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Episode Recap of Season 3 Finale: "No Rest for the Wicked" Season 3, Episode 16

I dont know about you but Im going to be thinking about that last shot the entire summer I feel like I read an Eric Kripke interview where he said we werent going to see hell But we got a glimpse of it Oh my Everyone was wondering whether Dean was going to actually die and go to hell He did I really felt that this season had to end this way And poor Sammy he was going to do anything he could to save his brother Unfortunately Dean didnt let him And speaking of Sam Lilith couldnt kill him Have you wrapped your minds around that one yet She couldnt kill him What does that mean Just how powerful is Sammy I had a feeling he was powerful but Liliths mojo didnt work on him That kinda scares me for next season The only thing I really wanted to see in this finale but didnt get was Sammy going dark side But hmmI guess we can look forward to that in Season 4 right I still have to process this finale so I read more

"Time is on My Side" Season 3, Episode 15

So this is an episode I think Im still processing First things first the way Bela was written off was well done And if any of you hadnt heard or couldnt tell from the way Time is on My Side ended Ms Talbot wont be back in Season 4 The way Sera Gamble wrote her out I didnt see coming She made a deal with a demon to kill her parents when she was young Lilith held her contract and even though Bela stole the Colt for Lilith it wasnt enough to extend her deal Lilith even tried to get Bela to kill Sam but the boys finally got one up on her and that was all she wrote Dean said it right All she had to do was ask them for help and they would have been there for her It was as simple as that But in the end there was nothing they could do I understand why she made the deal her father did awful things to her But things didnt have to end this way for her Its too bad Im actually someone who really liked Bela especially in the beginning Selling Sam and Dean out read more

"Long-Distance Call" Season 3, Episode 14

So at least we got to hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan even though we didnt get to see the late great Big Daddy Winchester Thats something right I figured wed only be hearing him since the episode was called Long Distance Call but a girl could have a tiny sliver of hope How crushing was it at the end when Dean had to admit to Sam that he was right the BDW he was getting phone calls from really wasnt BDW It was some crazy soul-sucker who worked at the phone company Having Dean admit to his brother he was really scared was pretty crushing as well I dont know about you but it was nice to see Sam and Dean talking about the deal for an extended amount of time I feel like the topic has been on simmer for the entire season And now the show and these characters cant avoid it any longer Deans getting scared and he cant hide it Having him believe the caller was truly BDW thats not a move I really think he would normally make I kn read more

"Ghostfacers" Season 3, Episode 13

Wow Was that a long two months or what This latest hell-atus is finally a thing of the past and we can now get down to the business of the remaining four episodes of this shortened season I have to say I would have preferred if Ghostfacers GF had aired in the middle of a complete 22-episode season instead of what we got but things happen We dont always get what we want After a long hiatus I would have preferred to jump right into the action and the angst and Deans deal and the whole Lilith vs Sam showdown But I will say this Im just happy that our show is back on the air with new episodes Ghostfacers was a cool experiment a funny homage to SciFis Ghost Hunters and movies like the Blair Witch Project And it was great to see Sam and Dean from an outsiders perspectiveIt was also good to see Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore the geeks from Season 1s Hell House Hell House was the very first Supernatural that went stri read more

"Night Shifter"/"Jus In Bello" Double Feature Season 3, Episode 12

So whatd you think of the Supernatural double feature Night Shifter introduced the obsessed FBI Agent Victor Henriksen Jus In Bello signaled the end of what could have been a really great ally for the boys in seasons to come more on that later An evening of shapeshifters and demons took front and center along with the Winchester brothers Before we get to the new episode and the newest big bad wanting to make life hell for the brothers lets count down the top 5 moments from Night Shifter This is just according to me feel free to list your own149 The Renegade ending Sam and Dean were in SWAT uniforms running from the law with this Styx tune nipping at their heels 149 Dean validating Ronalds crazy conspiracy theories He was right about everything except for the mandroid thing Too bad Ronald was vindicated just in time to be killed Poor Ronald 149 The introduction of Henriksen Right off the bat this guy was a thorn in the Winchesters side He w read more

"Mystery Spot" Season 3, Episode 11

You know I always have the intention of making my weekly recapreview short and to the point but it never ends up that way Lots of analysis and gushing usually follows this week is no different So just bare with me guys First impression of Mystery Spot I loved it Wholeheartedly This Groundhog Day concept is not usually my cup of tea I liked the movie enough but it was never one of my favorites Ive only seen it once Add Sam and Dean to this universe and suddenly Im all for it Kudos to writer Jeremy Carver and director Kim Manners for creating an all-around excellent episode that was sad tragic funny and intense The trickster did it The trickster It was odd to see the Winchesters foe from Tall Tales in the recap But I didnt think much of it because the djinn from last season was also in the recap I think the djinn was thrown into the recap mix to throw us off of the tricksters scent Because I never guessed the sneaky god was responsible for throwing Sam read more

"Dream a Little Dream of Me" Season 3, Episode 10

Sam and Dean coming to the aid of Bobby Singer was awesome Hes the closest thing they have to a father Dean admitted as much so it was refreshing to see them rescue him for a change I mean its usually the Winchesters that are calling him up whenever they need an exorcism ritual some expert information a case or a way to save their asses It was different seeing Bobby act so scared in his dreams His screaming out help me just wasnt him Hes the stoic in control one Hes the scruffy kind of cranky demon hunter who knows everything about everything and can keep the brothers in line and on the right track Sam and Dean dreamwalking to save their friend was a beautiful thing Plus it helped us learn more about Bobby He was forced to kill his wife who happened to be possessed at the time You can tell Bobby felt this tremendous amount of guilt This was the act that propelled him into the demon hunting business He didnt know what he knew now He didnt kno read more

"Malleus Maleficarum" Season 3, Episode 9

Theres no saving me from the pit is there NoThat one line was pretty devastating to hear It makes me wonder if Dean will have to at least make a temporary trip down to hell before Sam figures out a way to save him I dont know about you guys but Im really happy our show is back even if it is for four episodes It felt good to be able to watch a brand spankin new Supernatural after almost seven weeks off the air At times Malleus Maleficarum reminded me of a horror movie a bizarro episode of Charmed with a little Desperate Housewives thrown in for good measure a sort of demonic Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood if you will First of all Ive said this before Ive got to say it again This season is more bloody and more violent than its ever been before Janet pulling out her teeth Amandas wrists getting slashed necks being broken maggot sandwiches Winchesters getting slammed against walls Dean spitting up blood on the floor of his motel roomTPTB hav read more

"A Very Supernatural Christmas" Season 3, Episode 8

I dont know about you but Ive been waiting for Supernatural to do a Christmas-themed episode and in Season 3 we finally got one Thank you Eric Kripke and crew for this wonderful holiday treat Or should I say this wonderfully creepy bloody and often sad and funny treat The MOTW that featured a couple of pagan gods doing their best to ruin all the good tidings were great Although the lady reminded me a little too much of the old knife-wielding grandma from Bedtime Stories I loved how they looked like Ozzie and Harriet but acted like Hannibal Lecter Their house was perfectly decorated on the outside and the inside their Christmas tree was Christmas special perfect and instead of cursing they said words like fudge But in actuality the dangerous duo got their jollies by nabbing those that have been naughty or have the last name of Winchester and torturing them Merry freakin Christmas yall But really it was the boys present and past that really read more

"Fresh Blood" Season 3, Episode 7

After a couple of so-so Supernaturals it was really nice to get an enjoyable episode high on intensity brotherly interaction blood and gore Gordons gone courtesy of one seriously badass Sam Winchester Kubricks gone too Sam called Dean on his recent behavior and told his big brother some of the things Ive been wanting to say to Dean myself these past few weeks And then there was the last scene Sam Dean the Impala a few beers and a Bad Company serenade AwesomeLets start things off with Gordon Walker I really believe he had to go I was growing a tad bit weary of his whole Sam Winchester is the most evil being in the universe and he must die shtick But I love me some Sterling K Brown something fierce The fact that Gordon was turned into the very thing he had been hunting since vamps got his sister was such a good twist And the fact that his black-and-white beliefs didnt change even though he was now sporting fangs was even better He read more

Red Sky at Morning Season 3, Episode 6

Drownings on dry land are linked to visions of a ghost ship, putting Sam and Dean on a collision course with Bela (Lauren Cohan), who is also investigating the phenomenon. read more

Bedtime Stories Season 3, Episode 5

Once upon a time, Sam and Dean visit a strange town where mysterious deaths seemed linked to fairy tales. Meanwhile, Sam summons the Crossroad Demon (Sandra McCoy) and threatens her with the rebuilt Colt unless Dean is released from the deal. read more

Sin City Season 3, Episode 4

A quiet town in Ohio becomes a haven of vice and violence, and Sam and Dean suspect demons are behind the change. Meanwhile, Ruby and Bobby begin rebuilding the Colt. read more

Bad Day at Black Rock Season 3, Episode 3

Sam and Dean come into possession of a rabbit's foot that belonged to their dad, but it's not necessarily good luck, because if it's lost, death follows within a week. Gordon: Sterling K. Brown. Bela Talbot: Lauren Cohan. Bobby: Jim Beaver. read more

The Kids Are Alright Season 3, Episode 2

Dean visits Lisa (Cindy Sampson), an old girlfriend he dated nine years ago, and is shocked to learn not only that she has an 8-year-old son named Ben (Nicholas Elias), but that the boy looks just like him. Later, Sam and Dean help when Ben goes missing; and Ruby contacts Sam with information about his mom. read more

The Magnificent Seven Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Sam and Dean team up with Bobby (Jim Beaver), but they have their hands full as they battle seven deadly demons who use the dark side of human nature to their advantage. Tamara: Caroline Chikezie. Isaac: Peter Macon. read more

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