A British anthology of mystery and suspense, highlighted by plot twists and surprise endings. Many episodes were based on short stories by Roald Dahl. Among the guest stars: John Gielgud, Joan Collins, Jack Weston, Julie Harris and Susan George.

Guest Stars

Andrew Ray
Harry Pope, Jerry, Oakes, Roger, Steve
John Mills
Sam Morrissey, The Man, William Perkins
Colin Blakely
Colin, Dr. David Rankin
Cyril Cusack
Michael Fish, Percy Hampton
Cyril Luckham
Gavin, Mr. Gainsborough
Derek Jacobi
Drioli, The Stranger
Elaine Stritch
Mary Pearl, Pamela
Jeremy Clyde
Charlie Prince, Stamford
Joan Collins
Clare Duckworth and Julia Roach, Suzy Starr
Julie Harris
Mrs. Bixby, Mrs. Foster
Lally Bowers
Aunt Alicia, Miss Elphinstone
Roland Culver
Mr. Foster, Sir Alex Bullen
Sheila Gish
Frances, Mary Hitchman
Susan George
Mabel Taylor, Mary Marney
Susan Penhaligon
Mary Ashburn, Off. Mary Bryan
Roy Marsden
Gerald Overton, Insp. Walters
Don Johnson
Reeve Baker
Eli Wallach
Gerry Williams
Ian Holm
Alan Crowin
Janet Leigh
Joan Stackpole
Leslie Caron
Nathalie Vareille
Sharon Gless
Caroline Coates
Tom Bosley
Ralph Stackpole