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2006, TV Show

Supernatural Episode: "Malleus Maleficarum"

Season 3, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Unrequited love becomes vengeful witchcraft, which in turn leads Sam and Dean to a coven of suburban witches whose black magic is drawn from a much more sinister source.
Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2008
Guest Cast Katie Cassidy: Ruby
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Season 3, Episode 9
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Length: 39:47
Aired: 1/31/2008
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"Malleus Maleficarum" Season 3, Episode 9

"There's no saving me from the pit, is there?" "No." That one line was pretty devastating to hear. It makes me wonder if Dean will have to at least make a temporary trip down to hell before Sam figures out a way to save him. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really happy our show is back, even if it is for four episodes. It felt good to be able to watch a brand spankin' new Supernatural after almost seven weeks off the air. At times "Malleus Maleficarum" reminded me of a horror movie, a bizarro episode of Charmed with a little Desperate Housewives thrown in for good measure; a sort of demonic Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood if you will. First of all, I've said this before, I've got to say it again. This season is more bloody and more violent than it's ever been before. Janet pulling out her teeth; Amanda's wrists getting slashed; necks being broken; maggot sandwiches; Winchesters getting slammed against walls; Dean spitting up blood on the floor of his motel room...TPTB have really upped the ante on the horror portion of the show. Normally, I'd be running the other way, but I'm seriously enjoying how sick this show gets when killing off the victims-of-the-week. Does that make me a bad person? At this point I'm wondering how much fake blood the crew goes through on any given episode. Before I get to the awesomeness that is Sam and Dean, I've got to talk about Ruby. I really thought the character was a plausible addition to this particular episode. Other than me being annoyed with her for nicknaming Dean "short bus" (because apparently the entire demon universe can all agree on one thing: Dean's knowledge-challenged. Whatever.), learning about Ruby was cool, because of what it meant for Dean. It opened up the possibilities of what's ahead should Dean actually have to hit "the pit." It turns out Ruby was human during the days of the plague. She sold her soul to a demon. And it also turns out that once you go to hell, you usually end up becoming a demon. So all the demons she's known? Were once human. Dean needs to find out a way to have that not happen to him, thank you very much. Dean finally meeting Ruby was handled well. The two have an interesting dynamic. The Winchester bros ruled of course. Who cares if they were arguing in the Impala or almost coming to blows over Ruby. They always have each other's back in the end. When Dean starts doubling over from a massive amount of stomach pain (poor Dean!), it was Sam to the rescue. When he couldn't find the hex bag, he grabbed the Colt and took off to track down those rhymes-with-witches. Did you catch Sammy break down that door? Loved it. Dean's worried about Sam's current black-and-white outlook on life. Sam's all of a sudden subscribing to Dean's point of view that evil is evil and needs to be put down even if it comes in a human package. But there was a reason for his change of tune. "I'm worried because you're not acting like yourself." "Yeah, you're right. I don't have a choice!" "What do you mean?" "Look, Dean you're leaving, right? And I've got to stay here in this crap hole of a world alone. So the way I see it, if I'm going to make it. If I'm going to fight this war after you're gone, then I gotta change." "Change into what?" "Into you. I've gotta be more like you." So I'm trying to figure out how I feel about Sam accepting that after Dean's gone he's going to continue to fight the good fight. We've seen this attitude change gradually developing, but to actually hear him finally talk about the future and fighting the war, that's huge. I mean, remember back in Season 1's "Shadow" where he told Dean after the YED was killed he was going back to having a life? Wow. Poor Sammy. If he's going to become more like Dean, he's got lots of really cocky and severely insecure days ahead of him. Although, he'll find a lot of time for the ladies. Back to Ruby and Dean: She wants Dean to help her get Sam ready to fight the war once he's gone. Ruby seems to be on their side of things, doesn't mind turning on her fellow demons. Why? Because she's one of the few that hasn't forgotten her humanity. Usually hell burns away your humanity and makes you forget who you are. I really hope she's making Dean think about what's going to happen to him. And then maybe he'll muster up the energy to help save himself. Just a thought: do you think Dean's destined to die in order for Sam to fulfill his destiny? Maybe Sam's destiny isn't to be the boy king, but to be the one who brings down the demons looking to destroy humanity on Earth. Other thoughts: " I've been waiting for that knife of doom to make a return - glad Dean's the one that got to use it on the big bad demon. " Dean seemed to enjoy the two chick demons facing off a little too much. Hilarious. " Sam and Dean find Amanda's dead body. Good for Dean for not leaving any fingerprints at the scene of a crime. " Marisa Ramirez played Tammi the demon. She was appropriately devilish and catty. If you think you've seen her before you're right. She played "Gia" on ABC's General Hospital; "Carmen" on Young and the Restless; and was in the short-lived supernatural series Miracles that also starred Skeet Ulrich. " The use of Poison's "Every Rose has its Thorn" totally rocked. Let's just say I may have attended a Poison concert back in the day. I'll leave it at that. " Speaking of rock 'n roll: Sam and Dean's fake detective names were Bachman and Turner. As in Overdrive. The classic rock references keep on coming. " The book club fronting for a covern was hilarious as well. " After Dean yelled at Sam for trusting Ruby, I love that Sam gave it right back to him. All he had to do was mention Dean's sympathy for demon Casey in "Sin City." " A new demon boss is replacing old Yellow Eyes. Don't think Tammi's the only one that'll be trying to off the YED's chosen one. Favorite Lines: "I hate witches. They're always spewing their bodily fluids everywhere. It's creepy. It's downright unsanitary." "Why does the rabbit always get screwed in the deal." "Poor little guy." "We're pretty sure she was using the wrong bible." "Mrs. Renee Van Allen." "Maybe because he's my brother you black-eyed skank." "That's a curveball." "Kill her with what? the gun she fixed for us?" "Are you feeling okay?" "Why are you always asking me that?" 'You really telling me you threw your chips in with Abbott and Costello here?" "I saw Hellraiser. I get the gist." "We're supposed to drive in the freakin' car. And friggin' argue about this stuff. And you know you go on about the sanctity of life and all that crap." What did you guys think of the episode? What was your reaction to Ruby? What are your theories on Dean going to hell? Will he or won't he? How about Sam's new attitude? Watch clips of Supernatural in our Online Video Guide. show less
Theres no saving me from the pit is there NoThat one line was pretty devastating to hear It makes me wonder if Dean will have to at least make a temporary trip down to hell before Sam figures out a way to save him I dont know about you guys but Im really happy our show is back even if it is for four episodes It felt good to be able to watch a brand spankin new Supernatural after almost seven weeks off the air At times Malleus Maleficarum reminded me of a horror movie a bizarro episode of Charmed with a little Desperate Housewives thrown in for good measure a sort of demonic Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood if you will First of all Ive said this before Ive got to say it again This season is more bloody and more violent than its ever been before Janet pulling out her teeth Amandas wrists getting slashed necks being broken maggot sandwiches Winchesters getting slammed against walls Dean spitting up blood on the floor of his motel roomTPTB hav read more

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