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Survivor: Gabon---Earth's Last Eden Episode: "He's a Snake, but He's My Snake"

Season 17, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: The tribes compete for a reward that includes pastries and coffee by chasing each other around a track while carrying a weighted replica of a snake. For immunity, the teams retrieve parts of a flagpole by going through various obstacles and must be the first ones to put the pieces together and erect their team flag. One person is voted out at tribal council.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2008

Survivor Episode Recap: "He's a Snake, But He's My Snake" Season 17, Episode 5

This week on Survivor: Gabon a new alliance of four emerges, Sugar gives up the idol and a player has an emotional break after a grueling challenge. Oh yeah, and there's a food shortage that has some folks worried.

Who here didn't think they this week's Survivor was setting us up for a Dan ouster at Tribal Council? I fell for it hook, line and sinker what with all the talk of Dan eating Kota out of house and hut — all that chatter about rationing the food. They even threw in a little snippet of Randy sniping that he's going to have to distance himself from his original tribemate so he can get in closer with the Kota. Yes, the scene was set. I was thrilled; finally there'd be a Fang win.

If only.

Foodwise, things are pretty bad over at Fang. Looking back, should the rice issue have been blamed on Dan instead of GC? These people have, at best, six days of rice left. They are hungry, grumpy, emotional and for the life of them they cannot win a challenge. This week's stats, courtesy of Jeff Probst, have Fang at 10 losses, two wins. That's a pitiful record. Moreso because Fang was so close to a win at the Immunity Challenge that everyone around could taste it. Ironic.

But first, reward. The challenge had two teams tethered to a two-hundred-pound "snake" and playing tag as they ran around a short track (a slightly tweaked version of a challenge we've seen a few times before). For some reason, I couldn't stop laughing through it. Maybe it was the fact that Fang was actually able to run faster as more and more of their teammates dropped out, eventually leaving the load to just Matty and Ace. With Kota ever on their heels and an Olympic runner panting on the sidelines, Fang was destined to be tagged.

That one touch meant a feast for Kota, who won croissants, fruit tarts, chocolate eclairs, coffee and tea. It did not, however, mean that it was okay to rub their win in Fang's crying face. Okay, it was just Crystal crying and it was only Randy being a jerk. In a display of sportsmanship this show has rarely seen the likes of, Randy responded to his former tribemate's tears of frustration (please note that these tears were not signs of weakness) by imitating a baby's cry. Nice. We get it Randy; you love to see Fang lose. Noted.

Back at Fang, while the Kota tribe was home rationing their generous food reward, Crystal was worried that her tribe was now equating her with GC because she shed those tears of strength. She went on the offensive and tracked down Kelly and Ace – who were in the woods discussing how Crystal has turned into GC before their very eyes – and explained to them that she wasn't weak. That she had only had a "pinch" of a sardine. That she was hungry and that's why she was crying. It's kind of like those heavy tennis shoes that slowed her down on the hill that first day. Yes, this game can be frustrating and I don't hold the weeping against Crystal, but I have to say that so far she's been a big disappointment as a competitor and frankly, she's making me suspect of the Olympics.

It's all about the tether. The reward challenge had players tied to a heavy snake. The Immunity had them tied up in pairs and navigating an obstacle racecourse to retrieve flagpole pieces. First pole raised wins immunity. This turned out to be an exciting challenge. It started out as expected with Kota easily taking the lead. Maintaining the lead. But then in the least leg, Fang came from behind when Matty and Kenny overtook Kota's sizeable edge and made it back to Fang with the last bundle of puzzle pieces. Cheers could be heard from my home. Fang is going to win! I leaned forward in my seat, my breath caught in my throat. Ace took over the assembly of the flagpole. Fang watched him. Kota got their first piece in. Ace struggled to make his fit. Jeff commented that you shouldn't have to force the pieces. Kota got another piece in. Ace pushed harder. Fang looked on. My cheering died down. Kota wins Immunity! I'm speechless.

Ace wasn't. This man who single-handedly lost this challenge had the nerve to call out his teammates for the team's loss. He needs to go. But why, why did the other Fang members not take over for Ace? Why just let him continue to work alone when he clearly couldn't solve the puzzle? This is why it's off to Tribal Council for Fang.

Things did get spicy at TC. Post challenge, Ace declared it to be Kelly's time to go despite Matty's wish to vote for Sugar and flush out the idol. Kenny and Crystal were disturbed by Matty's decision not to target Ace. And Sugar, heeded Kenny's wise advice and took back the idol that she had given to Ace. (She just gave it to him because she learned that everyone knew she had it. So what, Sugar? You just give it away? If everyone knows you have it then that's when you need to have it. I don't understand her game play, but bless her heart she cries for her hungry tribe and that offsets some of the knuckled-headed moves.)

Anyway, It didn't take a lot of poking from Jeff to set this group off. Kelly mentioned tears and weakness and Crystal got the crazy eyes. "I'm not crying over some daggone danishes!" Kelly passed the blame onto Ace, "Whoa! Don't throw me under the bus," and by the way you're stupid. It was pretty clear who was going home at this point and the vote bore it out. Kelly was unanimously voted out of Fang.

Next week: Two players are sent home and it's anybody's guess who.

What did you think? Is sugar playing everyone or de she have viewer's fooled? Is Kenny this season's Yau-Man? And how long before Corinne blows up at Dan?

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This week on Survivor: Gabon a new alliance of four emerges, Sugar gives up the idol and a player has an emotional break after a grueling challenge. Oh yeah, and there's a food shortage that has some folks worried.

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