Tue Jul 7 4:00pm
Uncle Jokes; Mas Y Menos TOON

Starfire must avoid uncle jokes to hang out with BB and Cyborg; Robin teaches brothers his superhero ways.

Tue Jul 7 4:30pm
Dreams; Grandma Voice TOON

The Titans' dream worlds are revealed; Cyborg is possessed by a Grandma Voice and it annoys the Titans.

Tue Jul 7 5:30pm
Mr. Butt; Man Person TOON

Starfire is setup by Blackfire and the Titans work to make Blackfire a better sister; Beast Boy replaces body parts with robotic limbs, thinking it makes him more manly.

Tue Jul 7 7:00pm
Operation Tin Man; Beast Man TOON

Gizmo and Cyborg play pranks on each other; Beast Boy transforms into an adult man.

Wed Jul 8 8:30am
Girl's Night Out; You're Fired TOON

Starfire, Raven and Jinx plan a night out; Beast Boy is fired from the team and replaced by a pair of shape-shifting twins.

Wed Jul 8 9:00am
Super Robin; Tower Power TOON

An envious Robin wants to have super powers like the others; Cyborg drives the team nuts when he plugs into Titans tower.

Wed Jul 8 9:30am
Parasite; Starliar TOON

Starfire befriends a parasite, making Robin jealous; Starfire learns to lie.

Wed Jul 8 12:00pm
Truth, Justice, and What?; Beast Man TOON

The source of Titan humor is revealed; Beast Boy becomes angry and aggressive.

Wed Jul 8 12:30pm
Rocks and Water; Multiple Trick Pony TOON

Raven and Beast Boy's exes are dating; Robin has multiple tricks.

Wed Jul 8 4:00pm
Pirates; I See You TOON

Aqualad and Raven fall for each other and Beast Boy is not happy; Starfire joins Robin on a stakeout while Cyborg and Beast Boy discover Raven's secret.

Wed Jul 8 4:30pm
Brian; Nature TOON

The Titans are captured by The Brain for its Project B.R.I.A.N.; Beast Boy returns to nature to get his powers back.

Wed Jul 8 5:00pm
Salty Codgers; Knowledge TOON

The Titans are turned into old people during a battle; Starfire craves knowledge, but fears it will make her dull.

Wed Jul 8 5:30pm
Baby Hands; Love Monsters TOON

The gang has their memory zapped; Starfire unleashes two tiny Destroyers who are fueled by love.

Wed Jul 8 7:00pm
Nean; Operation Tin Man(Season 2, Episode 69) TOON

Raven is cursed and must be nice while Starfire is about to marry a pot of chili; Gizmo and Cyborg play pranks on each other.

Thu Jul 9 8:30am
Meatball Party; Staff Meeting TOON

Raven sprouts tentacles after eating a bad meatball; Robin goes on a dangerous quest to replace his beloved broken staff.

Thu Jul 9 9:00am
Terra-ized; Artful Dodgers TOON

Beast Boy has a new girlfriend, but Raven thinks she's up to no good; the Titans play dodgeball against a formidable team.

Thu Jul 9 9:30am
Burger vs. Burrito; Matched TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy argue over food; Beast Boy pursues Raven after a dating site suggests they'd be a good match.

Thu Jul 9 12:00pm
Let's Get Serious; Tamaranian Vacation TOON

The Titans learn what a bathroom is really for; the Titans visit Starfire's home world.

Thu Jul 9 12:30pm
Hose Water; Yearbook Madness TOON

Cyborg and Starfire find a baby bird; Beast Boy and Cyborg make a yearbook for the Titans.

Thu Jul 9 4:00pm
Caramel Apples; Halloween TOON

Trigon seeks to wreck Earth and ends up spending time with Starfire; Raven tries to reignite the spirit of Halloween.

Thu Jul 9 4:30pm
Sandwich Thief; Money Grandma TOON

Robin's perfect sandwich is stolen; Raven uses a time machine to bring back a great leader from the past.

Thu Jul 9 5:00pm
Friendship; Vegetables TOON

The Titans are zapped into an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus and must use love and friendship to escape; the Titans try to embrace vegetarianism.

Thu Jul 9 5:30pm
The Mask; Slumber Party TOON

Robin's mask hides a terrible secret; the Titans have a slumber party to help Cyborg face his fear of the dark

Thu Jul 9 7:00pm
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