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Latest Episode: Things Change

Jan 17, 2006 Season 5 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe, the Teen Titans are finally back home. But a walk through the city reveals that things are no longer as they remembered. And while Beast Boy wants everything to be just like it was in the past, he has to face the fact that in life things change.

Titans Together

Jan 14, 2006 Season 5 Episode 12

All seems lost for young heroes across the globe: they have been spread far and wide; their lines of communication have been severed; and one by one, the Brotherhood of Evil takes them down. But as The Brain claims that his victory is assured, one brave hero slips through the Brotherhood of Evil's grasp: Beast Boy.
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Calling All Titans

Jan 07, 2006 Season 5 Episode 11

The final game has begun! While the Titans are spread out across the globe on one last mission, Brotherhood mastermind the Brain makes his move.
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Dec 17, 2005 Season 5 Episode 10

How did Robin meet Starfire? What was Beast Boy's first joke? Why did Cyborg build his Sonic Cannon? When did Raven first call the Titans her friends? Return to the very beginning and see how it all started -- from the word "GO!"
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Revved Up

Dec 10, 2005 Season 5 Episode 9

Robin's most prized possession is stolen by the hip hot-rodder Ding Dong Daddy, and to get it back they're going to have to beat him in a cross-country Road Race. But with Ding Dong Daddy making the rules and a few unexpected rivals joining in the competition, it's anyone's guess who will cross the finish line first!
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Nov 20, 2005 Season 5 Episode 8

With Titans dispatched across the globe, members of the Hive Five figure they have it made. Unfortunately their city-wide crime spree is cut short when a new hero in town spoils the fun. Handing him over to the Brotherhood of Evil may score the Hive Five points, but actually catching this lightning-fast do-gooder is much harder than it seems.
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Hide and Seek

Nov 06, 2005 Season 5 Episode 7

With the other Teen Titans off fighting exciting battles with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven is left with the worst task of all -- transporting three rambunctious future superheroes to safety. But this simple task turns into an adventure in babysitting as Raven and her young charges are chased through the Alps by the Brotherhood of Evil's Msr. Mallah.
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Oct 29, 2005 Season 5 Episode 6

While inside the Arctic Circle, the Teen Titans once again take on Dr. Light. And when an accident sends the Titans through the ice, they discover a new exotic Underworld -- and two new superheroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk.
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Oct 22, 2005 Season 5 Episode 5

While battling a mysterious creature in the wilds of Siberia, Starfire is lost in a blinding snowstorm. A reclusive young soldier named Red Star comes to her aid, and the two become fast friends. When Robin and the rest of the Titans arrive, they discover Red Star hides not only a tragic past, but also a destructive secret.
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For Real

Oct 16, 2005 Season 5 Episode 4

Control Freak returns to Titan Tower with "The Ultimate Titans Challenge," a series of events designed specifically to challenge the Teen Titans. But what happens to Control Freak's big plan when he finds himself facing not the "real" Titans -- but the Titans East?
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Oct 08, 2005 Season 5 Episode 3

Evil has begun its master plan to eliminate all of the young superheroes around the globe, starting with honorary Titans Wildebeest and Hotspot. This new threat brings Robin to Morocco. But with an unknown enemy, how can anyone know whom to trust?
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Homecoming, Part 2

Oct 02, 2005 Season 5 Episode 2

The Doom Patrol has been saved, but the sinister Brotherhood of Evil is still on the loose. It's just like old times for Beast Boy when he finds himself back on the team for one last mission -- to stop the Brotherhood once and for all.
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Homecoming, Part 1

Jul 18, 2011 Season 5 Episode 1

When Beast Boy's former team, The Doom Patrol, is in trouble, the Titans must embark on a daring mission to save them. Beast Boy explains that this can only mean one thing: the Doom Patrol's greatest foes are back: The brotherhood of evil has returned.
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