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Swingtown Episode: "Swingus Interruptus"

Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Laurie and Doug interrupt her parents' "after party" with Brad and Sylvia.
Original Air Date: Jul 31, 2008
Guest Cast Cyia Batten: Daphne Erin Daniels: Sylvia Davis Mark Valley: Brad Davis
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Season 1, Episode 9
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Length: 08:29:20
Aired: 7/31/2008
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"Swingus Interruptus" Season 1, Episode 9

Voyeurism assumed a potent position in this week's episode of Swingtown. Hottie shrink Brad Davis is researching a book about swinging, an activity in which he, symbolically, does not participate, but "just likes to watch." Like a sexy, sexy Machiavelli, Trina surveys from behind her camera lens, and dispenses casual, questionable advice about the marriages of her friends. Rollergirl has some shrewd revelations about Ricky and his friendship with B.J. And most hilariously, Laurie and Doug are the unwitting, horrified witnesses to a botched assignation between her parents and the Davises. Overall, there was a lot of observation going on, and it yielded some satisfying dramatic - and comedic - tension. When it comes to Swingtown, I like to watch too. Here are my observations: "I used to like dissecting stuff in school, peeling back the layers to see what's underneath." - Trina, on her "honesty compulsion" It was cute to see Trina attempt to "do something a little more Janet," namely bake muffins, in an attempt to bridge the gap after last week's Puzzlerama fiasco. The push-pull of this friendship wears on me, but it was interesting that Trina, having closed her marriage "for now," indulges vicarious thrills by encouraging both the Thompsons and the Millers to visit the Pendulum Club (What does a pendulum do? Swing!) with the aforementioned Brad Davis and his wife, Sylvia the Sexy Bunny Lady Lawyer. Bruce called her "Lawyer Lady" tonight, obviously demonstrating that Jack Davenport needs to be reading my episode recaps to brush up on the correct Swingtown terminology. The Pendulum Club appears to be some silly amalgamation of that Egyptian Michael Jackson video with Iman and The Love Boat's Pirates Cove lounge (an Isaac-style, two-finger-gun salute to you, my groovy readers!), with various chiffon scarves being sashayed to and fro from lantern-lit corners. "Isn't this place a scream?" Sylvia asks. " I could scream," snarks Janet. But its charms are not lost on Susan, still smarting from the news that Bruce kissed Melinda (twice!). Clearly wanting to put that image out of her head, she takes the opportunity to initiate an impromptu date with the Davises at what they think is their empty house. "At this stage, I'm really just brainstorming." - Roger, on his search for a new what exactly? There was something sad and oafish about Roger's hunt-and-peck, typewriter-based quest for a new career. "Who am I?" his words seemed to ask. "You're not exactly a born risk-taker, Rog," Bruce told him over drinks to discuss an exciting career on the options exchange. While Bruce's harsh evaluation might serve to demoralize Roger further, I'm guessing it will, in fact, be a rallying cry, as Susan's best friend faces the specter of risk in the coming weeks. "I'm in hell." - Laurie, trapped behind the bar while her parents and the Davises get to know each other better I have a confession to make: I kind of got into Laurie and Doug's brainy courtship storyline this week. "You realize you have more John Denver albums than my mother," Laurie teased. Indeed, half-dressed in Doug's bed, there is sunshine on both their shoulders, despite last week's awkward meeting with Susan during their supermarket Carter campaigning. Again it's politics, in the form of the Republican National Convention, which ignites their passions. Plus, Laurie knows that Giscard d'Estaing (thanks, Wikipedia!) is the president of France. "That is so hot," Doug pants. Ah, l'amour! But like Charlemagne advancing on, um, somewhere (OK, France metaphor over!), their Gerald Ford-inspired makeout session is rudely interrupted by the early return of the Millers and Davises, sending the pair to hide out. "Oh my God, they're not alone," Laurie whispers from behind the French doors, in what I thought was a funny nod to '70s horror films. The swinging is coming from inside the house!!! "I guess a modern marriage is one that is equal and open to change," Susan telegraphs in her interview with Brad. While Susan sees the Q&A as a flirtatious prelude to some acción, she is disappointed (?) to discover that Brad would rather make an omelet than, er, break some eggs. Sylvia, on the other hand, likes a little mess, as demonstrated by her suggestive story about the Haight and "Crimson and Clover," her proffering of a joint, and the speedy removal of her gold jumpsuit. But like the best episodes of Three's Company, this scene crescendoed in the reveal. Doug and Laurie are caught attempting to escape as Bruce and a half-dressed Sylvia are on the verge of some serious debriefing. As some of you clever commenters have noted, the distinction between parent and child - and the relative responsibility of their behaviors - is often blurred. Which is why as accusations flew in both directions (Bruce: "How old are you?" Laurie: "Who is this woman?"), Bruce's claims that he is going to "take back control of this family" didn't quite have the moral heft that he might have intended. "Sorry, I'm not spending two minutes in the closet with a dude." - Ricky B.J. and Rollergirl head over to Ricky's basement, where he's playing king of the nimrods, mixing some sure-to-be-toxic concoctions and overseeing a Pong tournament. Naturally, they end up playing a Spin the Bottle-Two Minutes in the Closet hybrid, as all pre-teen parties seem to do. When Ricky again attempts to sabotage Rollergirl's friendship with B.J. by pointing out that he has known him longer, she shoots back: "Yeah, well, it's pretty obvious how you feel about him." How are we to interpret that statement? Well, I know you guys think that the show might be hinting at a future exploration of Ricky's sexuality, and after tonight's episode, I can't say that I disagree with you. Since everything about Ricky's party was toxic, it was nice to see that the cute, blond moppets subsequently found an antidote in a sweet kiss outside the Miller house, as the comedy of errors inside exploded on to the sidewalk in the form of Brad, Sylvia, and Doug, re-dressing as they stumbled to their respective cars. "This ought to be one for the scrapbook" - Janet, upon entering the Pendulum Club Little did she know! As I did last week, I'll end with Tom, who again sat atop Mt. Sexual Revolution Genius. When he observes Janet's discomfort with the whole afterparty scene at the Deckers, he sweeps in for a little poolside chit-chat with her. He emphasizes that whatever Roger may or may not want to do with "the unicorn" (Get it? Because she's horny?), he's going to bring it all back home to Janet. "You are a beautiful woman, don't you ever forget that," Tom tells Janet with the smoothness of a Cutty Sark on the rocks. And then he kisses her! Well, we knew this was coming, but did we know it would come wrapped in such a sympathetic, caring package? The lesson here: Swinging is about caring, people! Next week: Back to the cabin? Susan calls Roger and tells her "this trip is not as fun as the last one was," which prompts Bruce to rip the telephone cord from the wall. Now I know all you cheeky monkeys like to watch, what did you observe about this week's episode of Swingtown? 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Voyeurism assumed a potent position in this weeks episode of Swingtown Hottie shrink Brad Davis is researching a book about swinging an activity in which he symbolically does not participate but just likes to watch Like a sexy sexy Machiavelli Trina surveys from behind her camera lens and dispenses casual questionable advice about the marriages of her friends Rollergirl has some shrewd revelations about Ricky and his friendship with BJ And most hilariously Laurie and Doug are the unwitting horrified witnesses to a botched assignation between her parents and the Davises Overall there was a lot of observation going on and it yielded some satisfying dramatic and comedic tension When it comes to Swingtown I like to watch too Here are my observationsI used to like dissecting stuff in school peeling back the layers to see whats underneath Trina on her honesty compulsionIt was cute to see Trina attempt to do something a little more Jane read more

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