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Survivor: Nicaragua Season 21 episodes

Survivor: Nicaragua Reunion Season 21, Episode 16

The winner is announced as the 20 castaways reunite to discuss their experiences. read more

What About Me? Season 21, Episode 15

The final castaways participate in their last immunity challenges and are questioned by the jury before the jurors vote for the $1 million winner. read more

This Is Going to Hurt Season 21, Episode 14

The six remaining castaways receive a visit from loved ones. To win more time with them and to go on a boat cruise, the family members attempt to solve a puzzle. For immunity, the players participate in a memory challenge while being blindfolded. read more

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "This is Going to Hurt" Season 21, Episode 13

The family reunion episodes of Survivor are always my personal favorite, and this week's did not disappoint as the final six castaways received video messages — and visits — from their loved ones. Before the reward challenge, Chase once again made a promise to a fellow player — this time it was Fabio — saying that if either of them won the challenge, they would take the other so they could spend time with their moms. The waterworks are in full force as the castaways reunited with their family members before the challenge. Fabio, Chase and Sash are thrilled to see their moms, while Dan and Jane receive visits from their children and Holly reunites with her husband.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Recap: "Not Sure Where I Stand" Season 21, Episode 12

Now that this season's most disgraceful players have quit the game, it's time for the final seven castaways to shift their strategizing into high gear and secure themselves a shot at that million dollar grand prize. Two clear-cut alliances have formed: Dan, Benry and Fabio (all Marty's leftover allies) and Chase, Jane and Holly. Sash is suddenly the wild card and swing vote, but his indecision and generally untrustworthy personality makes it hard for either alliance to commit to him. Sash even admits to Fabio, Benry and Chase that he is going to play his hidden immunity idol at the next Tribal Council to clear the air and not be seen as a threat. Sash also strikes a deal with Chase that if he wins the next reward challenge, he will take both Holly and Sash along with him.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "You Started, You're Finishing" Season 21, Episode 11

It's quittin' time on this week's Survivor, with not one but two castaways threatening to walk early in the episode. We finally find out what Purple Kelly has been up to in the past 28 days — apparently hiding from the elements and complaining about the rain and cold. Upon the return from the last Tribal Council, she is also discouraged to find out her entire alliance turned and voted for Brenda, leaving her in the dark. She must be too busy crying in her confessionals to strategize with her alliance!

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Stuck in the Middle" Season 21, Episode 10

This week's Survivor: Nicaragua had it all: a raging inferno, intense strategizing, backstabbing — and even a backflip! In this season's best episode to date, the Libertad tribe finally wakes up and realizes they're being played by the self-described power players: Brenda (dubbing herself "the king") and Sash ("the queen"... wonder what Shannon would have to say about that!). Holly, once the crazy Espada member who threatened to quit on Day 5, starts chatting with Marty's old alliance of Benry, Dan and Fabio to get them to team up with her alliance of NaOnka, Jane and Chase. Together, they realize that ...
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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Running the Camp" Season 21, Episode 9

Even as the former La Flor and Espada tribes merge into one, two distinct factions are illuminated this week as Marty continues his attack against Jane while power-players Sash and Brenda ponder their next move. Upon returning to camp from Tribal Council, Marty stands by everything he said about Jane: If she makes the final three, she's a guaranteed million-dollar winner. The Marty camp — including Fabio, Dan and Benry — have a plan to blindside Jane by telling the camp they're voting for NaOnka, thereby flushing out her hidden immunity idol and sending Jane packing. Jane, however, has a team of her own in Chase, Purple Kelly, NaOnka and Holly, with Sash and Brenda as the swing votes. Brenda admits that her relationship with Chase has drifted over the past few weeks, and because he's such a worrywart, she's unsure if she can trust him in an alliance... read more

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Company Will Be Arriving Soon" Season 21, Episode 8

The merge is here, and it could not come at a better time for both the viewers and Marty, who feels like he has new life in the game. After narrowly avoiding elimination last week, Marty is  able to start anew with his old buddies — including "Uncle Dan" — and hopes to start picking off some original bickering La Flor tribe members.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "What Goes Around, Comes Around" Season 21, Episode 7

Is this the most frustrating season of Survivor ever? So far, we've lost the original "old vs. young" premise, the Medallion of Power and now we seem to have lost all smart strategic gameplay on two sides of the same tribe! Somebody needs to fly a Heroes vs. Villains DVD down to Nicaragua to show this group of wannabe players what happens when you give up a hidden immunity idol and keep the most strategic players in the game. But before we get to the episode's ...
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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Worst Case Scenario" Season 21, Episode 6

After last week's tribe switcheroo, it's time for yet another twist! It's double elimination week, and both tribes will be finding their way to Tribal Council, but before they do, players must compete for individual immunity within their tribe. Yve feels left out of the Espada tribe after nobody clued her in on the plan to vote out Tyrone last week. Holly claims it's because Yve and Tyrone were in an alliance, which Yve vehemently denies. While Yve is trying to explain herself to Holly, Dan reveals to Holly that he's ready to quit the game because he can't stand the conditions and frankly doesn't need the money (especially if you've got those alligator shoes, Dan!) read more

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Turf Wars" Season 21, Episode 5

Drop your buffs, because it's time for a tribe shake-up! Jeff Probst broke the news a little early to the remaining 16 castaways this week, and not everybody was thrilled with the new company, especially Marty. The episode begins with Marty gloating about his successful ousting of Jimmy T and how he is now solidly in control of the older Espada tribe. His confidence is shattered when the tribes meet at the reward challenge and shuffle up, with Jane, Marty and Jill heading over to La Flor while Chase, NaOnka, Alina and Benry hop over to Espada. With that, Probst announces the battle of the ages is over and the Medallion of Power is no longer a factor in the game. MOP, we hardly knew ya! And it doesn't take long for Espada's losing streak to end, as they successfully catch golf balls traveling through a giant Survivor-like Plinko board to win three chickens to bring back to camp.

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Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Pulling the Trigger" Season 21, Episode 4

It's week four in Nicaragua, and both tribes are beginning to establish power players while one player still hasn't learned to keeps his mouth shut! This week's episode can also be known as the Jimmy T hour, because we were stuck with the Gloucester, Mass., fisherman as he sang, cried and yammered on and on about not be utilized in his tribe. For the avid reality TV viewer, it was easy to deduce from the first segment that Jimmy T was the one going home, but the real story this week was the gameplay of two members in each tribe.

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Glitter in Their Eyes Season 21, Episode 3

The tribes must toss small sandbags onto 10 barrel heads to win immunity and a reward that includes fruit and spices. A battle erupts between players of the winning team when a clue to a hidden immunity idol is discovered in a fruit basket. At tribal council, another castaway is voted out of the game. read more

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All Season 21, Episode 2

The tribes compete for immunity and reward by locating balls in a haystack and then tossing them into a barrel. At La Flor, tempers flare because of personality conflicts, and at Espada one castaway's erratic behavior threatens to end their game early. read more

Young at Heart Season 21, Episode 1

The 21st edition of the reality series begins in Nicaragua with 20 castaways being divided into tribes according to their ages. The Espada tribe is made up of people over age 40, while the La Flor tribe consists of people ages 30 and under. Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is among the participants. read more

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