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Team Knight Rider

A follow-up to the 1980s hit `Knight Rider.' The Foundation for Law and Government's new crew included a slacker-genius from MIT, a beautiful con woman and an ex-cop.

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Legion of Doom Season 1, Episode 22 May 18, 1998 Paid

TKR receives a message from the mysterious informant Shadow (Steve Forrest) requesting a meeting. After arriving at the meeting place, Kyle (Brixton Karnes) and Jenny (Christine Steel) order the rest of the team to wait outside the building. Inside, they locate Shadow and he proceeds to tell them that all the crimes Mobius (David McCallum) has committed have been related. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and Dante warns Kyle and Jenny that every furnace and electrical circuit in the building is overloading!

Spy Girls Season 1, Episode 21 May 11, 1998 Paid

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, an unmarked surveillance van idles outside one of the houses. Inside the high-tech van are three women -- Emma Kane (Roberta Renaud), April Kelly (Felicity Waterman), and Josie Willis (Meredith Autry). Emma tells April that she will be seducing Fred Clemment (Dan Cashman), a retired F.L.A.G. official who is inside the house.

Apocolypse Maybe Season 1, Episode 20 May 4, 1998 Paid

Wanda (Mary Bogne) and Bobby Shane Corbett (Mack Dryden) sit in their mobile home located in the desert watching the Reverend Ransom (Rod McCary) on their big screen TV. The Reverend has been telling his viewers the end is near and has predicted an earthquake will take place in the Arizona desert. Suddenly, the Corbett's mobile home starts to shake as an intense earthquake hits the area. Bobby thinks it's time to send the preacher some money.

E.M.P. Season 1, Episode 19 Apr 27, 1998 Paid

A pair of security guards, Chuck (Jim Hudson) and Jay (Drew O'Connel), walk the halls of Miller Tech, a high-tech software company. When the lights begin to flicker oddly, Chuck tries to talk on his walkie talkie, but only gets static. Suddenly, the control panels on the wall begin to overload, sending a spray of sparks through the air. From the end of the hall, a multi-colored light glows. Both guards pull their weapons and begin edging down the hall. Chuck slips around the corner and a bolt of lightning slams him against the wall, knocking him unconscious. The light grows brighter and engulfs Jay.