the "fragile" Katie and Dave.Though few and far between, I love the much-needed injection of humor when Rita and Katie dish at the diner. Sherry Stringfield always gets Ally Walker to burst into hearty laughter and I can't help but crack up at her reactions. Rita knows her husband views porn on their computer, leading curious Katie to check out Dave's Internet history. (He reads Consumer Reports and ESPN.) She explores a... read more

Episode 5 Recap: "Obstacles" Season 1, Episode 5

It was difficult deciding whom to discuss first this week, as each couple gets deeper into their stuff. So as Dr. May says, "let's talk about what nobody wants to talk about."I'm always wondering what Carolyn will do next, and insemination day kept me guessing. In spite of the fact that her chances of conception aren't confirmed to be at least 50 percent positive, she smiles nonstop and takes high highs to new heights. Her online search for indications of pregnancy creates psychosomatic symptoms, like sensitive breasts, fatigue and increased appetite. Not only did she surprise the food cart lady by actually ordering lunch, but she also surprised me by choosing her as the first person to announce that she's pregnant, hoping that saying it will make it real. She gets a congratulatory cookie.Low lows return at home when dozens of pregnancy tests come up negative.Palek's expression said a thousand words while watching a dad juggle his crying son, a cup of coffee and a cell phone. But Pa... read more

Episode 4 Recap: "I'm Not in Love" Season 1, Episode 4

Was anyone surprised when David said he wanted to join Katie in her therapy session? I've been anticipating this moment and it was worth the wait. The elephant in the room isn't initially addressed when Dr. May asks about their anniversary. David loved the steak and the TiVo, but Katie mentions her disappointment with the purple teddy and that he never made a move on her after she showered. David previously stated he didn't want to be blamed and erupts when (rightly?) assuming Katie is doing just that. An awkward silence ends with his angry outburst about how buying household necessities and reading bedtime stories are not sexy. He might be a financial provider but resents nourishing his family. Katie's response: "Our entire life… that's what you just trashed."The thought of Katie at the Hair Fairy checking for nit infestation is another turn-off to David. While pumping gas, he stares at the scantily clad ladies on a billboard for America's Next Top Model. Isabella's doctor tel... read more

Episode 3 Recap: "The Color Purple" Season 1, Episode 3

As each episode exposes more layers of the characters, this one uncovers some underlying feelings of hurt.Katie and David's 12th anniversary creates more angst than joy. Katie dismisses any opportunity to celebrate alone with David and tells Dr. May that spending a night in a hotel would be a stupid idea. Then when Rita (Sherry Stringfield) and Sally (Anne Ramsay) offer to watch the kids, Katie declines.David takes Isabella (Aislinn Paul) shopping for Katie's anniversary gift but has no clue what would please her. He looks terrified when Isabella finds what she thinks is the perfect present for her mother: a purple merry widow. This lingerie item is appropriately named for the state of their affairs, but the color carries much significance. Apparently a favorite of adolescent girls, the choice of purple seemed to represent a purple heart, something received when suffering or wounded. When the family is together at the restaurant, David is out to lunch, having no problem with Katie u... read more

Tell Me You Love Me Season 1, Episode 2

Dave wonders aloud what Katie's getting out of therapy; Jamie finds it difficult to let go of her suspicions about Hugo; Carolyn's will to get pregnant wears down Palek's desire for intimacy; May contacts an old acquaintance. read more

Episode 1 & 2 Recap: "Getting to Know You" Season 1, Episode 1

Since there was no posting last week for the premiere, I am going to dive right in and combine my impressions of Episodes 2 and 1. This totally engrossing drama about three couples with relationship problems not only has great acting but raises questions about the differences between sex, love and intimacy. Does sex equal love? Can we love without intimacy? And while the sex scenes may be titillating, their true meanings are found not only by examining why and when it's happening but by contrasting that with what is said during therapy sessions.Jamie and Hugo are twentysomethings engaged to be married. Though Hugo (Luke Farrell Kirby) says he loves Jamie (Michelle Borth), she overhears him doubt that anyone can be attracted to one person for the rest of his or her life. This is a huge red flag for Jamie. As her jealousy grows and her trust wanes, Hugo tries to reassure her by vowing to be monogamous. But can he stay true? Are her accusations of him flirting irrational? They retain a... read more

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Premise: A series tracking the relationship between three couples who are seeing the same therapist.



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