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Survivor: Gabon---Earth's Last Eden Episode: "It All Depends on the Pin-up Girl"

Season 17, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The tribes compete for a reward that includes a feast and letters from home by playing keep-away with large fragile balls. Later, the teams battle for individual immunity by participating in a logrolling competition. Both teams attend tribal council and vote out one of their own.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2008

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl" Season 17, Episode 6

The game got a little more interesting this week on Survivor: Gabon with two tribal councils, two eliminated players and one blindside. Even with these big things happening, it was really the little things that made the difference and those small moments are bringing this season together.

First off, Crystal spilled Fang's rice. They already had precious little so for her to spill it just added insult to injury, but it was very cool of her to refuse any at breakfast as penance.  The problem with that was that a person can't commit a noble act and then take it back days later because you are pissed that people allowed you to follow through with your sacrifice. You either skip the rice and shut up about it or you apologize and grab a bowl-full.

It is flip-flops like Crystal's that make Fang's tribal councils interesting.  For some reason, Tribal Council unleashes the tiger in Crystal ("Oh, now I'm delusional?!") and the snark in Ace ("Crystal made a mistake - that's common.") that makes this tribe interesting.  Any other time, they're so dragging and pathetic, that it is almost painful to watch them. As for Rice-gate: It was an accident Crystal, eat the rice already. You need what little strength it will give you for the challenges.

Dan and his suit.
Has it suddenly become cold in Gabon?  Why is Dan suiting up? Does he realize how ridiculous he looks sitting in camp wearing a jacket and a Survivor buff? I wonder if looking back, Dan, hates not being part of the group, recognizes that, perhaps, he was overdressed for the party most of the time. It's certainly one way to set yourself apart from the others. Still, his tie at Tribal Council was a nice touch.  Guess he had his traveling clothes on. Regardless, his was the most stylish exit ever on Survivor.

Did she not have the best, if un-PC, lines this week? Of Dan, "He's socially inept. Was he a former fatty?"  Of Susie, "I hate her. I want to stab her in the face! She's loco en la cabeza!"

Crazy Susie
Just when did Susie turn loca? Have we seen evidence of this?  All we got was this week's scene of her telling Corinne that she was planning to vote Corinne out moments after Corinne told her she wanted to keep Susie in the game. Clueless maybe, but that's not enough to convince me that she's out there.  Come on Survivor, I want to see the crazy!

The Reward Challenge
I smirked at the imagery invoked by the Break Your Opponent's Balls challenge, but I'm just juvenile like that.  One player against a pair from the opposing tribe tries to intercept and break their ball while they play catch. Kota won 3-1.  No surprise. 

Exile Island
Sugar sets a Survivor record by getting sent to Exile Island for the fifth consecutive time. Has no one noticed that she's not wasting away like everyone else on her tribe? In fact, the pin-up model may actually be gaining weight. (I kid). You think they'd make the connection that this season Exile Islands ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Wasting Away
I'm usually pretty bad at noticing how much weight castaways have lost until it gets really apparent or Courtney is cast. This week, however, I kept saying, "Look how skinny he is!" Matty, Kenny, Bob.  It's hard to watch without thinking how hungry they must be and I give them credit for not pounding Crystal when she spilled the rice.  I attribute their restraint to lack of food.

This Week in Who Does Matty Remind You Of?
Every week I see a little bit of someone else in Matty. Now it's Eric Dane, commonly known as McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy. Do you see it? Do you?

Immunity Challenge
I think Bob's last minute inclusion of his Logrolling title on his Survivor application is that one detail that got him through casting.  You never know, but since the log roll is not an uncommon event on this show it would have been a good move to mention such a skill if one did indeed have it. I loved watching him sail through his first round against Corinne and I think he was robbed in his second against Sugar. I swear she hit the water first.  Randy didn't last very long in this challenge. I guess when brute strength isn't involved he flames out. Round three had Sugar, Ace and Marcus face off at the same time. I realized when my arm was over my head cheering at Marcus' victory just how much I wanted him to win. There's just something about Marcus that makes him extremely likeable.  Pretty soon, I am going to sound just like Charlie.

The Twist
Every now and then Jeff mentions a twist in the game.  This one wasn't all that exciting: Marcus, winner of immunity got to assign immunity to a member on the opposing tribe and both groups would have to sit at council and vote a member out.  At least the show is doing something to address the uneven tribe situation. I wonder, though if Crystal really believed that raising her hand for immunity was really going to make Marcus say, "Hey, maybe I should choose Crystal." Yeah, no. He chose Sugar, holder of the immunity idol, and now the most powerful woman in the game.

The Votes
Two immunities. Two tribals. Two votes. It's that simple. The tension between Crystal and Ace at Fang was played out in the vote.  Kenny was successful at weaning Sugar from Ace and along with Crystal they managed to blindside the manipulative photographer.  Kota, an infrequent visitor to Tribal, placed Dan and Susie on the altar and in a close vote sent Dan home. Susie better watch herself. Now Matty and Susie are the two lone wolves on their respective tribes. They had both better hope the merge comes soon or else their days truly are numbered.

Things to Think About
Are you as disappointed in Dan's run as I am? His early potential didn't pan out and it's sad that his worrisome nature doomed him. Are you surprised that Ace, Mr. Wannabe Puppet Master, was blindsided? Who still thinks that Sugar is cruising through this game on sheer luck? As for Crystal, accidents happen, Should Fang have voted her out for her mistake instead of Ace? Why are we only getting glimpses of Bob?  Jeff didn't even ask him a question at Tribal. Maybe he was still to broken up from his letters from home (how uneventful were those this year?). It makes me wonder though, if Bob is also, like Susie, an off-screen annoyance?  Until next week...

Next week: Randy drops his pants and declares himself the last King of Gabon.



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The game got a little more interesting this week on Survivor: Gabon with two tribal councils, two eliminated players and one blindside. Even with these big things happening, it was really the little things that made the difference and those small moments are bringing this season together.

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