Season 29: Meet the Castaways
04:38 — Meet the cast of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Blood vs Water.
Heroes vs Villains - Immunity Challenge: Blind Maze
08:27 — In their final immunity challenge, the final four castaways must run through a maze, collecting a number of necklaces - all while being blindfolded
Heroes vs Villains - The Jury Speaks: Colby
01:39 — Colby shares his thoughts on the Final Three before going into the Final Tribal Council as a jury member
Samoa - Classic Quotes
02:12 — Man these people on Survivor sure are entertaining - what are they going to say next?!!! Survivor - Wednesdays on CBS!
Survivor Philippines - Ponderosa: RC Pt. 1
06:14 — RC is voted out and arrives at Ponderosa
China - Tribal Build
04:39 — Survivor: China Host, Jeff Probst, shows you the finer details of the tribal council temple.
One World - Challenge Preview: Ow Pairs
01:34 — In the 'Ow Pairs' blind folded challenge, producer John Kirhoffer explains how the teams must work in pairs while going through a series of obstacles (more…)
Redemption Island - Change My Life
04:21 — Natalie is only nineteen years old from a small town and expects to learn a lot on Survivor.
Survivor Philippines - Ponderosa: RC Pt. 2
02:49 — RC appreciates the luxuries at Ponderosa but misses being still in the game.
Redemption Island - Only As Good As Weakest Link
01:17 — Rob complains about Phillip's performance in the Immunity/Reward Challenge.
One World - Challenge Preview: Puzzle Relay
02:04 — Pairs of players from each tribe will race through the 'Puzzle Relay' challenge where they will be tied together at the wrist as they hike over a teet (more…)
Philippines - Challenge Preview: Swing Break
01:49 — Get an early look at the Immunity Challenge featured on SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES, Wednesday, Oct. 10 on CBS at 8/7c.
Nicaragua - Running the Camp
03:32 — Brenda reveals that she and Sash are the leaders at La Flor and they have plans for the future
China - A Day in the Life of Jeff Probst
06:06 — Travel with Survivor: China Host Jeff Probst as he takes you through a typical day behind-the-scenes on Survivor.
Survivor Philippines - Ponderosa: Jeff Pt. 1
05:39 — Jeff arrives at Ponderosa and realizes some of the mistakes he made in the game.
China - Week 2 Preview with Jeff Probst
01:08 — Survivor: China host Jeff Probst, gives us his insight as to what may happen on this weeks all new episode of Survivor: China!
Survivor - Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X
02:04 — Don't miss the premiere of Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X.
One World - Challenge Preview: Dear Liza
01:52 — Challenge producer John Kirhoffer explains how four players from each tribe must fill up a bucket with holes in it and bring it through an obstacle co (more…)
Survivor Tocantins - Castaway Commentary: JT & Stephen
06:56 — JT & Stephen talk us through the final vote to determine the winner of Survivor Tocantins.
Tocantins - Castaway Commentary: Joe
05:50 — Joe comments on this week's Immunity Challenge.
Samoa - The Risk of Turning on Foa Foa
02:47 — John and Brett debate about the pros and cons of ousting a member of the Foa Foa tribe
Survivor Philippines - Ponderosa: RC Pt. 4
02:51 — RC enjoys her last day of having Ponderosa to herself and gets ready for Tribal Council.
Survivor Tocantins - Secret Scene: Taj
02:09 — Taj and JT enjoy an afternoon of fishing at the riverbank
Tocantins - Candace's Final Words
01:01 — Watch Candace's reaction to having just been voted out of the game
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  • Premiered: May 31, 2000
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: The show that launched a cultural (and ratings) phenomenon, and still arguably the class of the reality genre, what executive producer Mark Burnett prefers to call 'nonscripted drama.' It began with 16 people marooned on an island, working together to surv… (more)

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