Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Emerging from the sewers for the first time, the band of reptile brothers will face New York City, their enemies and delicious pizza! Younger and nin (more…)
Shell Razor
01:17 — Donny unveils the Turtles' new set of wheels.
Pulverizer in the Foot
01:42 — The Pulverizer becomes "canon fodder" for the Foot.
Kraang Water
01:11 — he Kraang are doing something bad to the water supply.
The Sounds of Implosion
00:37 — Donny explains how implosions work.
01:24 — Karai drops in on the Turtles while they spy on the Kraang
Calm Mind
00:53 — Splinter gives Donatello a lesson in calming the mind.
Rooftop Showdown
01:10 — Leo and Karai face off in an epic swordfight.
Green vs. Purple
01:56 — The gang thwarts an attack by the Purple Dragons.
01:02 — The story of how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to be.
Great Snake Escape
01:09 — The Turtles pursue Snake.
Silence Is Golden
00:22 — Leo explains the importance of stealth.
Sparring With Sensei
00:48 — Splinter shows the gang that he still has the touch.
Teenage Robot Ninja Turtle
00:38 — Donnie shows off his newest invention.
It's Go Time
01:00 — The gang ventures out to the surface for the first time.
Under Pressure
01:36 — Raph feels the pressure of being the new leader.
A Father's Sacrifice
01:07 — The gang rescues Mr. O'Neil, but he's got other plans.
Fighing Robots
00:41 — The turtles encounter strange new adversaries.
Dissension Among the Ranks
02:00 — Leo and Raph argue after a failed pursuit.
Leo the Hot Shot
01:25 — Leo shows off his skills to impress a dangerous adversary.
Raph Rage
01:12 — Raphael realizes his worst enemy is his temper.
The Shredder
01:57 — Shredder shows his dominance in the dojo.
Rat Pursuit
01:31 — The gang attempts to rescue April from a swarm of rodents.
01:10 — Michaelangelo makes a new friend.
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