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Survivor: Gabon---Earth's Last Eden Season 17 episodes

Survivor: Gabon---Earth's Last Eden Reunion Season 17, Episode 14

The winner is announced as the 18 castaways reunite in Los Angeles and are questioned by host Jeff Probst. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "Say Goodbye to Gabon" Season 17, Episode 13

It was a night of immunity challenges and tribal councils that ended a season of twists and turns by finally crowning Survivor: Gabon's ultimate survivor.

So which castaway took home the crown? Find out after the jump! read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "The Good Guys Should Win in the End" Season 17, Episode 12

If you're a fan of Matty then this was an excellent episode. If not, well, it was still good. Six castaways remained in Gabon and they managed to fill the hour with double-crossings, blindsides, blindfolds and best of all a hidden immunity idol. If that doesn't draw you in then the Gorilla encounter should. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy" Season 17, Episode 11

Love was truly in the air on Survivor as the game opened its arms to family and a player makes a big commitment to a loved one. Even so, desperate times call for desperate action and an idol that was believed to be lost to all suddenly changes the way the game was played.  Now with Corinne and Bob scrambling to stay in the game Kenny's alliance of five may be starting to crumble. Could be we are in for another blindside at tribal council?! read more

I Was Put on the Planet for This Show Season 17, Episode 10

Highlights from the game thus far, including previously unaired footage. In addition, audition tapes from the castaways are presented. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars" Season 17, Episode 9

It's official, the dominant force that was once Survivor: Gabon's Kota tribe has completely lost its way. Tonight, an alliance continues to see its numbers dwindle and a castaway acts like an ass. At least the Survivor Auction caused a stir and finally, an idol comes into play and throws somebody's game for a loop. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "The Brains Behind Everything" Season 17, Episode 8

This week on Survivor: Gabon, the game totally changed once the tribes finally merged. Again, Sugar holds the coveted swing vote, Randy explains his dislike of Crystal, Kenny takes control of the game and another player is more

The Apple in the Garden of Eden Season 17, Episode 7

The two teams come together for a feast and assume they are going to merge into one tribe. They learn that a hidden immunity idol is nearby and then make a surprising decision regarding it. Later, the teams compete for immunity in an endurance challenge that requires great arm and mental strength. At tribal council, another castaway is voted out of the game and becomes the first member of the jury. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl" Season 17, Episode 6

The game got a little more interesting this week on Survivor: Gabon with two tribal councils, two eliminated players and one blindside. Even with these big things happening, it was really the little things that made the difference and those small moments are bringing this season together.

read more

Survivor Episode Recap: "He's a Snake, But He's My Snake" Season 17, Episode 5

This week on Survivor: Gabon a new alliance of four emerges, Sugar gives up the idol and a player has an emotional break after a grueling challenge. Oh yeah, and there's a food shortage that has some folks worried.

read more

The Camp Is Cursed Season 17, Episode 4

Lack of food and a yearning for home threaten an alliance. Meanwhile, a frustrating Immunity Challenge tests a strong bond. And another castaway is voted out of the game. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: It Was Like Christmas Morning! Season 17, Episode 3

Only three weeks into Survivor: Gabon and there's already a new playing field. This week, host, Jeff Probst mixed things up just as opposing alliances were settling into place. Now everyone is scrambling for position and watching their backs because there’s nothing worse on Survivor than losing the support of those you (sort of) trust- except, of course, getting voted off.

read more

She Obviously Is Post-op! Season 17, Episode 2

Tension builds in one tribe when food starts to run low because of some teammates overeating. In the reward challenge, one female player is roughed up so badly that it could cause her to be cast off. The third person is voted out at tribal council. read more

Want to See the Elephant Dung? Season 17, Episode 1

The 17th season begins with 18 castaways marooned in Gabon, Africa, and divided into two tribes: Fang and Kota. For immunity, the teams maneuver through an obstacle course while chained together and then solve a puzzle. The first person is voted out at tribal council. Next, the tribes compete for fishing gear and immunity by each pushing a heavy boulder through a race course and retrieving keys that unlock a chain fence. At tribal, the second person is sent packing. read more

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Premise: The 17th edition of the reality series strands 18 castaways in Gabon, Africa, to vie for the $1 million first-place prize.


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