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Latest Episode: Simkas Monthlies

May 25, 1983 Season 5 Episode 24 watch on Hulu (Free)

Latka worries that Simka’s wacky behavior might cost her the right to remain permanently in America.

Jim's Mario's

Apr 20, 1983 Season 5 Episode 22

The cabbies come to the rescue when Jim tries to convince his family that he didn’t squander his inheritance by buying a run-down restaurant.
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Tony's Baby

Feb 19, 1983 Season 5 Episode 21

On the eve of the biggest fight of his career, Tony loses interest in boxing when his girlfriend announce she may be expecting his baby.
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Arnie Meets the Kids

Apr 13, 1983 Season 5 Episode 20

To what lengths will boyfriend Arnie go to win over Elaine’s kids? Elaine is in for a quite a surprise when she invites him over to meet her children.
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Louie and the Blind Girl

Feb 26, 1983 Season 5 Episode 19

Louie is worried his blind girlfriend will no longer love him if an operation to restore her sight is successful.
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Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame

Feb 12, 1983 Season 5 Episode 18

When Jim’s old girlfriend shows up hoping to rekindle their romance, Alex quickly sets out to win her heart away from her former suitor.
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Sugar Ray Nardo

Feb 05, 1983 Season 5 Episode 15

Elaine becomes a nervous wreck when her young son decides to give up the oboe and take up boxing under the tutelage of Tony.
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Alex's Old Buddy

Jan 13, 1983 Season 5 Episode 14

Alex starts driving all the other cabbies crazy when he discovers his beloved family pet only has a short time to live.
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Louie Moves Uptown

Jan 05, 1983 Season 5 Episode 13

Alex tries to polish the diamond-in-the-rough Louie into a real gem when Louie decides to change his image by moving into a fancy apartment building.
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Zena's Honeymoon

Dec 02, 1982 Season 5 Episode 11

When Louie learns that his old girlfriend, Zena, is getting married, he boycotts the wedding—and then decides to barge in on her honeymoon.
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Louie's Revenge

Nov 18, 1982 Season 5 Episode 8

Hilarious complications unfold when Louie starts dating the mercurial Emily, after vowing never to see her again.
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Alex the Gofer

Nov 11, 1982 Season 5 Episode 7

Alex dreams for a new career in show business when he takes a part-time job as an assistant to a Broadway producer.
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Crime and Punishment

Nov 04, 1982 Season 5 Episode 6

Jeff ends up in serious trouble after he confesses to stealing from the garage in order to protect the real villain—Louie.
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Scenskees from a Marriage, Part 2

Oct 28, 1982 Season 5 Episode 5

After Latka has an affair with a female cabbie, Simka must do the same with one of his co-workers.
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Scenskees from a Marriage, Part 1

Oct 21, 1982 Season 5 Episode 4

When Simka learns that Latka has been unfaithful, she is bound by tradition to do the same thing with one of Latka’s fellow cabbies.
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