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May 17, 2007: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2 Season 2, Episode 22

Much like last seasons finale I had to watch this episode more than once before blogging Why Because I didnt want to distract myself by actually taking notes I wanted to just experience it without the added responsibility of having to blog about All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 The second viewing was to solidify my thoughts jot down my favorite lines and catch anything I missed the first time Heres the thing There was so much goodness to be had that Ive been having a difficult time trying to put things in a way that makes actual sense Because right after the credits came up I pretty much had nothing except for Wow Yup must be another Eric Kripke special I actually wish that we had gotten more of those this season because his bookend episodes of IMTOD and AHBL2 were stellar I mean the Demon is gone That rocked Sam wasnt the only one to get resurrected They brought back Carry on My Wayward Son for the previously that showcased lots of Colt talk sho read more

May 10, 2007: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 Season 2, Episode 21

Im going to have to start with the last scene and then get to everything else I wish last weeks previews hadnt really given away what I figured was going to be the final scene of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 but it still was pretty gut-wrenching I knew something devastating was coming Poor Sammy got stabbed in the back literally And just after he saw his brother Dean come for him Did you see the look of pure joy on Sammys face when he saw his big brother Of course that joy was short-lived Jake stabbed Sam and then Sam fell into his big brothers arms And the fandom of Supernatural Ive read those questions you guys have left for Eric Kripkes QAs got the hug theyve been waiting for Well sort of I mean is it really a hug when one of the participants isnt able to hug back But let me tell you Deans speech to Sam was so rip-your-heart-out sad A great ending to a really good episode This episode is supposed to set up the second part of the season finale read more

May 3, 2007: What Is and What Should Never Be Season 2, Episode 20

Sorry that this is so late guys Work sucks Nuff said Now get ready for a long long postAnyway that was as good as I had hoped And consider me as big a wuss as Sammy was in the alternate reality of Deans because that just shattered my heart in so many pieces You know how Jareds best episode was BUABS Well let me just say right now this was Jensens best episode not only of the season but the series Thanks to superior writing by Raelle Tucker Jensen had me laughing tearing up on an emotional roller coaster the entire hour Im not exaggerating here He Was AwesomeTheres so much to talk about I dont even think Ill be able to sound coherent Gotta say that Dean was kind of stupid for not listening to Sammy and going into that abandoned building alone That djinni got the drop on him pretty quickly and sent Dean into an alternate reality where Mom is alive Dad is dead via stroke not a deal with the Demon Dean and Sammy dont get along Jess is alive read more

April 26, 2007: Folsom Prison Blues Season 2, Episode 19

Thanks to this weeks previously we now remember why Sam and Dean are so screwed in the non-supernatural sense The boys purposely get thrown in jail in order to solve the latest monster of the week some sort of vigilante nurse that got her head bashed in by some prisoners knee-deep in the middle of a prison riot back in the day Now shes getting rid of people who break the law after workers accidentally release her from the old cell block Obviously shes in the right placeThe Winchester brothers are doing a favor for an old Marine pal of their fathers Apparently he saved BDWs life and Dean seems to think that he owes it to his dad to work off this debt While Sams very very very reluctant to be in jail Dean takes to prison life with much of the verve he treats everything else Of course the boys didnt forsee Agent Henrikson riding on in and making things very complicated for them I was wondering if this whole fugitive angle was going to get wrapped up in t read more

Hollywood Babylon Season 2, Episode 18

Action on the soundstage of a film studio's production of a ghost movie includes mysterious deaths, so Sam and Dean investigate, discovering a fatal flaw within the script. Brad: Gary Cole. Jay Wiley: Don Stark. Kendra: Alycia Purrott. read more

March 22, 2007: Heart Season 2, Episode 17

I seriously dont know what to discuss first the love scene or the tears-inducing ending Yes I admit it I shed tears people It was just so very sad Sammy had to kill the woman he had just slept with because there was no way of turning her back from the werewolf she had become It was heartbreaking really Not only the part where Sammy had to man up and go in there and do the deed No it started with Dean doing his big-brother duty and taking the gun from Madison He was willing to be the one to do it just so that his brother wouldnt have to live with that Its what Dean does Its why hes the best big brother ever And Sammy having to lose another girl he made a connection with is just unfair but it was really good drama The last couple minutes of Heart were my favorite of the entire hour I couldnt help but think of Jessica as well as some of the similarities to Sams situation re the evil that lurks inside My heart also broke a little for Sammy when Madison to read more

March 15, 2007: Roadkill Season 2, Episode 16

So I really loved the twist at the end it was very Sixth Sense meets Ghost Whisperer although I could have done without the big glowy light But I have to say this wasnt the most captivating episode of Supernatural Ive ever seen I kept waiting for it to get a little scarier a little creepier but it didnt happen And the dialogue was crackling at times then was missing a little somethin-somethin at other times However I did find much to like about this latest installmentIm really hoping Battlestar Galactica fans did tune in to see Tricia Helfer join the ranks of Supernaturals damsels in distress What was good about this episode is that it went back to basics and reinforced the reason why the Winchester boys do what they do The previously first set up the whole family business angle and then set up one of the fundamental differences between Sam and Dean Deans beliefs are just more black and white than Sams Hes jonesin to kill anything thats not huma read more

February 15, 2007: Tall Tales Season 2, Episode 15

So at first it was kinda weird that we got such a fun episode after wading knee-deep in drama and angst during last weeks Born Under a Bad Sign but then I dismissed that idiotic notion After all Tall Tales gave us a chance to see Sam and Dean get on each others nerves for something other than one of the brothers being possessed or a shapeshifter another Bobby appearance and some WWE going on that is Winchester Wrestling Entertainment That smackdown needed to last just a little bit longer if you ask me Anyway it all added up to some seriously hilarious moments in what was a fluffy 99-percent angst-free episode I just loved that the petty conflicts between the boys were simply because of a trickster Their different POVs were also funny since we got a glimpse of how Sam and Dean really see each other And you know what It isnt pretty And then after all the hilarity ensued there was that cute little moment at the Impala where the brothers Winchester want read more

February 8, 2007: Born Under a Bad Sign Season 2, Episode 14

Is there anything better than Evil Sammy The demon that inhabited Meg not the Yellow-eyed Demon but his daughter is back and has taken over the youngest Winchester Jared seemed to have so much fun playing possessed didnt he One minute he got to be a Sam thats scared about whats happened to him The next minute hes full-on 100-percent bad to the bone He not only killed a hunter but he chugged malt liquor and smoked menthols Yup hes bad I just think that Jared had to relish the different levels of intensity Sam was put through It showed and he did such a great job Although Jared always does a great job when he gets to go evil Just check out Asylum and even that little taste we got of evil Sammy in Bloody Mary But he outdid himself in Born Under a Bad Sign Speaking of Aslyum Sam shot his brother again This time it wasnt rock salt and the gun wasnt unloaded That was a real bullet that connected with Deans shoulder Poor Dean Sammy was gone fo read more

February 1, 2007: Houses of the Holy Season 2, Episode 13

This was such a different episode from last week wasnt it After all of last weeks action and humor the new plot twist and the Renegade ending I was feeling all pumped up and had a general euphoria over this show After Houses of the Holy was over I felt the show nicely brought things down a little bit slowed the pace chose a topic that was more thought-provoking than the action movie we got last week Again much like some of the other episodes that have aired this season this one has roots in one of last seasons favorites Faith It all goes back to Sam and Deans different philosophies on life Sams willing to take things more on faith Thats why he was easily amenable to the thought of a preacher who could heal and specifically could heal his brother Dean on the other hand only believes what he can see Its naturally a more cynical view but its what allows him to deal with the things he fights every day while at the same time to deny the existence of a read more

January 25, 2007: Nightshifter Season 2, Episode 12

First thought after the episode ended Sam and Dean are so screwedSecond thought I cant believe they finally used Styxs Renegade thats a song that Ive been waiting for them to use Its one of my all-time favoritesThird thought They are so screwedJust when you think an episode is going to be a one-off or a stand-alone Kripke and company go and create more story and add another nail-biting element that will surely continue for a while And just when you think youre going to get an episode devoid of angst in favor of action humor and scares they manage to sneak some in We learned that the feds have been tracking Sam and Dean for weeks now Wow Just wow That special agent dude considers Dean a monster Everything went wrong for Sam and Dean at the bank How did they go from hostages into taking over the criminal end of the standoff It was great to see things go out of control for the boys Things snowballed to the point where Deans going to have to watch hi read more

Playthings Season 2, Episode 11

An old inn is at the center of mysterious events involving deaths that at first seem accidental, but further investigation slowly reveals dark secrets about the inn's history, and Dean and Sam find themselves in the thick of it. Tyler Thompson: Matreya Fedor. Susan Thompson: Annie Wersching. Maggie: Conchita Campbell. Larry Williams: Jonathan Bruce. read more

Hunted Season 2, Episode 10

Dean tells Sam what their father said before he died; Sam employs Ash (Chad Lindberg) to track down other psychics, a search that results in Sam traveling to Indiana, where he encounters more than he bargained for. Gordon Walker: Sterling K. Brown. Ellen Harvelle: Samantha Ferris. read more

Croatoan Season 2, Episode 9

Sam has a vision that sends the Winchester brothers to Oregon, where the word “Croatoan” carved into a telephone pole may be the key to a series of very strange events in a small town. read more

Cross Road Blues Season 2, Episode 8

The brothers encounter a demon who gives people their hearts' desires in exchange for their souls. The demon reveals to Dean the truth about his father's death and makes him an offer, exploiting Dean's desire to have his dad back. read more

The Usual Suspects Season 2, Episode 7

Sam and Dean find themselves in police custody with Dean accused of murder, but one of the detectives (Linda Blair) becomes convinced that there is a supernatural angle to the case. Sheridan: Jason Gedrick. read more

No Exit Season 2, Episode 6

Jo (Alona Tal) goes against her mother's wishes and follows Sam and Dean on a hunt involving the disappearances of blonde women from a particular building, but things don't go as planned. Ellen: Samantha Ferris. H.H. Holmes: Stephen Aberle. read more

Simon Said Season 2, Episode 5

Sam has another vision that leads the brothers to Oklahoma, where they encounter a man who possesses the ability to make anyone do anything he wants, but there is a sinister element about him that Sam and Dean want to investigate. Andy: Gabriel Tigerman. read more

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Season 2, Episode 4

A college student's death in a car crash is not enough to keep her in the grave, as Sam and Dean uncover a gruesome tale of broken hearts and black magic gone awry. Angela: Tamara Mason. Neil: Christopher Jacot. Matt: Jared Keeso. read more

Bloodlust Season 2, Episode 3

Sam and Dean meet another hunter named Gordon (Sterling K. Brown), but Ellen warns the brothers that his zeal is dangerous. Later, Sam makes a surprising discovery about a group of vampires. Ellen: Samantha Ferris. Lenore: Amber Benson. Eli: Ty Olsson. read more

Everybody Loves a Clown Season 2, Episode 2

Sam and Dean meet a woman (Samantha Ferris) from their father's past who may be able to help them track the demon, but they get sidetracked by a homicidal clown who talks children into letting him in their house, kills the parents and vanishes. Ash: Chad Lindberg. Jo: Alona Tal. read more

In My Time of Dying Season 2, Episode 1

A comatose Dean has an out-of-body experience in which he is stalked by a Reaper; and John considers making a grave sacrifice. Bobby: Jim Beaver. Tessa: Lindsey McKeon. read more

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