Sword Art Online II

  • 2014
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Kirito is sent to find the Death Gun for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

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(Sub) Mother's Rosario Season 1, Episode 24 Dec 19, 2014 Subscription

Getting to experience the outside world, Yuuki’s days are more satisfactory than ever before. In ALO, the players have a barbecue and end up on a quest. In the real world, Asuna and the girls take a trip to Kyoto. One day, Asuna receives an email.

(Sub) The Dream Begins Season 1, Episode 23 Dec 12, 2014 Subscription

As a tester for the world’s first medical-use Full-Dive device, Yuuki has been diving into virtual worlds from the hospital. Unable to leave her hospital room, she longs to go to school again. To make that wish come true, Asuna asks Kazuto for help.

(Sub) The End of the Journey Season 1, Episode 22 Dec 5, 2014 Subscription

A few days have passed since Yuuki suddenly disappeared from in front of Asuna, and she still hasn’t logged in to ALO. Later, Asuna meets Kazuto on the school roof, where he hands her a note and tells her Yuuki might be at the location written on it.

(Sub) The Monument of the Swordsmen Season 1, Episode 21 Nov 28, 2014 Subscription

Asuna and the Sleeping Knights’ attempt to defeat the boss on Floor 27 has been observed by a guild specializing in boss raids. Now 20 of its members block the boss room. With Kirito stalling the rest of the guild, can Asuna and the others break through?

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The Monument of the Swordsmen
21:53 — Asuna and the Sleeping Knights prepare to raid the 27th Floor Boss, but another guild specializing in boss raids is on to them. Just then, Kirito and (more…)
One Little Step
22:37 — Kyoji attacks, intent on ending his own life after first killing Shino. But just in the nick of time, Kazuto bursts through the door and tackles Kyoji (more…)
The Sleeping Knights
21:46 — Yuuki asks Asuna to help the guild that she leads, the Sleeping Knights. For their own personal reasons, the guild plans to disband soon. In order to (more…)
Phantom Bullet
21:49 — Subjected to Death Gun's Star Splash, Kirito is in dire straits. He is driven into a corner due to Death Gun's prowess not only as a gunman, but as a (more…)

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