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Latest Episode: Dangers [HD]

Oct 18, 2013 Season 101 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

Danger is inherent in any survival situation. It's how you handle it that determines success or failure. Les Stroud packs 25 years of survival knowledge into one 45- minute crash course in this fast-paced new compilation.


Oct 11, 2013 Season 101 Episode 5

This show features Les's best tips and tricks, the methods that Les has created over his 25-year career of surviving that he calls McGyverisms. This is the component of survival that makes what Les has to do fun.
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Food [HD]

Sep 27, 2013 Season 101 Episode 4

Grubs, frogs, scorpions, snakes and more: Les Stroud has eaten it all. In this entertaining and informative look-back over the last ten years filming Survivorman, Les reveals his top five favorite methods for securing food while surviving in in the wild.
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Water [HD]

Sep 20, 2013 Season 101 Episode 3

Les Stroud reveals behind-the-scenes secrets as he counts down his top five methods for finding safe, clean drinking water in remote survival locations around the globe, which include digging for water, collecting rainwater, and even drinking seawater.
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Sep 13, 2013 Season 101 Episode 2

Les Stroud packs 25 years of shelter-building knowledge into a crash course on survival shelters. Highlighting his most challenging and rewarding moments, Les describes his top five favourite ways to stay out of the elements during a survival ordeal.
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Sep 06, 2013 Season 101 Episode 1

Les offers an intimate look at his most difficult and rewarding moments. In the fire episode, we walk through methods like using a flashlight and fluff, steel wool and a battery, vine and a branch, chemicals and rhino dung, and the comical 'prison match".
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