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Swingtown Season 1 episodes

"Take It to the Limit" Season 1, Episode 13

So the big news tonight is that CBS just announced yesterday that Swingtown creator Mike Kelley inked a two-year development deal with the network First up hes developing a series for Showtime titled BiCoastal about a man who has a wife in Los Angeles and who starts a relationship with a man in New YorkSo what does all this mean for Swingtown Hard to say really A pessimist might think Kelleys new gig means the end of Swingtown an optimist might say that CBS isnt going to give the guy a deal and then cancel his show I choose optimism After all couldnt Kelleys new relationship with Showtime mean his saucy swingers might be planning a move to cable With its issues of sexual identity and freedom it might make a natural partner for BiCoastal noAs cliff-hangers go tonights season finale upped the ante in terms of sexual jeopardy For possibly the first time on this show the partner-swapping that occurred did so accompanied by significant emotional attachmentsMore to read more

"Surprise!" Season 1, Episode 12

So there were a lot of surprises tonight huh Ive got a very demanding guest in town this holiday weekend so Ill keep it brief so you guys can get to commenting1 Roger got the job but its in Cincinnati Janet also applies for a job as a snarky advice columnist heh2 Bruce still has the hots for Melinda and lies to Susan to sneak out to see her3 Doug isnt taking the job at Lauries school because he loves her too4 Rollergirl is moving to Napierville since her blowsy mama Gail is a mess Ricky gives her his CB radio so she and BJ can keep in touch5 Trina is pregnant But when she tries to tell Tom he laughs it off like shes kiddingDiscuss read more

"Get Down Tonight" Season 1, Episode 11

I thought it was pretty cheeky of the writers of Swingtown to start Get Down Tonight with a little post-coital chit-chat between Bruce and Susan about her faking it Because even though there was quite a bit of actual coupling in this episode there were also several plot devices that faked it served as sex surrogates if you will some of which then led to actual sex and others which merely outlined the hungry empty space that held the desire for intimacy Lets spot the fakes togetherPlaying cardsI cant believe Im starting with Ricky Lets face it Ricky has been kind of a pill this season I wish his character had been more sympathetic along the way That way his budding teen romance with Kissing Cousin Lisa would be as awkward and charming as that of Sam and BJ a few weeks back But since he continues to be a blustery crankypants its hard to root for the kid isnt itAlso he is totally saddled with all kinds of winky unsubtle he doth protest too read more

"Running on Empty" Season 1, Episode 10

OK I realize youre probably all watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics right now as you should but I hope youll stop by some time this weekend and share your thoughts on this weeks episode of Swingtown Running on Empty wasnt the most eventful of episodes but it was rich with subtext At first blush this weeks stories seemed to be about one thing but ended up being actually about something entirely different Read onGoing to the cabin It seems to be about getting the Miller family coughcough Laurie back on the railsAfter last weeks comedy of errors Bruce forces his family to go to the cabin an idea that appeals to nobody especially Laurie who wants to go to the Jackson Browne concert with Doug Susan advises caution concerned that Bruces inflexibility may alienate their rebellious daughter I do not need to be careful I am her father he blusters pretty much telegraphing the resolution of the episodeBut its actually about133 read more

"Swingus Interruptus" Season 1, Episode 9

Voyeurism assumed a potent position in this weeks episode of Swingtown Hottie shrink Brad Davis is researching a book about swinging an activity in which he symbolically does not participate but just likes to watch Like a sexy sexy Machiavelli Trina surveys from behind her camera lens and dispenses casual questionable advice about the marriages of her friends Rollergirl has some shrewd revelations about Ricky and his friendship with BJ And most hilariously Laurie and Doug are the unwitting horrified witnesses to a botched assignation between her parents and the Davises Overall there was a lot of observation going on and it yielded some satisfying dramatic and comedic tension When it comes to Swingtown I like to watch too Here are my observationsI used to like dissecting stuff in school peeling back the layers to see whats underneath Trina on her honesty compulsionIt was cute to see Trina attempt to do something a little more Jane read more

"Puzzlerama" Season 1, Episode 8

I have to say that Im bummed that CBS has moved Swingtown to Friday night if only because such a switch is usually an indication that a show is on its way to cancellation At the fall TV press tour CBS president Nina Tassler expressed her support for and love of the show though she also wished the ratings were higher Im guessing itll complete its summer run but after that who knows Stay tunedHave you all seen the movie Secrets Lies If you havent you should put it in your Netflix queue tout suite Its about an adopted black British woman Without a Traces Marianne Jean-Baptiste who goes looking for her birth mother only to discover that shes white Theres a scene near the end of the movie where everyones secrets are painfully disastrously revealed and the great Timothy Spall gives this impassioned speech about the dangers of keeping secrets Secrets and lies he bellows as if to say Pay attention thats the title and theme of the movie youre watchi read more

"Heat Wave" Season 1, Episode 7

Hey guys As Im sure youve guessed by all the stories hes been filing Mickey is out in LA covering the TCA press tour So I Adam Bryant am recapping tonights episode Since Trina is all about being open and honest Ill admit that I havent been as dedicated to the show as Mickey since viewing the pilot but I will still share my thoughts on tonights episode as a way to get you guys chatting So lets do itSince the kiddies were out of the way for tonights episode Im going to approach the recap based on each couple spousal or otherwiseTom and Trina Ah the dark side of open relationships The thrust of tonights episode was built around the building jealousy and distrust caused by Tom when he willingly slept with Bobbi a member of his crew in Tokyo without clearing it with Trina first To make matters worse Tom invited his entire crew over for a pool party to beat the heat before Trina even knew he was back in town Of course Tom blamed his slip-up with read more

"Friends with Benefits" Season 1, Episode 6

Come on Mom Laurie says as Susan frets over wallpaper samples Get in touch with your authentic self Lauries vocabulary is like an annoying Me Generation glossary but it nicely underscores the theme of this weeks episode of Swingtown as our beloved swingers express varying degrees of authenticity in very different waysTrina and Tom The Deckers both seem miserable about Toms transfer to the Tokyo route But for now Trina is dealing even accompanying him to the airport before a long haul While they hang in the lounge playing their airport game essentially a game of whod you do they bump into Trinas high-school sweetheart Luke Ryan McPartlin who was cast with scary period accuracy Dude looks like he just walked off the set of an Old Spice commercial rightAs Trina and Luke walk down Memory Lane something strange happens The swaggering Tom gets jealous Despite his reservations they ultimately end up in the sack with Old Spice anyway but its clear read more

"Go Your Own Way" Season 1, Episode 5

Tonight in Swingtown those dirty dirty Deckers are having a party to raise money for the legal defense of Harry Reems the real-life star of the adult film Deep Throat who is being prosecuted by the Nixon Administration -- in an effort to distract the public from the Watergate scandal says Sexy Bunny Lady Lawyer Sylvia the vibrant Erin Daniels who played Dana on The L Word Susan unwittingly accepts the invite to Trinas party unfamiliar as she is with Mr Reems oeuvre Once the cat is out of the bag though courtesy a nude cardboard cut-out of Reems -- with detachable censored black bars -- Susan wrestles with the same issues we all do when it comes to pornography and censorship and eventually decides to both see the film in question and go to the party anyway whether Bruce likes it or notBruces reaction to Susans act of defiance is probably the most interesting revelation of the episode Repeating a theme of the show Bruce seems more than willing to explore swing read more

Cabin Fever Season 1, Episode 4

Susan and Bruce invite the Deckers to join them for a weekend getaway at their two-bedroom cabin when the Thompsons back out of the trip. Later, things really get cozy when Roger and Janet change their minds and decide to drive up to the cabin. Meanwhile, Laurie invites Doug over to her parentless house for dinner, and B.J., Samantha and Rick break into the Deckers' house to go for a swim. read more

"Double Exposure" Season 1, Episode 3

This weeks episode of Swingtown can be neatly summarized as a battle for the affectionattention of various members of the Miller clan Lets size up the competitorsGod Susan is feeling guilty about dipping her toe into the spouse-swapping pool and its aftereffects on her friendship with Janet Shes also peeved at her husbands penchant for exchanging meaningful kisses and business cards with casual female acquaintances So she decides its time for her family to get some religion After some enforced grace over breakfast Susan packs her clan off to church Unfortunately this scene seems to go nowhere No epiphany is forthcoming at least not a religious oneJanet After church Susan asks Janet to help her plan a housewarming party she has apparently just decided to have in a ploy to get the hyper-organized Janet to hang out with her again Janet commandeers the party making it a square affair -- with corny ice-breaker games old-fashioned music and something called Pigs in read more

Love Will Find a Way Season 1, Episode 2

Bruce celebrates a great day on the trading-room floor by attending a party at the Playboy Club; Tom gets a promotion to fly the new route to Tokyo, but Trina worries about what it will do to their relationship; Janet entertains her new neighbors and realizes how important her friendship with Susan is; Samantha runs away from home and tries to live out on her own in the woods; Laurie attends a play with Logan, but she's embarrassed by his behavior. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In the series opener, Susan and Bruce Miller move into an upscale Chicago suburb, where they are introduced to the concept of an open marriage by their sexy new neighbors, who invite them to a swinger party at their house. read more

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Premise: A couple faces shifting sexual and social attitudes when they move to an upscale Chicago suburb in the 1970s, where open marriages are openly accepted.


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