Will Ferrell is a gas in this fast-paced comic vehicle about the rise and fall and rise again of a NASCAR driver. A great supporting cast is led by John C. Reilly as Ricky's good-ol'-boy sidekick, and Sacha Baron Cohen as his French archrival. Ferrell cowrote the script with director Adam McKay.


Will Ferrell Ricky Bobby
John C. Reilly Cal Naughton Jr.
Sacha Baron Cohen Jean Girard
Gary Cole Reese Bobby
Michael Clarke Duncan Lucius Washington
Leslie Bibb Carley Bobby
Amy Adams Susan
Jane Lynch Lucy Bobby
Andy Richter Gregory
Molly Shannon Mrs. Dennit
Jake Johnson Ricky (5 years old)
Luke Bigham Ricky (10 years old)
Austin Crimm Cal (10 years old)
David Koechner Herschell
Greg Germann Larry Dennit Jr.
Pat Hingle Mr. Dennit
Mos Def Himself
Jason A. Davis Waffle House Manager
Adam McKay Terry Cheveaux
Danny Vinson Texas Ticket Seller
Dan Cox Bartender
Rob Riggle Jack Telmont
Matt Day Pizza Delivery Boy
Christoph Sanders Pizza Delivery Boy
Pete Burris Police Officer
Jim Wise Jim Bohampton
Rebecca Koon Car Wash Customer
Robert R. Lee Talladega Ticket Seller