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Supernatural Recap: "Survival of the Fittest" Season 7, Episode 23

Sam and Dean are once again doing what they need to do to save the world. It's time to bring down Dick Roman and the rest of the Leviathan. With Dick as CEO, these beings are going corporate in order to rid the world of the human population. Will Team Free Will be able to work together to eliminate this latest threat to humankind? After all, Cas isn't exactly firing on all cylinders. How will Meg, Bobby and Crowley affect the situation? And more importantly, how is this show going to leave us hanging when all is said and done? read more

Supernatural Recap: There Will Be Blood Season 7, Episode 22

Sam and Dean Winchester are on a mission to track down the necessary blood to create a weapon that can do away with the Leviathan. Hence, the return of a couple of welcome faces from the Supernatural universe. read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Reading is Fundamental" Season 7, Episode 21

Cas wakes up from his coma, but is he the same angel we know and love? There's a new, (highly reluctant) player that gets introduced into the action. He's young and nerdy and has no choice but to enter the weird world of the supernatural. Dean and Sam figure out what Dick's brick of clay really is and it'll play into their fight against the Leviathan. Plus, Meg is around and she picks a team...using her own twisted logic, of course.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" Season 7, Episode 20

Sam and Dean have to rely on a super genius computer hacker to get a jump on Leviathan leader, Dick Roman. Plus, Bobby deals with the ins and outs of being a ghost and trying to put a lid on his more vengeful urges. That's going to be hard considering he ends up in enemy territory.

Well, still no Impala (boo!), but at least we've finally reached the point of the season when the myth arc takes front and center. There have been little Leviathan bits doled out here and there... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Of Grave Importance" Season 7, Episode 19

The boys get a call from Annie, a hunter friend. Before they get the chance to meet up with her, she disappears. So, her hunt instantly becomes their hunt. More significantly, Bobby's back and he's in fine, ghostly form. Will the late great hunter be able to connect on a whole otherworldly level with Sam and Dean? He's going to have to learn the ins and outs of being a spirit to do it.

Well, we've hit the home stretch of Season 7... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Party on Garth" Season 7, Episode 18

Garth takes on a case he can't handle on his own. Not only does he need the help of the Winchester brothers, he also needs the aid of some beer, wine coolers, or whatever it takes to get drunk. That's the only way to see the thing that goes bump in the night in this tale. Garth, the clever (and quirky) hunter that he is, also figures out something else. There's something that's haunting Dean and Sam -- and he knows exactly who it is.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "The Born-Again Identity" Season 7, Episode 17

Sam's hurting from days of not sleeping and a Lucifer in his head he can't stop seeing. After a car runs him over, he ends up in a hospital where it's more than his body that needs healing; it's his mind. Dean's forced to find a more inventive way to cure his little brother. And that leads to the return of two characters from the past: Cas and Meg.

Well, we knew... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: Out with the Old Season 7, Episode 16

Sam and Dean head to Portland, Ore., for a case involving cursed objects. The case, however, turns into much, much more. Plus, Sam deals with the consequences of reacting to the Lucifer that's in his mind. We don't see or hear from Mark Pellegrino this time around, but we do see Sam struggle to keep from going under. read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Repo Man" Season 7, Episode 15

Sam and Dean are in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the site of a former case. It was a case that took place four years ago and, apparently, we were never shown. But, at the heart of this latest mystery, is a demon. In fact, this episode involves a good old-fashioned demon possession that turns into a "monsters I get, but people are crazy" type of thing. And speaking of crazy, we're also, once again, made aware of Sam's hellucinations and just what he goes through on a daily basis. By the end of "Repo Man," the youngest Winchester is in deep you-know-what.

Ben Edlund wrote this intense, creepy, fast-paced hour of television. Before... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" Season 7, Episode 14

Unicorns, laser-eyed robots, killer sharks and cranky clowns all have an impact on this latest installment of Supernatural. Unfortunately, Sam is on the business end of a brutal beating by the things he fears most. Meanwhile, Dean finds something he loves: a giant Slinky.

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The Slice Girls Season 7, Episode 13

Sam and Dean investigate when bodies branded with a mysterious symbol turn up with their feet and hands severed; Dean meets a girl at a bar. read more

Time After Time After Time Season 7, Episode 12

The God of Time (Jason Dohring) sends Dean back to 1944, where he is arrested by legendary lawman Eliot Ness (Nicholas Lea). read more

Adventures in Babysitting Season 7, Episode 11

Sam helps a teen girl search for her missing father, who is also a supernatural hunter. Meanwhile, Dean tries to take down Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart). read more

Death's Door Season 7, Episode 10

Bobby revisits his past to solve one of the most personal cases of his life. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean race against the clock on a high-stakes mission. read more

How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters Season 7, Episode 9

Sam and Dean hunt a mysterious creature that is attacking people in a New Jersey state park. Local townsfolk believe the creature is the legendary Jersey Devil. While in town, Dean discovers that a restaurant's special sandwich is making people crazy. read more

Season 7, Time for a Wedding! Season 7, Episode 8

A Winchester wedding is planned. Meanwhile, Sam gets involved in a confrontation with someone from his past, and Dean reluctantly teams up with another hunter when he finds himself in a situation that he cannot explain. read more

The Mentalists Season 7, Episode 7

Sam and Dean investigate when an angry spirit murders mediums in the so-called most psychic town in America. But the two have trouble locating the medium who is controlling the homicidal ghost. read more

Slash Fiction Season 7, Episode 6

Sam and Dean are cloned by two Leviathans who go on a killing spree as the two brothers, which lands the real Sam and Dean on the FBI's most wanted list. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to find a way to kill the Leviathans. read more

Shut Up, Dr. Phil Season 7, Episode 5

A jealous witch (Charisma Carpenter) unleashes her wrath on a small town when she discovers her husband (James Marsters) is having an affair. read more

Defending Your Life Season 7, Episode 4

Sam and Dean hunt a vengeful Egyptian god who kills people for their sins. When they find him, he puts Dean on trial for his past mistakes and threatens to kill him if he is found guilty. read more

The Girl Next Door Season 7, Episode 3

Sam hunts a demon from his childhood who is killing thugs and eating their brains. read more

Hello Cruel World Season 7, Episode 2

Sam experiences hallucinations caused by the broken wall in his head. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles with his newfound power; and Bobby worries about Dean as he tries to fight Castiel and take care of Sam. read more

Meet the New Boss Season 7, Episode 1

In the Season 7 opener, Castiel assumes his new role as God and warns Sam and Dean to not interfere with him. Meanwhile, Dean tries to persuade Death to stop Castiel; and Sam struggles with the broken wall in his head. read more

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Premise: Two brothers hunt demons, ghosts and other supernatural entities as they investigate crimes caused by paranormal forces.



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