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Reality Roundup: Runway, Idol, Survivor

Some thoughts on an unusually busy week in reality TV. First off, did anyone seriously think Christian Siriano, fan favorite and judges' pet, would not win Project Runway? Or as he put it in his endearingly cocky fashion after regaining his composure: "Hello, did you have a doubt? What up." And Posh Spice wants to wear everything he makes (but surely not that concoction with the monstrous neck ruffle). Suspense may have been lacking in Wednesday's finale, but there was fabulousness to spare.Christian’s Fashion Week show had a buzz and an energy and a clear sense of a star being born on that runway that no previous winner has accomplished. Not by a mile. In another season, either Jillian or Rami could have triumphed, they were that good and their designs were that pretty, but this was Christian’s year. Surely Bravo isn’t going to let this kid (at 21, the youngest Runway winner ever) escape the spotlight. If this reality-crazed network can greenlight abominable swill li... read more

Survivor: Micronesia's Fans Vote Off Another Strong Player

Michael Bortone, Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites

Boston native Michael Bortone — better known as Mikey B. — was the latest person voted off Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS), thanks to yet another power play by Airai tribe mate Joel. Now living in L.A., aspiring actor and writer Mikey B. told us how he really feels about his fellow fans, what we can expect from a merge and why the favorites are starting to dominate. So, Mikey B., what happened?Michael Bortone: Joel was jealous of me and conspired to get me off. How did you find out you were on the chopping block?Mikey B.: I tried to speak to Alexis during the day to ask her some questions, and I really didn't get a straight answer from her. I asked her for one favor: to ask Natalie who she was voting for. On read more

That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!

Given the fireworks of last week’s show and the previews that promised a continuation of the Cirie/Jonathan showdown I have to say I was somewhat let down by tonight’s follow-up. It was like going to see Captain Ron, remember that movie with Martin Short and Kurt Russell? All the funny parts were in the trailer. It’s the same situation here. We saw all the fireworks between the factions at the end of last week’s show. That said, Jonathan still continues to amuse me with his penchant for busting into people’s private strategy sessions. This week he followed Parvati and Eliza as Eliza was trying to position herself in the couples’ alliance. Lucky for Eliza, the favorites, divided as they are, certainly work well together during challenges. They won both reward and immunity and in the process earned three hens, one rooster and chicken feed. Ozzy, who was sent to Exile Island along with Kathy (on her third visit), returned to his tribe with the hidden... read more

Survivor: Micronesia's Nice Guy Finishes Early

Yau-Man Chan, Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites

Yau-Man Chan became the second favorite sent home on last week's Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS) following a power play by alliance-hopping Cirie. Gracious and kind-spirited to the end, the 55-year-old chief technology officer for the University of California, Berkeley's College of Chemistry talked about the favorites' overconfidence, his run-in with Jonny Fairplay and Dreamz's broken promise back in Fiji. First off, I have to admit I'm really disappointed — you were my favorite of the favorites!Yau-Man Chan: Thank you. I was more disappointed to have to leave the show so early! Why do you think Cirie was so determined to get you out?Yau-Man: She had a change of mind. I thought we had an alliance goi read more

Reader's Jeer of the Week: Survivor Not a Fave

Kathleen Sleckman, Alexis Jones, Joel Anderson, and Jason Siska by Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

From David Kerr in Davison, Michigan...Jeers to Survivor: Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites. Between Jonny Fairplay's lame request to quit the game on the first episode to every other "fan favorite" acting like they stumbled into the Big Brother house, this is one twist this Survivor fan could have done without. Note to Mark Burnett: Bring on contestants who want to play the game and stay in the game, not pseudo-celebrities trying to hold on to their last two minutes of fame. read more

The 2008 Votes: Politics, Survivor and Idol

Survivor: Micronesia's Cirie by Monty Brinton/CBS

One of the more bizarre Thursdays I've spent in front of the TV lately, where it seemed everyone was vying for votes: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their second historic CNN debate (a lot less warm and fuzzy than the pre-Super Tuesday mutual admiration-fest); Survivor: Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites, where Cirie acted all Miss Ohio (as in: look at me, I'm the swing vote and who I say go, goes); and of course the first results show of American Idol this season, with no real shocks among the departures (if you don’t count the survival of the week's absolute worst singer, Chikezie), because so many of the first week's singers were ripe for the kill. (I'll admit, with so much else on, I zipped through the Idol results in about five minutes; time well saved, I must say.)I expected more fireworks from the Clinton-Obama encounter, but for the most part, they stayed on message and steered clear of what Obama would call “silly season” smears. (When Hillary went after her... read more

I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!

I’m scared. My favorite favorites are squabbling and try as I might to convince myself that this was game-playing at a superior level; that these two powerhouse strategists had planned a public fight to throw everyone else off the scent; that Cirie and Jonathan are the tightest alliance on the show, I couldn’t. Quite frankly, I’m afraid that Cirie might win the battle but that the war will go to someone else.First, I must give credit to Survivor: Micronesia for at long last casting a show where both tribes are somewhat equally matched. There have been no runs of success and no bouts of loss for Airai or Malakal. Each week the game can go either way. Tonight it went both: Favorites won reward and fans won immunity. Kathy and Ami went to Exile Island but the idol remains hidden. This leads us to the main event of the night: The fight for Cirie. I don’t envy Cirie. It is not easy being the swing vote between two alliances. I was so happy to see that she did no... read more

Survivor: Micronesia's First Fan to Leave Has "No Regrets"

Mary Sartain, Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites

After losing its first immunity challenge in last week's Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS), the Airai tribe (that would be the fans) blindsided Mary Sartain, voting her out as a ploy to undermine Mikey B.'s power. The real-estate-company owner from Walnut Creek, California, talked about the division in her tribe, her short-lived alliance and how she found love thanks to her early departure. It seems like we hardly got to know you. Were you shocked at being voted off so early?Mary Sartain: Definitely; I was blindsided. I thought I'd get a little more time — I wasn't ready to go yet! Your relationship with Mikey clearly did you in. In retrospect, do you regret having gotten close with him so quickly?Mary: read more

The Sounds of Jungle Love

“With all due respect, I think you’re giving yourself too much credit.” I love it when Jeff gets feisty. He’s been so since episode one where he easily and repeatedly cut the dearly departed Johnny Fairplay down to size. Tonight this gentle barb was meant purely for Chet who – well, I’ll just say it – he choked during the immunity challenge and then tried to pass it off as if he were merely giving another tribe member a chance to play. Chet better watch it. He, along with Kathy and Tracy, are already flailing about in quicksand in the eyes of the other, younger fans. I don’t recall ever seeing a tribe separate under two shelters as this one has. If Chet is any evidence, this sub-tribe of three is going to need to kick their game up a notch or the remaining seven tribe mates are going to eat them alive. Surprised as I am to say this, I would miss Kathy. It could just be that she won me over with her impersonation of Joel, but she seems like ... read more

Survivor Shocker: Notorious Jonny Fairplay Is First to Go

Jonny Fairplay, Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites

In the premiere episode of Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS), Jon Dalton, better known as Jonny Fairplay, shocked everyone by volunteering to be the first to go after the Favorites lost the elimination challenge to the Fans. Never one to shy away from a controversial comment, Fairplay told us all about his "character," his fight with Danny Bonaduce and his baby daughter. That was a quick stay in Micronesia. What happened?Jonny Fairplay: Honestly, about a week before we left for filming, that's when the whole Danny Bonaduce thing happened. So that week, I had 15 hours of dental surgery, four root canals, the top bone plate above my teeth completely shattered.... And also, my girlfriend, Michelle Deighton from America's Next Top Model, who's now my fi read more

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