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Latest Episode: Things Change

Jan 17, 2006 Season 5 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe, the Teen Titans are finally back home. But a walk through the city reveals that things are no longer as they remembered. And while Beast Boy wants everything to be just like it was in the past, he has to face the fact that in life things change.

Car Trouble

Nov 11, 2003 Season 1 Episode 13

Cyborg has just finished building the vehicle of his dreams: the supercool, extra fast, ultra-high-tech T-Car! Cy grins like a proud parent as he shows off his "baby" to the other Titans. But before Cyborg can take his cool car out for a ride, the Titans are called to an electronics superstore where an electrical menace called Overload is wreaking havoc. The heroes race to the scene, and Cyborg leaves his beloved car parked out front with its high-tech alarm set. But when they emerge from the store with Overload in custody, Cyborg is stunned; his T-Car is gone! A wild adventure unfolds as the T-Car changes hands from bad guy to worse guy. Cyborg races all over town, trying to catch the culprits. Can Cyborg get his "baby" back or is the T-Car lost forever?
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Apprentice: Part 2

Oct 11, 2003 Season 1 Episode 12

With no signs of Robin since Slade's "Chronoton Detonator" turned out to be a fake, the four remaining Teen Titans search the city for their missing leader. Their quest soon ends when the Titan signal alerts them to a new villain in town. Part 2 of 2
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Apprentice: Part 1

Oct 04, 2003 Season 1 Episode 11

Who is Slade? What is he planning? The questions that have been keeping Robin awake at night are about to be answered. Slade contacts the Teen Titans and unveils his master plan: the Chronoton Detonator, a sinister-looking high-tech device that has the ability to stop time... forever. Part 1 of 2
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Mad Mod

Sep 27, 2003 Season 1 Episode 10

The Teen Titans awaken to find themselves captured. They are prisoners of Mad Mod, a madcap bad guy in a psychedelic suit. Annoyed at the way the Titans disrespect their elders and "interfere with the toils of hardworking criminals," Mad Mod has decided to teach the teens a lesson. Thus, he's created a massive mind-bending school full of optical illusions and brainwashing, hypnotizing screens. Will the Titans be "re-educated" and lose their minds in the process? Or will they find out the secret to Mad Mod's sinister school and teach him a lesson?
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Sep 20, 2003 Season 1 Episode 9

Slade sends a team of robotic commandos to steal a high-tech chip. The Titans stop the robbery, but Starfire nearly gets hurt in the process.
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Deep Six

Sep 13, 2003 Season 1 Episode 8

When a mysterious amphibious villain called Trident steals a boatload of dangerous toxic waste, the Teen Titans hop into the T-Sub and go on an undersea adventure to find out what Trident is up to--and put a stop to it. Beast Boy is excited. This is his big chance to morph into all sorts of cool undersea animals and show the team how heroic he really is. But unfortunately for Beast Boy, another big hero shows up to steal the attention: a good-looking, water-breathing, teenage do-gooder called Aqualad. A fierce (but funny) rivalry quickly grows between the two heroes. When it's up to them to save the day, will Aqualad and Beast Boy be ready to battle Trident or will they be too busy competing with each other?
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Sep 06, 2003 Season 1 Episode 7

Starfire and Raven don't really have much in common. Star doesn't understand Raven's repression. Raven can't deal with Starfire's emotional outbursts. But when Puppet King imprisons Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy inside wooden puppets and takes control of the boys' bodies, the girls are going to have to understand each other--if they want to survive. A mix-up with the Puppet King's spell switches the girls' bodies: Starfire's mind is in Raven's body and vice versa. Will Starfire be able to suppress her feelings enough to control Raven's wildly sensitive powers? Can Raven unleash Starfire's emotion-driven abilities? Together, the girls must stop Puppet King before he turns the boys into his slaves forever.
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Aug 30, 2003 Season 1 Episode 6

When a battle with Dr. Light overwhelms Raven, the Titans discover a side of their mysterious friend that they've never seen before--her temper. After Raven's creepy tantrum of crackling black energy leaves Dr. Light begging for mercy, Beast Boy isn't quite sure how to treat her. And he makes her feel even worse about what happened. But when Cyborg takes Beast Boy by Raven's room to apologize, she's not there--so Beast Boy drags Cyborg in to snoop around. Beast Boy finds a mysterious mirror. And when he picks it up, Beast Boy and Cyborg find themselves transported to a strange nightmare world that's somehow connected to Raven. Will Raven be able to guide the boys home or will her personal issues destroy them all?
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The Sum of His Parts

Aug 23, 2003 Season 1 Episode 5

A day of fun in the park is shortened when Cyborg suddenly freezes like a statue. His power cell is dying. And while the problem is easily fixed with a new battery, Cy is reminded of something he doesn't like to think about: He's not completely human. But before Cyborg can get home to fix his power cell, the Titans are called into action. The Amazing Mumbo is on a magical crime spree in the city--and there's no way Cyborg is going to let his friends fight alone. But during a wild junkyard battle, Cyborg's battery dies, and the Titans think Mumbo has run away with their friend. And while the Titans are searching the city for Mumbo, Cyborg is discovered by Fixit, a cybernetic hermit who finds things that are broken and repairs them. Cyborg gets the new power cell he needs, but there's just one problem: Fixit's not done fixing. When repairs are complete, will Cyborg be human at all?
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Forces of Nature

Aug 16, 2003 Season 1 Episode 4

Dark ominous clouds blow in from the east, bringing Thunder and Lightning with them--two forces of nature made flesh in the form of costumed superteens. The stormy brothers aren't evil; they're just looking for a good time. Unfortunately, their idea of fun involves wrecking everything in sight. Meanwhile, when one of Beast Boy's practical jokes misfires and soaks Starfire in motor oil, Beast Boy learns that just because something is fun--doesn't make it right. Can Beast Boy teach Thunder and Lightning his lesson before Slade harnesses the brothers' power to unleash a monster?
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Divide and Conquer

Aug 02, 2003 Season 1 Episode 3

Cinderblock breaks into prison--and the Teen Titans arrive in time to stop a jailbreak. But when Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) and Cyborg's (voiced by Khary Payton) big "sonic boom" maneuver goes awry, the bad guy gets away--and the boys blame each other. An argument erupts; and when the shouting stops, Cyborg quits the team! Meanwhile, Cinderblock returns to his mysterious boss, Slade (voiced by Ron Perlman), with a prize: a sleeping inmate who becomes the monstrous Plasmus whenever he is awakened. With oozing Plasmus running amok at a chemical factory and Cinderblock toting a laser cannon downtown, can the four remaining Titans handle all the chaos without Cyborg at their side?
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Jul 26, 2003 Season 1 Episode 2

When a mysterious alien probe comes to haul Starfire (voiced by Hynden Walch) away, sweet-natured Star has no idea why it came. And when Starfire's sister Blackfire stops by to visit, Starfire just wishes she would leave. Blackfire's wild, cool, and hip-- everything Starfire's not. And the other Titans seem to like Blackfire so much, Starfire thinks they won't need her around anymore. But just as Star's thinking about leaving, a couple of alien thugs, Kai and Cron, show up to take her away. Can Robin save Starfire? Will Starfire find out why these nasty aliens are after her?
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Final Exam

Nov 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 1

The Hive Academy unveils its top graduates: three teenage supervillains known as Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx. But before Slade will hire the new Hive Agents, he requires that they pass one final exam.
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