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Dec 21, 2004 Season 4 Episode 9 watch on Hulu (Free)

As Ofsted approaches, Clare concocts a plan to fool the inspector; however, when the fake classes do not work, Ewan is left to save the day. The final episodes culminates in Bob and Ping's wedding.

Episode 7

Dec 07, 2004 Season 4 Episode 7

Damien finds himself attracted to the new supply teacher; however, after a cooking incident, he is rendered temporarily useless.
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Episode 5

Nov 23, 2004 Season 4 Episode 5

Bob is very excited about meeting his new Thai bride Ping, but she is far more interested in Ewan. Ben takes Religious Tolerance week very seriously which results in a mini-war between the students.
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Episode 3

Nov 09, 2004 Season 4 Episode 3

During Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week, Ewan finds himself in an uncomfortable position with a student, and Clare wonders how lesbians 'function'.
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Episode 1

Oct 25, 2004 Season 4 Episode 1

After a car accident, Lindsay, Penny and Bob are the only few remaining Summerdown teachers left to merge with a new school. Bob has undergone a drastic change, which is marked by a new toupee, and hated by Clare.
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