Taxi 1982 | TV Show Watchlist


The classic sitcom set at New York's Sunshine Cab Co. won three straight Emmys as Outstanding Comedy Series and had one of the all-time great ensembles, including Judd Hirsch, Danny DeVito, Andy Kaufman, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza and Jeff Conaway. The episodes (from the producers who had worked on `The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' `Bob Newhart' and other series from MTM Productions) could veer hilariously from the soulful to the sophisticated to the surreal. `Taxi' ran five seasons (and deserved 10).


Guest Stars

Louise Lasser
Alex's Ex-Wife, Phyllis
Murphy Cross
Judy, Louie's Girlfriend
Carl Lumbly
Second Customer
George Wendt
Herve Villechaize
Herve Villechaize
Julie Kavner
Tony's Sister
Marcia Wallace
Marcia Wallace
Robert Picardo
Philip Polevoy
Tom Selleck
Mike Beldon
Penny Marshall
Penny Marshall