Survivor: Cagayan

Eighteen players are divided into three tribes: one for brawn; one for brains; and one for beauty.

Survivor: Cagayan - We Have No Idea
01:16 — Morgan admits that her tribe is clueless on the exact roles of a rooster and a hen
Survivor: Cagayan - You Don't Know What It Takes
01:07 — Kass comments on Lindsey quitting the game
Survivor: Cagayan - A Dream Come True
01:13 — Jefra reveals how the dream she had last night come true in the game.
Survivor: Cagayan - A Lot of Bags In His Tricks
01:16 — Trish talks about Tony's special powers idol.
Survivor: Cagayan - Jefra Arrives At Ponderosa
06:01 — Jefra arrives at Ponderosa and faces the other jury members.
Survivor: Cagayan - Reward Challenge: Auction
08:45 — Everyone is given $500 to bid for food and advantages in the game.
Survivor: Cagayan - LJ Arrives At Ponderosa
07:26 — LJ arrives at Ponderosa and reflects on his game.
Survivor: Cagayan - Secret Scene LJ
02:00 — LJ is amused by Tony's fear of sharks.
Survivor: Cagayan - I Wasn't Surprised
01:05 — Latasha explains why she is not surprised that Jeremiah is a model
Survivor: Cagayan - I'm Always In Danger
01:24 — Tony knows that the others see him as a threat.
Survivor: Cagayan - Secret Scene Trish
01:44 — Trish wonders how much weight she has lost in the game.
Survivor: Cagayan - It's Not Like Me
01:21 — Jefra is disappointed in her performance at the immunity challenge
Survivor: Cagayan - Tribal Will Be Nerve Racking
01:40 — Spencer hopes he is not being voted out tonight.
Survivor: Cagayan - Two Worst Possible Things
01:10 — Jefra reveals two things that she did not want to happen.
Survivor: Cagayan - Immunity Challenge: Living Color
06:39 — Who has the best memory to remember a series of colors?
Survivor: Cagayan - More Harm Than Help
01:35 — Trish gives her opinion of Kass.
Survivor Cagayan: Meet Sarah
02:27 — Meet Sarah, a police officer from Iowa, who will be competing this season for one Million dollars and the title of sole survivor. Watch Survivor Wedne (more…)
Survivor: Cagayan - I Don't Think I Could Do It
01:52 — Woo's cousin Michael is not sure he could endure the hardships that Woo on SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN
Survivor: Cagayan - A Commanding Position
01:46 — Cliff feels his tribe has the advantage in the game
Survivor: Cagayan - Sitting Pretty Good
02:01 — Kass is amazed and pleased that she made the merge.
Survivor: Cagayan - A Lot More Complicated
01:29 — Spencer admits that things have gotten more complicated since he found the idol.
Survivor: Cagayan - We Do Goofy Things
02:12 — The Brawn tribe fills their days doing silly things.
Survivor: Cagayan - The Jury Speaks Jefra
04:56 — Jefra shares her thoughts on the Final Two before going to the Final Tribal Council as a jury member.
Survivor: Cagayan - Alexis The Day After
06:18 — Alexis reflects on her time in the game the day after she exits SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN
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  • Premiered: January 26, 2014
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Eighteen players are divided into three tribes: one for brawn; one for brains; and one for beauty. (more)

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