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Tue Feb 9 7:30am
40%, 40%, 20%(Season 3, Episode 10) TOON

The source of Cyborg's strength is revealed.

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Tue Feb 9 8:00am
Brian; Nature TOON

The Titans are captured by The Brain for its Project B.R.I.A.N.; Beast Boy returns to nature to get his powers back.

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Tue Feb 9 8:30am
Ghost Boy; La Larva Amor TOON

Beast Boy poses as a ghost to torment Starfire; the gang babysit Silkie, who takes off for an adventure south of the border.

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Tue Feb 9 4:00pm
No Power; Sidekick TOON

The gang are challenged not to use their powers, and Robin is surprised at their success; Robin house-sits for Batman.

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Tue Feb 9 4:30pm
Hose Water; Yearbook Madness TOON

Cyborg and Starfire find a baby bird; Beast Boy and Cyborg make a yearbook for the Titans.

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Tue Feb 9 6:00pm
The Dignity of Teeth; Crazy Day TOON

Beast Boy gets money from the Tooth Fairy, so the Titans knock out their own teeth to get money of their own; the other Titans drive Raven crazy.

Wed Feb 10 7:30am
Wed Feb 10 8:00am
Pirates; I See You TOON

Aqualad and Raven fall for each other and Beast Boy is not happy; Starfire joins Robin on a stakeout while Cyborg and Beast Boy discover Raven's secret.

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Wed Feb 10 8:30am
Dude Relax!; Laundry Day TOON

The gang try to teach Robin to relax after his high-strung nature begins affecting the team. Later, chores pile up while the team bicker, and soon their dirty uniforms go on the offensive.

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Wed Feb 10 4:00pm
Power Moves; Staring at the Future TOON

Beast Boy gets jealous when Robin and Cyborg begin working together; Cyborg and Beast Boy get a glimpse into their future, and they're not happy about it.

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Wed Feb 10 4:30pm
Smile Bones; Real Boy Adventures TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the Titans to wolf down their food; Cyborg discovers what it's like to be human.

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Wed Feb 10 6:00pm
Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory(Season 3, Episode 7) TOON

The Titans go back to school to help Robin become the all-American class president he wants to be.

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Thu Feb 11 7:30am
And The Award For Sound Design Goes To Rob; Some Of Their Parts TOON

Raven goes to extremes for some peace and quiet; Robin tries for perfection by splitting the Titans into the five facets of their personalities and choosing the best parts for an ideal crime-fighting team.

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Thu Feb 11 8:00am
Mr. Butt; Man Person TOON

Starfire is set up by Blackfire and the Titans work to make Blackfire a better sister; Beast Boy replaces body parts with robotic limbs, thinking it makes him more manly.

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Thu Feb 11 8:30am
Double Trouble; The Date TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy create clones to do their chores, but the situation quickly gets out of hand; Robin impersonates Speedy in order to sabotage a date.

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Thu Feb 11 4:00pm
Starfire the Terrible; Second Christmas TOON

Robin finds an archenemy in Starfire; Starfire is tricked into believing in a second Christmas.

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Thu Feb 11 4:30pm
Robin Backwards; Crazy Day TOON

A Bizzaro Robin arrives in Jump City; the other Titans drive Raven crazy.

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Thu Feb 11 6:00pm
Secret Garden; The Cruel Giggling GhoulNew TOON

Cyborg rages out, so Starfire takes him to a secret garden to relax; the Titans go to watch Lebron James at the Wacka Doodles Amusement Park, but find no one is there.

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Thu Feb 11 6:30pm
Sandwich Thief; Money Grandma TOON

Robin's perfect sandwich is stolen; Raven uses a time machine to bring back a great leader from the past.

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Fri Feb 12 7:30am
The Return of Slade; More of the Same TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy hire a clown who does not live up to expectations; The gang try to break a cycle of bad years by learning New Year's traditions.

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Fri Feb 12 8:30am
Driver's Ed; Dog Hand TOON

Robin takes driver's ed, and his teacher has some tricks up his sleeve; Raven's dad cozies up to her friends in hopes of luring her over to the dark side.

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Fri Feb 12 4:00pm
Books; Lazy Sunday TOON

Raven shows how books are fun to the rest of the Titans; the team replace the couch with a treadmill, prompting Beast Boy and Cyborg to seek guidance.

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Fri Feb 12 4:30pm
Mouth Hole; Hot Garbage TOON

Robin wants to learn to whistle; garbage plagues the Titans.

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Fri Feb 12 6:00pm
Friendship; Vegetables TOON

The Titans are zapped into an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus and must use love and friendship to escape; the Titans try to embrace vegetarianism.

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