Talking Tom and Friends

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The animated adventures of a chatty cat and his friends.

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The Audition
Dazzled by dreams of fame and fortune, Talking Tom tries to make it big by starring in his own reality show. But when all hope is lost, Talking Santa (more…)
Doc Hank
11:05 — Who trusts a doctor with an online medical degree? A breakthrough with Talking Ben’s health triggers ‘Doctor’ Talking Hank to cure the world, one frie (more…)
The Contest
11:05 — No phone, no friends, no problem. Talking Tom challenges his pals to the most unthinkable mission - quit using technology. Tom may be confident that h (more…)
Germinator 2: Zombies
11:12 — Jeremy the Germ is back! Using Talking Ben to do his germy dirty work, Jeremy sits back to watch the zombie germ apocalypse spread through the neighbo (more…)
Parallel Universe
11:13 — Two Talking Toms?! After Tom ignores Talking Ben's warning about touching the science equipment, he accidentally opens a wormhole to a parallel univer (more…)
Love Formula
11:14 — Talking Ben + a nerdy girl at the Grape Geek store = the formula for love? The chemistry is right, and setting up the first date is just a formality. (more…)
The Voice Switch
10:40 — That doesn’t sound right! All the gang’s voices have been switched around because of an invention malfunction, but with Talking Angela’s gig a few hou (more…)
A Secret Worth Keeping: Part One
10:59 — It’s Talking Angela’s birthday! The guys planned a big surprise party for her, but when Talking Tom gets the directions wrong, they end up in the hot (more…)
Hank the Millionaire
10:58 — What would you do to achieve your dreams? Beg, plead, make a heartfelt appeal on video? Well, Talking Hank has a dream, so he gets really proactive an (more…)
Hank’s New Job
11:07 — An ice cream sundae leads to a disaster for Talking Hank - he has to get a job! Soon his 9-to-5 starts to take over his life and it’s up to Talking To (more…)
Museum Madness
10:56 — It’s time for fun! Talking Tom and the gang want Talking Ben to take the day off. But it turns out that their idea of fun isn’t the same as his… Meanw (more…)
Angela's Heckler
10:55 — When someone heckles Talking Angela at the Christmas talent show, she turns redder than Rudolph’s nose. Talking Tom’s mission to put things right and (more…)
The Perfect Day
11:04 — Talking Tom’s picture-perfect day comes to life after Talking Ben invents a cool simulator app. He realizes that with all the fame and fortune he coul (more…)
Lost Friend Will Zee
10:40 — Talking Tom’s long-lost childhood pal, Will Zee comes crashing in for a visit. But Tom is thrown for a loop when Will turns out to be way cooler than (more…)
Online Romance
11:13 — Free milkshake day is a highlight of the social calendar. But when Talking Tom gets distracted from his real friends by his online #BFFs, things quick (more…)
Embarrassing Memories
11:12 — Time travel? That’s right! Talking Tom and Talking Ben invent a device that lets them travel through time. But in order to protect the future, they’ve (more…)
Strategic Hot Mess
11:13 — Things get hot as Talking Angela embraces her 15 minutes of fame. Her career skyrockets when Ginger becomes her pushy pint-sized manager. But like so (more…)
Tennis Kid
10:58 — This time, the ball is in Talking Tom’s court. Tom and Talking Angela rally to be the cooler tennis coach for Talking Ginger. But it’s down to the mat (more…)
The Famous Monster
11:10 — There’s no business like show business. When Talking Tom steals the scene from Talking Angela, the fame quickly goes to his head. But his big break ba (more…)
Funny Robot Galileo
11:13 — It’s laugh night at the app studio! But not because of Talking Ben’s terrible jokes. Worried his act will flop at the CEO’s birthday party later, Ben (more…)
Assertive App
10:50 — The force is with Talking Tom and the gang when Talking Ben makes an aggressive invention. Falling into the wrong hands, the risky Assertive App only (more…)
Man on the Moon 2
11:01 — Talking Ben’s relationship with the Moon is soaring to new heights. But back on Earth, Talking Tom’s app update isn’t so cosmic. When Ben gets an astr (more…)
11:01 — A GlovePhone is the new, cutting-edge gadget that everyone has to have - and only Talking Ginger can get. Talking Tom leads a super secret mission to (more…)
App-y Halloween
11:04 — It’s trick-or-treat time and Talking Ginger is preparing for costumes, candy and chaos. But when the gang decides to ignore Halloween, Ginger puts on (more…)
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