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2008, TV Show

Swingtown Episode: "Love Will Find a Way"

Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Bruce celebrates a great day on the trading-room floor by attending a party at the Playboy Club; Tom gets a promotion to fly the new route to Tokyo, but Trina worries about what it will do to their relationship; Janet entertains her new neighbors and realizes how important her friendship with Susan is; Samantha runs away from home and tries to live out on her own in the woods; Laurie attends a play with Logan, but she's embarrassed by his behavior.
Original Air Date: Jun 12, 2008
Guest Cast Michael Patrick McGill: Bill Baker Andrea Carina Pearson: Anane Kate Norby: Gail Saxton Erin Daniels: Sylvia Davis Kyle Searles: Logan Rhode Mark Valley: Brad Davis Rick Peters: Tony Mareno John Getz: Steve Gilboy Robert Bagnell: Paul Hincamp Mary Strong: Reporter Mandy Levin: Martha Hincamp Robert Curtis Brown: Airline Executive
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Season 1, Episode 2
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Length: 02:22:23
Aired: 6/12/2008
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"Love Will Find a Way" Season 1, Episode 2

This week's episode of Swingtown began as Trina and Roger and Tom and Janet paired off in Janet's spotless kitchen over hot apple pie and to the dulcet tones of Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling." Heh - it's a dream sequence, of course, but what a nice surprise to find out it was Janet's dream sequence. If this kooky show sticks around, I am eager to see how Janet's repression eventually, you know, expresses itself. Captain Tom has been promoted to the Tokyo route, as a result of a loose-lipped Tammy, who spilled more than coffee when she told the other girls at the airline about her playtime with the Deckers. Which means - "with all these women-libbers out there," as Tom's boss puts it - they need to be separated. The Tokyo route will mean more time away from home, and though Trina is supportive, you can tell she's not crazy about the idea. What kind of trouble will the Deckers get into when they're left to their own separate devices? I'm seeing some geishas in Tom's future. "We are not swingers," says Susan to Bruce, eliciting a promise from her husband that their fling with the Deckers was a one-time thing. (The audience laughs heartily.) Bruce agrees to the pact, and it's cute to see how amused they are with their dirty little secret. We have credits this week! They remind me of VH1's I Love the '70s and the theme song, "Give It Up For Love," sounds a lot like rocker chick Liz Phair, who is scoring the series. Trina is on her morning jog/hunt, and just happens to bump into the Millers to tell Susan that she left an earring over at their place after the "party." ( Nudgenudge.) She invites herself to spend the day with Susan, which includes sexual terrorism at the grocery store ("Hey Susan, buy one, get one free," chirps Trina, as she cups twin melons that look like, well, you know...). Since it's TV, they run into Janet, who has been avoiding Susan since the party and cancels their weekly bridge night, claiming she has other plans. This show is all about meeting new couples, so it was nice symmetry to see Janet and Roger having the worst dinner ever with the new (and insufferable) neighbors, while Susan and Bruce and Trina and Tom meet up with Sylvia and Brad Davis at the Playboy Club, where women are not only allowed, they're encouraged! Sylvia used to be a Playboy Bunny when she was putting herself through law school. I thought this was kind of a funny wink to the all those strippers out there (I've heard) who tell you they're studying to be a veterinarian or something to get bigger tips. Since Swingtown is clearly trying to make a statement about the expression of freedom in the '70s, they need to have these Forrest Gump-like characters who witness important historical moments and/or represent social trends. So, tonight, Sylvia stands in for all women's libbers because she's (gasp) a lawyer who also apparently enjoys swinging. Paul Hincamp, the insufferable neighbor, on the other hand, represents all that remained conservative in the 1970s, a Communist-fearing, anti-Carter crank who doesn't allow his wife to speak. Paul was a nice foil for Janet, who seemed to be the only one in the room who didn't realize what a putz he was. I think it's clear where the writers' loyalties lie. Yay, Playboy Bunny lawyer lady! B.J. and Rollergirl forge a weird kinship tonight when he brings some additional provisions to her runaway campground. They exchange meaningful looks and Samantha talks about her MIA-in-Vietnam dad. When B.J. tells her that her mom's fella appears to have left her, and - more importantly - that her mom doesn't seem to have noticed that she has run away, Sam returns home, even more sullen than before. This girl needs a hug, huh? Ricky pops up for moral support, but isn't so fond of "crazy" Samantha, which is unsurprising. Laurie Miller (or Mini Ali MacGraw, as I like to call her) goes downtown to see a feminist version of Waiting For Godot with Logan. He makes fun of the play, embarrassing Laurie in front of her dreamy philosophy teacher and his playwright girlfriend. While it's true that Logan is a chump of the first order, I'm kind of with him on his theater review: That play looked terrible. And that's basically it. Not a lot happened. There were a lot of foreshadow-y details that appear to be setting up the coming episodes. Roger and Susan had another breathless, mutually admiring conversation at the train station, where we learned that he liked the swingers' party, and also liked Susan's dress. I'm hoping this week's big reveals - in particular, that lady-lawyer business card that Susan found in Bruce's trousers - will yield some interesting payoffs in the weeks to come. Also, it's clear that the Deckers - certainly Trina, who caressed Susan's earring with the same intensity that she did her hand last week - would like to have more than Quaalude-free evenings out with the Millers, so how long do you think that pact is going to last? Next week: Fondue party! With kissing other people's spouses! Don't be a square: Watch full episodes of Swingtown in our Online Video Guide Buy selections from this episode's soundtrack at LastFM So, are we still on board the Swingtown Express? It's true that this week's episode was definitely a local train, slow as it was, but I'm still sticking in there for now. How about you? show less
This weeks episode of Swingtown began as Trina and Roger and Tom and Janet paired off in Janets spotless kitchen over hot apple pie and to the dulcet tones of Blue Swedes Hooked on a Feeling Heh - its a dream sequence of course but what a nice surprise to find out it was Janets dream sequence If this kooky show sticks around I am eager to see how Janets repression eventually you know expresses itselfCaptain Tom has been promoted to the Tokyo route as a result of a loose-lipped Tammy who spilled more than coffee when she told the other girls at the airline about her playtime with the Deckers Which means - with all these women-libbers out there as Toms boss puts it - they need to be separated The Tokyo route will mean more time away from home and though Trina is supportive you can tell shes not crazy about the idea What kind of trouble will the Deckers get into when theyre left to their own separate devices Im seeing some geishas in Tom read more

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