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Latest Episode: Tarzan's Dangerous Journey

May 13, 2002 Season 2 Episode 24 watch on

Tarzan helps a young black doctor face a tribal test that will enable him to become chief of his people.

Tarzan and the Mysterious Sheik

Dec 01, 1997 Season 2 Episode 22

A sheik comes to the jungle wanting oil, but decides he also wants Jane. Tarzan must rescue her in the midst of a forest fire.
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Tarzan and the Earthly Challenge

May 03, 2002 Season 2 Episode 20

Roger decedes to return home to be with an old flame, but Tarzan and the others use an environmental challenge to change his mind.
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Tarzan and the Toxic Terror

Nov 24, 1997 Season 2 Episode 19

Roger has a brush with death that leads Tarzan on a collision course with a man dumping chemcal pollutants and threatening to destroy the ocean.
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Tarzan and the Shaft of Death

May 15, 2002 Season 2 Episode 15

Jane must rescue Tarzan when he is almost killed when an old mineshaft collapses.
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Tarzan and the Karate Warriors

Nov 03, 1997 Season 2 Episode 13

Tarzan encounters two greedy, evil karate warriors who are smuggling ground up rhinoceros horns out of the country.
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Tarzan and the Mysterious Fog

May 01, 2002 Season 2 Episode 12

Tarzan must stop a deceptive chemist from destroying the jungle with a new poison gas.
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Tarzan and the Fire Field

Oct 20, 1997 Season 2 Episode 10

When Roger tries to prove himself by single-handedly recovering a fossil, he lands in a field of exploding fire geysers. Tarzan must save him.
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Tarzan and the Mutant Creature

Sep 22, 1997 Season 2 Episode 2

Jane is kidnapped by a mutant pre-historic creature that is trapped in a lagoon.
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Tarzan and the Polluted River

Sep 22, 1997 Season 2 Episode 1

Tarzan stands up to a mean, greedy prospector who returns to the jungle to mine uranium, unconcerned about polluting the river.
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