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Latest Episode: Tabatha Takes Over: Where Are They Now?

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On the season finale, Tabatha revisits the most memorable businesses from past seasons. Are they striving, struggling, or even worse, have they closed? Along the way, Tabatha leaves the owners and staff with new recommendations and even gets a few surprises along the way.

Where Are They Now?

Feb 21, 2011 Season 3 Episode 10

Tabatha revisits some of her favorite and not-so-favorite salons from seasons one and two. Have they survived and thrived, or are they still struggling or, even worse, closed? Has Martino Cartier stopped licking his clients and started acting more professionally? Has Kimmie Blackhall curbed her shopping addiction and started paying her salon bills? Is Chicago Male servicing female clients? Is Tantrum salon cockroach free? Along the way, Tabatha leaves the owners and staff with some new recommendations for their continued success - and she even gets a marriage proposal!
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Concerto: Valencia, CA

Feb 14, 2011 Season 3 Episode 9

Nik Nejad is an experienced stylist but a naive business owner. When he bought Concerto eighteen months ago, the salon had a strong reputation and a good location, but now he has run it into the ground. At a loss for what to do, Nik let one of his female stylists virtually take over his salon. But as an outspoken know-it-all, her abrasive behavior is alienating the rest of the staff. To add fuel to the fire, Nik?s wife wants him to sell the business before it goes under. Tabatha needs to help Nik take back control of his salon and turn things around before it?s too late. Will Nik step up or will he give up and close down shop?
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A Star Is Born: Mission Viejo, CA

Feb 07, 2011 Season 3 Episode 8

Ever since her parents passed away, Joy Brandell has lost all the passion and drive for her once popular children?s salon. She has checked out and so has her staff - they don?t like doing hair and they don?t like kids. To make matters worse, Joy expanded to do adult clients in the same space but no one is showing up, and the salon has become dirty and rundown. Joy admits that she doesn?t even know if she wants to save her salon, creating a huge challenge for Tabatha. Will she be able to reignite this owner?s passion for her business and her staff?s passion for doing children?s hair, or is it a lost cause?
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Bqute: Palmdale, CA

Jan 31, 2011 Season 3 Episode 7

Shannon and Frank Peters are newlyweds and new business partners in the multi-cultural salon they opened together. But their salon is already struggling and their marriage is cracking under the stress of trying to save it. Frank is an ineffective manager because he splits his focus between five different businesses -- not to mention he?s not a hairdresser. Shannon doesn?t want to manage, but won?t allow her husband to be the boss. Tabatha has to fix an out-of-control staff and a marriage on the brink, and turn this low-rent beauty shop into a high-end salon. But will she be able to save Shannon and Frank?s business and their relationship?
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Touch of Elegance: Tewkesbury, MA

Jan 24, 2011 Season 3 Episode 6

After a recent staff mutiny, owner Debbie Farrell is taking out all her anger on her remaining staff as she panics about the bottom line. She is sending out dozens of cheap discounts to get one-time coupon clients rather than investing in staff education to retain customers willing to pay full-price for good hairdressing. Tabatha quickly realizes that she has her work cut out for her as she faces off against Debbie?s resistance to change. Will Debbie finally admit she is wrong and change her ways or will she remain a tyrant and face another mutiny?
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Avanti: Boston, Ma

Jan 10, 2011 Season 3 Episode 5

Alex Iacobacci has ignored his responsibilities and let his stylists run wild in his rundown Newbury Street salon. Located on the Rodeo Drive of Boston, their unprofessional behavior has driven away the high-end clientele, leaving the salon broke. Tabatha has to confront an insubordinate staff and a push-over owner who thinks the salon should run itself. She challenges them to change their unprofessional ways and strive to make the their salon worthy of the ?Best of Boston? list. But can Alex step up and lead his staff in time to save his business?
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West End: Provincetown, Ma

Jan 03, 2011 Season 3 Episode 4

Dougie Freeman relies on his crazy shtick to drum up business during the short tourist season in this gay resort destination. But his outrageous behavior is actually driving away potential customers. Pushing 60 and working 18 hours days, 7 days a week, Dougie turns to Tabatha to help him make his salon profitable so he can step away from the chair to enjoy life. But despite having the support of his staff, Tabatha has her hands full trying to reform Dougie and his diva protégé Robbie.
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Vendome: Houston, Tx

Dec 20, 2010 Season 3 Episode 3

Tabatha faces her toughest challenge yet: five owners in one salon! These five feuding owners make for one big problem in this upscale Texas location. Their selfish attitudes and bad customer service are driving away high-end clientele, and now the salon is behind in rent and on the verge of closing its doors. Tabatha needs to help these owners learn to work as a team and take responsibility for their business, but will they be able to change in time?
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Christopher Hill: Brentwood, Ca

Dec 13, 2010 Season 3 Episode 2

Tim and Alexis Byk took over Christopher Hill salon eighteen months ago with no prior salon experience. They wrongly assumed that their MBAs and corporate backgrounds would be enough to run the struggling business. But with no respect for hairdressers or the hair industry, they are driving the staff away, and the salon into the ground. Tabatha schools these elitist owners in all things hair, and empowers the beaten down staff. But will Alexis and Tim see the error of their ways and change their attitudes in time to save their salon?
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Mia Bella: San Bruno, CA

Dec 06, 2010 Season 3 Episode 1

Cindy and Marjorie Phun opened up Mia Bella salon four years ago as a way to support themselves and their younger sisters, Karen and Janet. But Karen and Janet take the salon for granted, which sends Cindy over the edge in front of clients. Bringing their family drama into the salon is alienating their staff and ruining their business. Tabatha moves in with the Phun sisters for the night to stage a family intervention in order to save the salon and their relationships.
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