Party Time at the LA Premiere of TMNT!
01:44 — The stars walk the red carpet at the LA Premiere of TMNT.
Bringing the Characters to Life
01:57 — The cast talks about what it was like to suspend their disbelief and work with actors playing turtles.
Hanging out with Sean Astin, Greg Cipes, and Rob Paulsen at Comic-Con
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Emerging from the sewers for the first time, the band of reptile brothers will face New York City, their enemies and delicious pizza! Younger and nin (more…)
Shell Razor
01:17 — Donny unveils the Turtles' new set of wheels.
Pulverizer in the Foot
01:42 — The Pulverizer becomes "canon fodder" for the Foot.
Kraang Water
01:11 — he Kraang are doing something bad to the water supply.
The Sounds of Implosion
00:37 — Donny explains how implosions work.
01:24 — Karai drops in on the Turtles while they spy on the Kraang
Calm Mind
00:53 — Splinter gives Donatello a lesson in calming the mind.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1 (2003)
It's mutant mayhem in these epic Season 1 battles! The Turtles face off against their fiercest foe Shredder not once, but twice! Plus, the Turtles' se (more…)
Channel 6 News Special Report: Ooze-Gate 2014
03:00 — Channel 6 News brings you a special report about the mysterious ooze that's turning up all over New York City. This shocking investigation looks at th (more…)
Channel 6 News Special Report: Creatures of the Night
04:01 — Mutants, creatures, and shadow-lurkers have been spotted in New York. Channel 6 News has the exclusive footage of the evidence of this invasion, along (more…)
Behind the Scenes Featurette
03:12 — Are you ready to be shell shocked? We went behind the scenes to get the inside scoop on all the upcoming excitement on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. L (more…)