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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Sacrifice" Season 8, Episode 23

Well, it's the end of Season Eight. Will Sam shut the gates of hell? Will Cas succeed in locking Heaven's Doors? Can Metatron be trusted? Will Crowley defeat the Winchesters?

How in the world have we arrived at another season finale? Time flies when you're having fun. Before I get to Metatron and Cas, let's do a couple of things. First, I want to say that my MVP for "Sacrifice" is Mark Sheppard.< read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Clip Show" Season 8, Episode 22

In the depths of the Men of Letters bunker, Sam and Dean find a way to potentially cure a demon. That's the crux of the Third Trial so the brothers are mighty lucky their place of residence yields such important information. Meanwhile, a couple new missions arise for Cas — one has to do with Metatron's big, bold plan. His other mission has to do with pie.

I don't know, guys. I don't know what to think. "Clip Show" is well acted, intense, creepy and heartbreaking, for sure. But I'm not certain I can turn my thoughts into something coherent for you to enjoy. For the first time ever, I feel like I want to table my opinions and wait until I watch the Season 8 finale airing May 15. And, once I get the whole picture (hopefully), then I'd come back and comment on what went down in this episode.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Great Escapist" Season 8, Episode 21

Both Sam and Cas are in a world of hurt as Sam continues to feel the effects of the trials. And Cas' attempts to evade Naomi and her crew hit a Big(gerson's) snag. Plus, the Winchesters meet a potential new ally who's been a non-factor for much of what's been going on as of late. But could that change?

I'm kind of glad that last week we got a bit of a filler episode, with Charlie bringing a new case to the boys. Because this week, Ben Edlund dropped a boatload of information on us and it almost made my head hurt. It's definitely an episode that demands a re-watch (or four) because I'm sure I haven't caught everything.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Pac-Man Fever" Season 8, Episode 20

Charlie's back and with her comes a new spin on the djinn monster of the week, a trip to a video game world complete with Dean clad in military uniform (**swoon**), and a very welcome Winchester "bro-ment."

It's official. Charlie's turned into one of my all-time favorite recurring characters. I'm going to say it right now. Let's hope the SPN powers that be never kill her off. I like the effect she has on the boys. She seems to understand Sam. Dean seems lighter when she's around. She's like the little sister they never had but really need. Felicia Day just shines in this universe.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Taxi Driver" Season 8, Episode 19

Lots of action goes down in "Taxi Driver." There's a paranoid Kevin, who seems to be running on fumes as he tries to prevent Crowley from finding him and/or driving him crazy. Sam hitches a ride to hell in order to tackle the second trial where he's reunited with someone special. Dean is forced to do the unthinkable in order to rescue his little brother. And Naomi simply tries to get back into the game. Will she succeed?

There are some heartbreaking moments and some really satisfying moments that I'd been waiting for all season long. We got another look at hell. And, yes, we learned Crowley sent Bobby's soul down under. Boo, Crowley. Boo.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Freaks and Geeks" Season 8, Episode 18

Remember Krissy from last season's "Adventures in Babysitting?" Well, she's back. She's lost her dad and she's in full hunter mode. It's up to Sam and Dean to find a way to keep her safe. But, you know Krissy. She's tough. She's smart. And she thinks she's found a way to deal with her grief. Revenge.

While admittedly Season 7 wasn't what I'd call my favorite season of Supernatural, one of the highlights had to be the introduction of Krissy. Back then, the teenager turned to the Winchesters for help in rescuing her hunter father. At such a young age, she showed she was fierce, fiery and could handle herself with a knife.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Goodbye Stranger" Season 8, Episode 17

The hunt for the Angel Tablet suddenly takes front and center as Cas returns. Unfortunately, he continues to be seriously compromised by the likes of Naomi. Meg is back as well. Unfortunately, she's spent the last year being tortured by the likes of Crowley and his minions.

As for the brothers Winchester, Sam is still trying to keep the unhealthy side effects of being the go to guy for the trials from Dean. That doesn't go too well for him. Meanwhile, Dean is just sick of all the lies. Oh and I'm sure he's also sick of the guys in his life kicking the you-know-what out of him "Swan Song"-style. On the plus side, he did find the precursor to Busty Asian Beauties (Voluptuous Asian Lovelies) lying around the bunker. That's something positive, right?

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Remember the Titans" Season 8, Episode 16

Sam and Dean are charged with a monstrous task: they have to kill Zeus. Yup, that's what I typed. The brothers have to come up with a way to off Zeus. No biggie. In the end, it all becomes another lesson in what someone will do in order to save a person they love.

Gods don't have much luck on Supernatural, do they? Come to think of it, no one has much luck on this show including (or should I say especially) the Winchesters. Remember those side effects Sam exhibited at the end of the last episode? They're getting worse. He's spitting up lots of blood. And, yes, he's not telling Dean about what's happening to him.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Man's Best Friend With Benefits" Season 8, Episode 15

Sam and Dean head back to St. Louis, Mo. (site of Season 1's "Skin") where they have to figure out a way to help someone who already knows about what they do — the family business. In fact, this police officer once saved the hunters' lives while they worked a case together.

These days, James Frampton is also a that comes complete with a collared human/canine familiar named Portia. Any Supernatural fan knows that Dean hates witches. Turns out he's not into dogs either. This is definitely not the case for him.

After four really strong episodes ("LARP and the Real Girl", "As Time Goes By", "Everybody Hates Hitler", and "Trial and Error"), I have to admit that I couldn't quite get into this one. "Man's Best Friend with Benefits" was simply OK. I love the title but it was way light on mythology. The case didn't quite hook me. I didn't connect with the humor. Even the Sam and Dean moments couldn't save things for me. I still love Season 8 but you can't win them all.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Trial and Error" Season 8, Episode 14

Kevin Tran makes a significant return in "Trial and Error." After hardcore focus complete with considerable harm to his health (headaches, nose bleeds etc.), he's finally able to give the Winchesters the first big lead in their quest to close the Gates of Hell. It all results in one of the brothers passing a huge test. Mind you, this is the first of three challenges that'll need to be faced.

When the flashback portion of the season came to an end (still miss you, Purgatory scenes), I was kind of worried about what the second half of the season would bring. I had no idea where this show was headed other than the whole closing the Gates of Hell business. Then the Men of Letters story was introduced. The Winchesters got a home base of operations. Things started to open up in an encouraging way.

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Everybody Hates Hitler Season 8, Episode 13

Sam and Dean are attacked by a golem when they investigate a rabbi who spontaneously combusted. The probe reveals the rabbi was researching Nazi sorcerers. read more

As Time Goes By Season 8, Episode 12

Sam and Dean meet a man who claims to be their grandfather. The man says he traveled through time to stop a demon. read more

LARP and the Real Girl Season 8, Episode 11

Two people die mysteriously during a role-playing game. Later, a dangerous fairy must be stopped. read more

Torn and Frayed Season 8, Episode 10

Castiel tries to rescue a fellow angel, who is being held captive by Crowley. Meanwhile, Amelia asks Sam to either stay with her or leave and never contact her again. read more

Citizen Fang Season 8, Episode 9

Dean comes to Benny's defense when it appears that a vampire is responsible for some deaths. read more

Hunteri Heroici Season 8, Episode 8

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he wants to become a hunter, and he helps them investigate a case in which a man's heart literally burst through his chest. The probe reveals that other strange murders have occurred in town, all of which resemble deaths from cartoons. read more

A Little Slice of Kevin Season 8, Episode 7

Mrs. Tran and Kevin create a demon bomb to use against Crowley. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are shocked when Castiel appears and tells them that he escaped from purgatory. read more

Southern Comfort Season 8, Episode 6

Sam and Dean encounter an avenging ghost responsible for a murder. read more

Blood Brother Season 8, Episode 5

Benny is beat up by vampires and calls Dean for help. Meanwhile, Sam reflects on the life he left behind with Amelia. read more

Bitten Season 8, Episode 4

Sam and Dean investigate a bizarre murder in a college town. Their probe leads them to an apartment where they find two dead bodies and a computer with some disturbing footage that indicates the deaths may be the result of an unusual animal attack. read more

Heartache Season 8, Episode 3

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders involving victims who each received organs from the same donor. read more

What's Up, Tiger Mommy? Season 8, Episode 2

Sam and Dean rescue Kevin's mother from demons and take her on their quest to find the tablet. read more

We Need to Talk About Kevin Season 8, Episode 1

The eighth series begins with Sam and Dean being reunited after a year apart. Dean departs purgatory and locates Sam, but Sam finds it difficult to leave the life he enjoys to join Dean on a new hunt. read more

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