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Latest Episode: Reunion - Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 1 [HD]

Oct 08, 2014 Season 10 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Dr. Drew hosts the cast of Teen Mom 2 in front of a live studio audience and sits down with Chelsea to talk about Adam's multiple arrests and their escalating co-parenting issues. Leah and Corey have an emotional discussion about their custody battle.

Season 3 Unseen Moments

Sep 18, 2012 Season 4 Episode 15

Dr. Drew hosts an exclusive look at never-before seen laughs, struggles and other drama from Season 3 with Farrah, Maci, Catelynn, and Amber.
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Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part Two

Sep 11, 2012 Season 4 Episode 14

Dr. Drew hosts in front of a live audience. Catelynn and Maci discuss new milestones, custody battles, school struggles, and family problems that we saw them face in Season 3. Ryan and Kyle share the stage for the first time.
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Series Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew, Pt. 1

Sep 04, 2012 Season 4 Episode 13

Dr. Drew hosts the Teen Moms in front of a live studio audience. Catelynn, Tyler, and Farrah reflect on their journeys in the last four seasons, and the struggles and triumphs of their final season.
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For the Best

Aug 21, 2012 Season 4 Episode 11

Bentley's birthday leads to a blowout between Maci and Ryan. Farrah spends time with Sophia before saying goodbye for a month. Amber and Gary come up with a custody plan for Leah. Catelynn and Tyler help their parents cope.
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As Long As We're Together

Aug 07, 2012 Season 4 Episode 9

Farrah and her parents argue while on a trip, and Catelynn reunites with her father. Amber reaches out to Gary to re-unite her family on the anniversary of a tragedy, while Maci considers withdrawing from school.
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Taking It Up A Notch

Jul 31, 2012 Season 4 Episode 8

Amber goes on a date, while Catelynn and Tyler get their parents involved with planning a perfect Christmas. Maci makes a shocking announcement, and Farrah breaks the news to her parents that she wants to move to California.
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Temper Tantrums

Jul 17, 2012 Season 4 Episode 6

A visit from Farrah's mom and sister leads to a blowup, and Maci enrolls her son Bentley in preschool. Catelynn and Tyler face issues with Butch, while Amber debates leaving rehab early.
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Jul 10, 2012 Season 4 Episode 5

Amber and Gary work on their relationship issues. Maci struggles to choose classes. Visiting her parents, Farrah is annoyed with their concerns for Sophia. Catelynn and her grandmother attend a birth parent support group.
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