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December 14, 2006: The True Puppet Master

For some reason I really thought Parvati would end up in the finals. Not due to any true game play on her part, but merely out of some cosmic irony. Rarely have I seen a castaway who has done as little as she. I was wrong. Even with the seismic tremors at Aitu — Becky and Sundra maneuvering to oust Ozzy — the easily influenced Yul pulled his strings and chose Adam as the Raro member most worthy of staying.As much as Yul denies it, he is the top dog on the island, and he wears the Puppet Master title well. The thing is, even though he is the whole Survivor package — smart, strong, has ripped abs — he thinks too much and that overactive brain may just knock him out of the game. In case you hadn't noticed because you were distracted by Yul's mud-caked torso, there will be five people in the finals! Five relatively strong competitors. Seriously, who thought Sundra would last this long? After the first merge, Flicka was in a better position than the alliance-free ... read more

December 7, 2006: Everybody Hates Jonathan

And now we know why Parvati doesn't do any work at camp. It's just not safe. The girl nearly sliced her thumb off trying to open a coconut. Tragic as that may have been, Parvati's mishap allowed us another glimpse of that cute Aussie doctor from last season. Her sacrifice will not go unnoticed in my book. This week was the family visits. Sundra's heartfelt weeping at the sight of her mother had me wondering if she'd be able to actually perform in the reward challenge of throwing water from one bucket into another while blindfolded. I’m still not sure. Mom wasn’t catching much water and Sundra was all over the place. While Jonathan and his wife were well-matched — both competitive and innovative — it was the injured Parvati and her father who won the challenge and chose Sundra and Adam to join in the reward.What happened next is why I think Cook Islands is clearly among the best Survivors we've seen. While the winners were feasting and Jonathan was at Exile Isla... read more

November 30, 2006: King Rat

This show is so good I am almost moved to write poetry, and yet there are no words to express how much I'm enjoying Survivor: Cook Islands. Alas, I will attempt to recap the happenings at the Aitutonga tribe. In the aftermath of Nate's departure, Parvati was outspoken about her disappointment in Jonathan. She was so upset with him that she could vomit on his face. Now, she's billed as a boxer. Would a right cross not suffice? Parvati did make me laugh — when Jonathan flat-out told her that "Yul does have the idol," and she still did not believe him. Hilarious. Perhaps, Nate should have left his glasses behind. Like I should talk. For weeks now I've watched the rat footage and mused as to why the show always cut to Jonathan afterward. Perhaps Burnett is trying to tell us something? Um, yeah. If you come away with anything from this episode, it's that everyone thinks Jonathan is a rat. He may very well be, but I'm thinking this rat's going to come out on top — at the end ... read more

November 23, 2006: "If I Flip Again..."

I hate to say I told you so…but Nate perhaps you should have worn your glasses to tribal because you should have seen your ouster coming. Though it is clear from your parting words – Jonathan you can kiss my ass. You're a dirty, stanky, whack, fruitcake who sold me out, who sold out our tribe when we brought you in. You trading bastard. So kiss my ass Jonathan – that you were somewhat surprised and upset. On the other hand I don't know if anything could have saved Nate. His strategizing has been off for the whole season and he never saw how out there he was so it really was just a matter of time.Tonight's show was nowhere near as exciting as last week's but it does rate up there as one of the season's best episodes. For the most part it was all about strategizing and deciding on the best move. They teased us a lot about the personal immunity idol. I expected that the idol would finally be used this week but, alas, Yul managed to stage a coup with only the mere threa... read more

November 16, 2006: Four Straight Wins

I love, love, love this show! It has excitement; it has conflict; it has betrayal; it has underdogs; it even has new verbs. Where else would you hear about octopussing? And Rebecca, if you chose only to speak one word during this week's show, I'm glad it was that one. Let's see, it is day 22, and over the course of the next three days Aitu pulled out another two challenge wins — making it a four-challenge sweep since the infamous mutiny. I'm so pleased for this underdog team, and who says that dog can't hold a grudge? They sent Candice to do yet another stint on Exile Island. And to display the workings of their well-oiled machine, Aitu members all chimed in together to call her name. Aww. For whatever reason, Jonathan is bearing none of the brunt of the mutiny from his former 'mates. If he makes it to the merge, we'll see if all is forgiven. But Raro is going to have to start winning some immunity challenges. I mean, they have double the numbers, you'd think that would count ... read more

November 9, 2006: And Then There Were Four

Well, well, well. The show is getting interesting again. The Mutiny on the Bounty theme added a much-needed jolt to the Cook Islands Survivor. Jeff tossed out this new twist just before the reward challenge and, through the magic of editing, just after Jonathan and Candice chatted about breaking up their alliance of six. The offer? Mutiny. With ten seconds to decide, castaways could switch tribes. The only takers? Candice and Jonathan — thus leaving Aitu shorthanded with only four members to Raro's now eight.Not only did this move piss Aitu off, but it also lit a fire under them. With half the numbers, Aitu went on to win both reward and immunity challenges, forcing Raro to tribal council. Aitu expressed its displeasure clearly by sending mutineer No. 1, Candice, to Exile Island. Jonathan worked his mojo as Raro's newest member by talking up Adam and doing all of the grunt work. While his new tribe relaxed to the sound of his working, Jonathan's former tribe bonded as if they... read more

September 28, 2006: Survivors, Ready?

Survivor aficionados know there's a certain lingo that goes along with the show. For some it's comforting, for others, mind-numbingly repetitive. Me? I like it. Jeff's catchphrases are a constant that I can rely on each week as the number of castaways dwindles. That said...First things first: We couldn't move on from last week's show without finishing up Billy's love story. Back at camp, Aitu continued to dismiss the love, and the next day, after the tribes merged, Cecilia went directly to Candice to get the scoop. Needless to say, this love was one-sided. Again, I cannot wait for the reunion show.With that cleared up, Jeff uttered those three little words that change the game every single time. Drop your buffs! That's right, segregation is over. Survivor put as much effort into contriving the makeup of these two new tribes as they did with the first four. Grab a tile from the bag, do a schoolyard pick, but only choose a person who has yet to be represented on your new team. Squeeze... read more

September 21, 2006: "Aitu Takes a Holiday"

Hands down, this was the funniest tribal council ever on Survivor. It was like watching group therapy. Between Billy and "Mr. Bully's" fight, and Billy's declaration of love for Candace, I'm not sure what I laughed at more. It was tears-in-my-eyes laughter. I'll make a declaration of my own: I love Jeff Probst. He is the best reality-show host out there, with Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race a close second. While everyone else was laughing and/or rolling their eyes at Billy, Jeff managed to respectfully question Billy's love connection ? and he did so with a straight face. Almost.I found it odd that Billy uttered the words "I love you" after the challenge, but I didn't think anything of it. Especially since I was looking for furtive glances and accidental touches between two other castaways. After a week of keenly watching CBS ads that heavily promoted a romance like no other in Survivor history, I was sure we were going to find out that Brad and Nate were a couple. I was so wrong. ... read more

September 14, 2006: Survivor Confidential

I don't know if you've heard, but there's been some talk about this season of Survivor. Something about its being controversial. Set in the South Pacific's Cook Islands, this season's castaways have been divided into four tribes based on ethnicity and race ? black, white, Asian and Latino. Some think this is an outrageous stunt, an obvious ploy to raise the show's dwindling ratings. However, host Jeff Probst has been vocal about classifying the show as a "social experiment." So with lab coat on, I sat down to watch this season, and the preliminary results have boiled down to this: Survivor: Cook Islands is the same old Survivor. As a viewer who is part of a represented group, I immediately found myself rooting for "my tribe," whereas in the past I had to warm up to players over a few weeks. On the one hand, it's nice to be able to get right into the game, but on the other hand you realize you've been completely manipulated by the show. However, I'm still drawn to the most interestin... read more

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