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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Animated crimefighting exploits of the part-human, part-turtle martial-arts masters, who also became film and merchandising stars and had a 30-minute syndicated show and 60-minute network series. Famous for the word `Cowabunga,' they were interviewed by Ba (more…)

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Mobster from Dimension X Season 10, Episode 6 Paid

A slimy amoeba-like mobster from Dimension X, known as the GlobFather, steals the Protein Computer. The GlobFather is working for Dregg & Dregg plans to use the Protein Computer to hack into all of Earth's telecommunications systems & military computers, to control them via his own brain.

Turtles to the Second Power Season 10, Episode 5 Oct 13, 1996 $1.99

After re-energizing the present-day Turtles, the Turtles of the past have only 3 hours to get back to their time, or they will all cease to exist. Meanwhile, during the 15 hours it took to re-energize the Turtles, the remainder of Dregg's invasion fleet has been completed and has been unleashed on the city and now the Turtles and Carter have to stop Dregg, Krang, and Shredder.

The Power of Three Season 10, Episode 3 Sep 22, 1996 $1.99

Lord Dregg teleports Shredder and Krang from Dimension X to the Dreadnaught in order to learn more about the Turtles and Earth's weapons. Meanwhile, after permanently stabilizing his mutation, Carter finally leaves the Turtles and returns to college.

The Return of Dregg Season 10, Episode 1 Sep 15, 1996 $1.99

While the Turtles work on using fragments of the Vortex Crystal to stabilize their mutations, Lord Dregg plans to use the fragments to create another Vortex Crystal to power his Vortex Transporter. Meanwhile, Dregg's second-in-command, HiTech, is blasted into space, to be replaced by Dregg's top scientist, Mung, as his new second-in-command.

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