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VIDEO: Crossed Out

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Crossed Out
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Length: 04:33
Posted: 6/1/2013

Savvy music fans might know Teachers as the production team behind Kanye's Monsters. This is their video for Crossed Out. watch

VIDEO: Episode 9

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Episode 9
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Length: 48:38
Aired: 12/22/2004

As Ofsted approaches, Clare concocts a plan to fool the inspector; however, when the fake classes do not work, Ewan is left to save the day. The final episodes culminates in Bob and Ping's wedding. watch

VIDEO: Episode 8

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Episode 8
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Length: 48:34
Aired: 12/15/2004

After a Ouija board, Ben appreciates how he has annoyed the Gods in every religion. He thinks he is going to die and so converts to each religion for a day. watch

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It seems like you always ...

Question: It seems like you always respond to really long questions, but mine is just short and simple. What do you think of NBC's new comedy Teachers?
Answer: Hate it. Didn't laugh once. Gets an F. Is that short and simple enough? (It's like NBC going in reverse to its darkest days of trite, formula noncomedy. A waste of time. Can't tell if it's a waste of talent — there's no chance here for anyone to shine. ... read more

The Office: Your Questions Answered!

There is no episode of The Office airing this week. NBC is putting an episode of Teachers in our place tonight. I shared a changing room with three of the actresses from Teachers at a press event earlier this year. They were sweethearts, so I do hope their show does well. With no Office episode airing tonight, I thought this might be a good week for some more frequently asked questions. These are all from your e-mails. Here we go! I was wondering: Will you guys ever tape in front of a live studio audience? — Misty, Atlant read more

Hi, Matt. Love this section ...

Question: Hi, Matt. Love this section of TVGuide.com. There's an awful lot of great British stuff out there: MI-5, Hustle and, most recently, Doctor Who. U.S. drama gets pretty well recognized in the U.K. — while the ratings are pretty measly, they get praised nonetheless. A lot of British stuff goes unrecognized in the U.S., like Dancing with the Stars being a deal made by the BBC and ABC following the BBC's hit of Strictly Come Dancing. Now the rumor mill is churning again, saying that David E. Kelley is penning a pilot for ABC based on the BBC's latest big hit Life on Mars. Do we care about any of this? What do you think of the latest U.K. shows to be sprinkled over the U.S.? Answer: Most of them are fine, but I think they get plenty of respect, when deserved, in the U.S. critical press. (BBC America in particular gets glowing notices for many of its imports, from class acts like Viva Blackpool to guilty pleasures like Footballers' Wives.) AMC's Hustle and A&E's MI-5 (which the ... read more

Love your column! My question ...

Question: Love your column! My question is, now that NBC has shelved Four Kings (which I actually liked), what do you think about moving Scrubs to the 8:30 pm/ET time slot that Kings occupied? Maybe they could gain the audience they deserve if they were sandwiched between Will & Grace and My Name Is Earl. Answer: I think it's a great idea — just about everyone except the NBC programmers seem to agree — but I don't see it happening, not this late in the season. NBC just threw another ball of crap at Scrubs last week, pairing it with the miserably unwatchable Teachers, and I would imagine for much of the rest of what's left of the season, NBC will continue to either double-run Earl episodes on Thursdays (way to burn out a hot new show) or replay classic Will & Grace episodes as part of the countdown to the end. Or maybe they'll find a way to sneak even more editions of Deal or No Deal across the lineup. Who knows with this network? If Scrubs survives this season, it will be no thanks t ... read more

I nearly wept with relief when...

I nearly wept with relief when House returned Tuesday night (March 28) after a several-week absence. I hadn't yet recovered from sitting through one of the most miserable hours of American Idol — sorry, it was the worst hour I can remember. Is this century going to be the death of music as we know it? Horrid songs, rotten arrangements, and even the few singers I've liked were dull-to-dreadful.


Then House roared into gear with a gripping mystery leavened by some Odd Couple humor as House and Wilson (temporarily homeless thanks to his wrecked marriage) became roommates. Very Oscar and Felix, as House lay sleepless while Wilson clipped his toenails (off camera, thankfully) and blow-dried his hair. But read more

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Season 4, Episode 7
Damien finds himself attracted to the new supply teacher; however, after a cooking incident,...
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Season 4, Episode 6
Penny's family history is uncovered and she takes a turn for the worst this week. Meanwhile...
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Premise: A sitcom that skewers the modern education system, tracking the experiences of an affable teacher at a New Jersey high school as he deals with bureaucratic red tape, complacent fellow educators and slacker students. Along the way, he also tries to woo his fetching coworker.


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