Two teenage girls discover they were sent home with the wrong families when they were newborns. The girls went on to lead very different lives: Artistic Bay Kennish grew up in a world of privilege, while athletic Daphne Vasquez was raised by a single mother and contracted an illness that left her deaf at a young age.

Active Cast

Katie LeClerc Daphne Vasquez
Vanessa Marano Bay Kennish
Constance Marie Regina Vasquez
D.W. Moffett John Kennish
Lea Thompson Kathryn Kennish
Lucas Grabeel Toby Kennish
Sean Berdy Emmett Bledsoe
Marlee Matlin Melody Bledsoe
Ryan Lane Travis

Former Cast

Gilles Marini Angelo Sorrento
Justin Bruening Chef Jeff
Ivonne Coll Adrianna Vasquez
Maiara Walsh Simone Sinclair